Obama Can Do 'Gangnam Style' Dance

The re-elected US president confident that he can replicate dance from popular video by K-Pop star PSY.

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Having secured his second term in the White House, U.S president Barack Obama is now ready to bust a move. The recently re-elected Obama claimed in an interview with WZID-FM that he believes he can pull off the moves. And, although he is unlikely to do the dance in public, he may do it in private for his wife, Michelle Obama:

"I just saw that video for the first time... I think I can do that move," he said of the gallop-style moved pulled by K-Pop star PSY in the video. "I'm not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out. Maybe do it privately for Michelle," he added.

Obama's connection with rock and pop musicians has become well known since he came into office. His recent re-election campaign featured appearances from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl. Grohl even dedicated a version of My Hero to Barack Obama while out on the campaign trail.

However, Obama's musical supporters haven't been so universally appraising. Back in 2011, Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters expressed his disappointment with the President, hoping that he would "develop bigger cojones":

"I'm very, very disappointed by his foreign policy. It obviously goes against everything that I believe. Having said that, it seems that the alternative to re-electing Obama would be such a heinous disaster for this country if you look at the candidates on the other side."

"So, I support Obama's attempt to become re-elected. But I hope he will develop bigger cojones and start governing in the way that I, and many of the people who supported him in the last election, would want him to."

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    Well that's US - Korean relations improved. Learn the Cosack one and Russia will chill.
    Really this is news UG? Oh my god! Wow! the president can dance!
    Yet here you are. Not only took the time to read it... But also took the time to comment.
    same to you commenting as well sir!
    Exactly. As I came here to read the article and view peoples comments. I did NOT come here to whine about... "Is this news?"
    Well SOR-RIE.. last time I checked this is a GUITAR website.. usually the stories are supposed to be GUITAR related. If they are gonna put PSY in here.. they should put Britney Spears news stories on here as well.
    guess what d-bag .... when there is an article i dont care about...i simply dont read it. i dont click then link then b*tch and moan about it. so drop dead
    Drop dead? and I'm the d-bag? Sir, you're just looking for a fight, which means you simply have no life. I said what I needed to say so I'm done here. I got better things to do with my time then waste my time with trolls.
    Am I the only one who can't wait for this Gangnam style phase to end?
    It must suck to be so powerful that you can't dance without hearing bitching.
    People are really complaining about the president taking the time out of one day to watch a music video? God forbid the president doesn't work 16 hour days for 1425 days in a row. Get a grip, people. I'm not proud of him either, but whining about stupid shit like this isn't helping your point, and neither is complaining about him blaming Bush. Like it or not, no matter how annoying it is to continuously hear the president blame this on somebody else,Bush still did it.
    Is Roger Waters even an American citizen?
    We know Americans tend to forget the outside World, but other nations like to have an opinion and a view of how other countries are running.
    Welcome to UG, where the articles don't matter and the points are made up!
    Obama's dancing now too? This man is the best vactation taking dancer the White House has ever seen! I think Obama is a good guy, and his heart is in the right place. The problem is he just simply has not helped much. He has his high points, granted, just like any other. But the man is just not as sharp on the economy and foriegn policy as he should be. He's a very good speaker, and therefore appeals to peoples emotional side well. But he's just not a good leader. Heavy taxes on farmers, Obamacare (not saying we're doomed to be the next USSR, but i smell a hint of socialism), increased welfare spending? Not a good turn for us. Bravo Obama, it shows that you were a very good community organizer and a motivational speaker, but right now we need a no bs buisnessman who knows how to keep the money working and deal with other countries. Lets cut the useless programs and stop focusing on making people feel good. We need to quit neglecting the essentials while we try to decide whether to legalize weed or allow gay marriage.
    I can imagine the president of South Korea and Obama bonding over this very dance. Now if he learned that Russian squat dance that's Russia in the bag. Foreign relations have never been this easy to improve.
