Norway Schools Reschedule Exams So Students Can Go to a Justin Bieber Concert

Proper education at its best, we might say.

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A total of five schools in Norway have decided to postpone their midterm exams so the students could attend a concert of their favorite music star. If you thought this was a nice gesture, just wait until you hear who that music star is. Well, you read the title, so you already know it it's todays most popular and most hated pop sensation, Justin Bieber himself.

Although the Norwegians are known for the biggest number of black metal bands in the world, it would seem that the Bieber fans are also massively present. According to various reports, young Canadian star is extremely popular in Norway, and is scheduled for a double performance in the capital of Oslo on April 16 and 17.

With the Bieber-mania sweeping the nation and teenage girls fighting to see the young singer, the schools found the decision to reschedule midterm exams as perfectly reasonable, expressing their concern over the ability of their students to focus during such an exciting period.

"I am concerned that students should be concentrating when they take tests and midterms. The local schools have the responsibility to schedule the local midterms, and if they think there is any reason to change the dates, they have authority to do so. We've all been 14-years-old and know that interests can be intense," Norway's education minster Kristin Halvorsen told the Associated Press.

In related news, Justin Bieber illegally tattooed celebrity ink artist Bang Bang with the word "Swaggy" on his leg. So yeah, this ought to be enough for your daily dose of WTF, right?

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    I live in Norway, and this is the best for the students here, i hate justin bieber, and this is stupid as hell. but better this than a ton of already stupid girls miss or do badly at the midterms because of some ****ing pop artist. IF i could decide, i would put the midterms on the concert day, just because... xD
    Don't blame all of us Norwegians for this. I think it's ridiculous.
    "just wait until you hear who that music star is" I actually don't care. It's still really cool for schools to be this considerate of their students. Beiber or not, the fact that they'd postpone exams to let students enjoy music, no matter what kind, is pretty damn admirable.
    I thought this was a guitar-related site, not one for sensationalist news about untalented pop stars and drama queens.
    'Music news'. Next question!
    If so, then change the site name to Ultimate Music.
    It's whatever interests guitarists - and at the end of the day UG users flock to comment on Bieber stories.
    I'm a guitarist and I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in hearing about Justin Bieber on here and I've been saying that for ages. Even Courtney Love has more of a reason to be reported on this site even if nobody likes her
    And you think it's because of genuine musical interest in JB? In this case, "flock to comment" = flaming. You seem to miss the obvious point.
    It's all about number of hits on the page. They know there are enough angry heavy metal fans on here that would like to comment and bash this article. Oh, this is incredibly dumb by the way.
    If you look closely, you can see the kid attempting to play an acoustic guitar. If that counts.
    You can like him or not, but I don't think you can deny that Bieber has some talent. I fully agree with you on the rest though.
    If the article was about a school rescheduling tests so the students could see Foo Fighters most people here would be wetting themselves.
    So why isn't the norwegian black metal scen doing anything about this?
    They are - they're gonna crash the gig, set fire to everything (including Beiber), then take over the stage, summon satan for some equipment, and then play the ultimate Black-metal show ever, with the enitre place burning down, a popstar on fire, and satan dealing guitars, mics, basses, and drums out to everyone!
    Why the hell did not Justin Bieber change the date of his concert?
    Good for them, but next time, do it for us metalheads who want to see Metallica on a Thursday night. They didn't do that last time.
    Good on them! If there's sufficient reason to think it'll divide their attention then it's in the students' best interests.
    I bet the vast majority of UG-commenters wouldn't mind if their schools rescheduled exams for THEIR favorite artists/bands, but when it's Bieber, people start raging. I think this is ridiculous too, but as I said, nobody would mind if it was their own favorite.
    I would personally find it ridiculous if my highschool would've postphoned exams for my favourite band. I would've enjoyed it, but I would know it's wrong..
    I would be okay with this really. The fangirls get to see their pop star without issue and meanwhile I'd get a few extra days of procrastination.
    On a completely unrelated note, why say "A total of five schools" instead of just "Five schools"?
    I just may hope they kept Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2' lines while doing this crap. That's the only thing which can save their souls and prevent them from burning in hell.
    Bit much, don't you think? A similar thing happened here in Australia. I'm pretty sure One Direction concerts were rescheduled, along with tests, to allow their fan base, which is almost entirely 13 to 17-year-old girls to attend the concerts and go to school to take part in exams (as opposed to skipping school in favour of the concert).
    You're saying about re-scheduled shows for the tests, and these are rescheduled tests for the show. I suppose education should be above any hobbies, don't you think so? And this is not even about hating Justin 'Beaver.'
    "I suppose education should be above any hobbies, don't you think so?" yes, I do. That's why the school moved the exams, so that the girls who would ditch school anyways, are able to take it.
    Exactly. You can't expect the majority of 14 year olds to agree education > hobbies. Even when I did think that myself, doesn't mean I chose to study instead of having fun at the age it's somewhat easiest to do so.
    Actually, I was saying both happened. And yes, I don't support it at all, I was just saying it's not the first time this kind of thing has happened (unfortunately).
    Sometimes when I'm pooping, I like to rock back and forth on the toilet seat while I'm pushing because I feel like that makes it come out smoother.
    this is how teachers damage student's future... with the most filthiest canadian weapon... ppl should blame canada instead of norway where this creature's mother laid the egg and this thing hatched out...
    That's nothing, EVERYONE got the day off church when Burzum came to town