    You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Bush created a huge deficit after receiving a surplus from Clinton. Obama has reduced the deficit created by Bush, though not by much. The stock market has soared during Obama's term and corporations are turning record profits. Unemployment is below 8%. So please, tell me about how the economy is terrible and it's Obama's fault? Also, I live in Massachusetts. Under Romney we were 47th in the nation in job creation. If you don't believe what I've said there are government reports. The unemployment rate is on the Department of Labors homepage. Check your facts before you run your ignorant mouths.
    Knew it was too good to be true. To be honest if he had put that down as one of his policies he probably would have got loads more votes.
    I don't know why musicians give a crap about politics. Honestly, a good President is one who doesn't lie about everything. That's why Abe Lincoln was best President.
    Dear Americans, Modern economies are made up of multinational businesses which transend national borders, making it impossible for one country to solely govern an economy as the worlds economies are intrinsictly linked. The whole worlds in a recession, not just America. The majority of the worlds population live in worse conditions than you, suck it up, stop moaning and stop trying to blame the dude fighting your corner!
    Welcome to UG! Dead boring news but one hell of an entertaining comments section
    jeez people. we all have different opinions and thats what makes this country great is the ability to voice those opinons. when it becomes a problem is when we start trying to force our opinions on someone else. this website is about music and things related to music. take the politic talk somewhere else.
    So basically Obama is saying, "Everyone knows that I'm not going to get anything done the next four years, so I might as well enjoy myself a little."
    great. Economy in shambles, and the president is busy dancing. cool.
    I totally agree with you. Bush's dancing in Africa while the economy was in shambles was disgraceful.
    Haha. People still hung up on bush. Who is Obama and all his worshipers gonna blame for all his screw ups and lack of leadership over the next 4 years? Last term president? Ohh wait.... Nevermind. It's still bushes fault. Haha
    Okay, let's just get something straight: Conservatives have the worst president of the last 50 years in George W. Bush. For foisting him upon the world, you guys should quit complaining, and start apologizing by helping.
    Actually, you have that backwards. Obama is/has been the WORST president in history! What he continues to blame Bush for was mainly the work of Democrats in the house/Senate. Notice the 2 years Bush had Republican support in the House/Senate, everything was great...last 2 years with Dems, things went to hell! Obamas continued assault on business and energy has prevented anything resembling a recovery. Notice what happened in the stock market the day they knew who was going to be president for the next 4 years? Partying with Jay-Z won't help the situation in the middle east, and no amount of golf playing will bring back the people we lost in Bengazi!
    Bush puts us into a financial hole where the 10 year projections look horrendous, but it's Obama's fault for not being a holy savior and repairing 8 years of damage in 4? Clinton managed to pay off our national debt at one point. Bush managed to erase that by choosing to fight wars (spend) and cut taxes (remove revenue). That's net negative, and wholly stupid.
    Only thing I read in here that made any sense. Obama has done nothing but good for the Americans, if you think he is worse then Bush then you are no better then the pathetic war monger he was. The war in Iraq went on for how many years? about 11 of them, an 11 year war is NOT cheap. Since 2001 the US has spent $582,550,342,682 as of the second I typed that and in Iraq its been $808,450,249,914 as of the second I typed this, and these are ever increasing numbers. Total cost of the wars since 2001 comes out to $1,391,000,999,238 as of the second I typed this. This is all because of one man! And Iraq had nothing to do with it 9/11 at all! Obama wont be able to fix this even with a second term it will take the next 15 presidents to correct this if it even can be corrected. Everyone seems pissed because of Obamacare sure it sucks, up until you need treatment at a hospital. Give the guy a break he was handed the country in the worst state it's been in since the civil war.
    When are the Republicans going to bring back ALL of the troops lost in Iraq? Wait, why were the sent there by Bush? I still don't have an answer. I'm waiting... Why did we invade Iraq? Someone please tell me.
    Probably when all the democrats (that were the majority in the senate) that also voted to go to war bring back ALL of those lost troops.
    WMDs which all intelligence said they had and Hussein did everything to make us believe they had. The Democratic house went against the surge that proved to work.
    Um no. Hussein said that he had no weapons and asked that Bush to do a live teleconference to discuss his true motives for the war which Bush refused because talking things out is ridiculous. I have to give it to Bush for having family values though. His dad makes a living off of buying failing weapons companies and merging them with his own, he also makes money from oil so to help his dad out Bush staged a war using Nazi era fear mongering techniques, bought weapons from his dad and used them to steal oil for his dad, all the while driving oil prices sky high and the best part is it didn't cost him a dime. He used your money. Get a clue, turn the tv off and read a fu(king book.
    the option to go to war was unanimously voted "yes" by congress. all democrats and all republicans. be mad at them, not just Bush. and I dont have an answer to your question. i would like to know the truth behind it all as well.
    Reagen was the worst.
    Definitely worse than Nixon and Watergate, right? I'm glad there are so many seasoned veterans in politics here that have been around for all of 3-4 presidencies claiming how Obama is the "WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!1!1!!111!" because "he's spent more than any other president" and such things. Do you mean the spending that was needed to get us out of the hole that Bush put us in? You need money to make money right? Well when you're already 6 or 7 trill in the hole, it's going to probably take double that to bring us back, which is about where we're currently at if my info is to date. Also, does anyone take inflation into account? Because I'd love to see the spending with inflation projections since I have an extremely hard time believing more was spent in Iraq/Afghanistan through guerilla warfare than in WWI, II, or Vietnam, which were all full scale wars. Maybe even the civil war was more costly too but I'd be taking a shot in the dark on that. There are too many stupid "Obama sucks" arguments to combat them all here and now but there's my 2 cents on one of them.
    I am sick of this "worst president and history" title. Look, James Buchanon is. You wanna know why? Cuz he oversaw the country ****ing splitting up which lead to the civil war.
    @b_80_h Actually the worst president of the last 50 years was Jimmy Carter and he was a Democrat.
    "Obama's worshippers"? You see, a problem with being totally radical is becoming the bullshit you call out. Without knowing anything about you or your position, you are now simply a "Romney Worshipper". And I shit on your face.
    Oh please! I have no love for Romney! Do a little research people. This all started when the DEMOCRATS forced banks to lend to people who couldn't afford houses. That was the start. And if Reagan was SO bad, why did he win in LANDSLIDES AND get his VP elected? He ended the cold war and brought the country back from the Carter recession in his first term! Go on, keep listening to Chris Mathews etc. I am not concerned with your "shit on your face" comment....as you obviously don't know your ass from a hole in the ground!
    Let's just go ahead and rattled these off, rebuttal-style. 1) True, the Democrats did force banks to loan to less qualified people, so that home ownership could be more possible across the board. However, is it weird that most of those loans had time bombs build into them in the form of adjustable rates? The democrats are only at fault for not structuring better. 2) Reagan won the first time because Jimmy Carter was a well-intentioned President who was done in by a perfect storm of political issues he had limited control over. Reagen won re-election over Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, an astonishingly weak presidential ticket that forced the Democrats to re-evaluate themselves as a national party (or face extinction). Reagen built the economy, but much of it was bubble-related, primarily due to deregulation. (Before we go anywhere, Deregulation makes bubbles more likely. Don't drink the kook-aid!) 3) I would never listen to a hack like Matthews. However, all of his bluster pales in comparison to the right-wing echo chamber that seems to exist both on television and in the internet. I've done my research. I'm still a "kid", as you might call it, you I can clearly tell my "ass from a hole in the ground", as you eloquently put it. Go back to playing guitar and feebly making fun of "slam" articles on here.
    last time i checked, Obama is more of a President then Bush cud ever dream of doing. think about it, Obamas first term was kinda split in 2.....first half was fixing wut bush did, 2nd half was doing wut he wanted and wut he set out to do hes already one of the best in my mind, and people arent "hung up" on Bush, saying that he was a disgrace is only speaking the truth. Obama is legit and ull see a big big difference once 2017 comes and theres a new president.
    Obama created more debt in one term than Bush did in two terms. Just throwing that out there. People are being overly critical of Bush, and too friendly to Obama.
    Obama created more debt in 4 years then every president in history combined
    well that's just not true. are you guys even aware of the difference between debt and deficit?
    Better how? Please explain... IMO they're equally as bad, but if he's better, I want to know how. Just the facts, Sir.
    Honestly I'm sure you had a point in there somewhere, but your numerous "wuts", "cuds" and "legits" distracted me from it. You should really take the time to either learn how to spell or just use a spell checking program.
    They'll keep blaming bush for another four years its pathetic, If you run a business as poorly as this shmuck runs the country you would be fired regardless of what the previous admin did.
    Oh, and you really believe someone like Romney is going to be able to turn everything around? I don't know if it's only 'Muricans and radicals who can't see it, but the rest of the world can - Obama is doing a good job in a tough situation.
    LOL @ thinking who gets elected will actually affect your country. At the end of the day, whoever has the most money in a capitalist/(hardly)democratic society will always call the shots. No matter how good your presidents 'intensions' are, it cost money to run a country. And people don't say no to free money. So when the guy with all the bucks wants something that the country doesn't, guess who's gonna lose that one? (Don't bother complaining about how the rich people are taxed more, if that's your defense than I'm talking about people who could buy and sell those people...)
    They have power, but they don't make decisions on the laws. Sure, they get off the laws lighter than others, but they still have to obey them and can face prosecution like everyone else. And yes, who's elected does affect the country. So "LOL @" you, for thinking it doesn't. Otherwise, why don't we all just let some dictator oppress us all properly? Why bother voting if it didn't matter. Sorry, but you have no concept of government.
    Obviously you are blind to the opinion the rest of the world has about the US. They rest of the world is sick of being America's b*tch and wants to see us fail. Hence the reason they are thrilled that America is going to sh*t. Which is where the majority of the world already is... I.e. Greece, France, Ireland, iceland, Italy, Portugal, spain
    No, I'm not. If America fails, it'd be like the Middle East running out of oil, or China hitting a massive economic slump (which is already beginning...). If America fails, it takes down much of the global markets, trade, etc, and the banks will become even more jittery. So no, the rest of the *sensible, logical* world doesn't want America to fail. Let some basic common sense.
    If the Senate and HOR were both led by democrats, we'd see a shit ton more progress. But nope, one of them (I think it's the HOR) just refuses to agree with Obama. Maybe we should stop blaming Obama for "broken promises," and blame Congress. Just a thought.
    The Bush Administration is what caused all of this. Do you think everything happened overnight ? Your pure ignorance amazes all of us that can think clearly.
    Ohh you guys can just go blame bush again for everything. That should be Obamas Slogan FORWARD AND ITS BUSH'S FAULT
    well said schirripar I am surprised by your downvotes. I also find it funny how every American who is anti Obama gets portrayed as being pro Conservative. To me Obama is very much a Conservative and would not get my vote in the UK.
    That's because in America, their Left Wing is anything vaguely left of centre. He is a conservative semi-socialist. And I would vote for him.
    Perfectly said schirripar, this country is going to hell in a hand basket he's played more golf then he's fixed problems which i will say are not all his fault BUT in his 1st four years in office he got our country into more debt with only one war then Bush got us in 8 years with two wars something there does not add up look it up for your selfs you Obama supporting morons that listens to what ever mainstream media tells you now
    He'll be getting busy, and when he's about to finish, he'll whip it out, and yell "Barack Obama Style!" while he hoses down his wife.
    "Maybe do it privately for Michelle" - Yeah you will, along with a meatspin (if you know what I mean
    Hell yeah if Obama does that dance he will become a lot cooler. Gangnam style bitches!
    I must have missed the part where Barrack Obama said "This was all Bush's fault." It seems like Americans are saying this and somehow that is being projected as though it were the President's words. Secondly, I don't think talking to Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z constitutes 'partying'. Lastly, why do so many people say that Obama is the worst president ever but then fail to actually give an example of how this is so? I can think of so many reasons why Bush was bad and I don't even have to make them up. As a non-American I can confirm (just as Roger Waters said) that the rest of the world breathed a sigh of relief once Obama sealed the victory during this election as opposed to Romney.
    Second Rate
    Obama is bad because in office he has continued many of the bush policies that he complained about. He has expanded many of them actually (especially the ones that pertain to things like domestic surveillance). He has also backpedalled on his opposition to a national ID card, wants to have an internet "kill switch" (can you say attempting to shut down opinions). His DHS labelled libertarians and returning veterans (you know, the guys he has continued to put in harms way) as terrorists. He has surveillance drones flying in U.S. skies (wonder how long before they are armed drones). He has deported more "innocent" (yes, i know they hopped the fence illegally, but most of them aren't raping and pillaging) illegals in 4 years than Bush did in 8 (so much for tolerance). He has raided more legal pot dispensaries in 4 years than Bush did in 8. He has not "cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term." He gave privileged handouts to corporations owned by his donors (a practice that he and his supporters routinely whined about in the '08 campaign). The New York Times has reported that the CIA (under a director appointed by Obama) has been funneling guns to Syrian "opposition" groups that are composed of members of groups labeled by the US as terrorists (HOLY TREASON, BATMAN). Do i need to continue? You go ahead and keep thinking you are superior in some way, but you're just an overprivileged socialist brat that has no understanding of what goes on in American politics (almost exactly like Roger Waters).
    Yeah Obama is surely perfect. I'm still waiting to see Obama actually ending wars as he said he would years ago. All he and other candidates seem to know how to do is build up on wars, and invading other countries. Yeah, God bless America, lol.
    Then you have missed most every speech he has made!
    Words mean nothing when you have no actions to back you up.
    Wow. When he's had a full term and the best you can come up with is he talked about it a lot. Somehow this isn't considered a failure of epic proportions.
    All I ever see on these political pages is bullshit about "the rest of the world thinks...". I don't live in America and i disagree with about every one of them I see. It angers me greatly.
    How come every article on this website turns into a political argument. STFU and start talking about good music. If I wanted political bitching I would go to fox news or nbc. If you want to bitch about politicians you don't like GET THE FUCK OUT.
    If we want UG to stop posting political articles, we need to stop replying to them...Doh!
    Besides, why shouldn't musicians and aspiring musicians be allowed an opinion on current political issues? If you don't want to read articles about politics, then don't click on them tvdinnerguy7!!! Simple...
    I like how this article has like 200% more comments and views than the Black Sabbath article posted today.
    Can we just stop talking about politics? The election is over and this is a guitar website.
    Interesting how people forgot how prosperous they were from 2002-2007. Just a thought.
    Obama can rot in hell.That socialist,fascist pig!
    Socialist and fascist aren't equatable terms. They are on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum.
    Without even stating my political stance, does anyone else find it to be poor leadership that everything bad about this country is Bush's fault? Cause honestly was the economy 100% prosperous before Bush? Let's just have a leader who deals with and improves upon the present situation. I think we can all agree on progress that way. Solutions not finger pointing.
    If you put yourself in bush's shoes, with the intel you got, what would you have done? Most ppl did not see the housing bubble problem or the dot com bubble nor did bush predict 9/11 or the amazing growth of china. What would clinton or obama have done given the same circumstances? It wasn't totally bush's fault. Its just the situation presented to him was totally horrible.
    I don't really care for politics or any polititions. However, Obama does have a very infectious smile, so I'll give him props for that.
    In the words of Mac: "Politics is one big ass blast. You're either voting for the Republican that's blasting your ass or the Democrat that's blasting your ass."
    Second Rate
    Obama does himself no favours by dancing. He may have a cool black exterior, but he has the rhythm of an uptight white man. I bet his music collection is nothing but big band stuff.