Obama Wins Second Election

See the reaction from musicians on twitter, and share your view on whether or not the right candidate won.

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The results are in, and Barack Obama will reign as President for another four years.

UG readers were hotly debating the election in our candidate thread yesterday. It was a pretty close race, but in the end Obama won by a clear lead.

Musicians and celebrities have been reacting over Twitter, with some hilarious effects. But what is your reaction? Did the right candidate win? Let us know what you think in the comments and poll below.

Way to go Dave Grohl! @foofighters

Jim Michaels (@TheJimMichaels) November 6, 2012

As Beyonce wrote - Take that Mitches!! #gobama

Ernest (@ErnestStrafford) November 7, 2012

That's what happens when you fuck with Sesame Street.

Adam Levine (@adamlevine) November 7, 2012

Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools

Ted Nugent (@TedNugent) November 7, 2012


Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne) November 6, 2012

Don't call it a comeback he's been here 4 years.

LL COOL J (@llcoolj) November 7, 2012

Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2012

ROMNEY HQ looks like the chillout room at a RAVE. people laying all over the place on a massive comedown

Mark Ronson (@iamMarkRonson) November 7, 2012

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    Trump should think before posting things on the internet. Everyone outside of the US that I've heard weigh in on this election thought Romney as president was the worst possible outcome for this election.
    FU Americans and your elections. All over my internets,radio and newspapers.
    Is this site just for US readers? If so, fine. If not, are you going to cover every countries elections. Is this going to turn into a political website? Again, I have no problem with that, but I'd like to know. Thanks
    The majority of readers are based in the US, and several notable figures from the music world reacted to the election. Feedback is welcome.
    "The world is laughing at us" I really don't think the world cares.
    Donald Trump is right about one thing. The world is laughing at America. We're just laughing because when every other country in the world was polled, the only one that would actually have voted Romney in was China... and you almost did too America.
    I love the way UG tries to make it relevant by throwing in a picture of Dave Grohl.
    I hope southpark make an episode out of this and take the piss out of nugent and trump
    Geez, Trump really does have his head up his bottom. The world either doesn't care or was rooting for Obama. I don't want to say that Obama is the perfect candidate but I'd go with him any time as well. Oh yeah, the rest of the world was indeed laughing, but they were laughing at Romney.
    I'd listen to Trump. He's a guy with money who knows how business works. People like him are the ones who really create jobs, despite what Obama or Romney thinks of themselves. You don't have to agree with Trump, but you can't argue his business success. I know quite a few people who own businesses who said they aren't hiring anyone until Obama is out of office. Well, its a lame principal but now it looks like we have to wait 4 more years for some more jobs to open up. These are private non-publicly traded companies too.
    What kind of nonsensical policy is that for your business? What use is it not to hire people just because you don't like the president? That has nothing to do with anything. If you don't hire people because the economy is bad, that's a reason. If you need new people you need new people, so you hire new people. Apart from that fact, indeed as others have said, Trump's business success isn't without doubt at all. And my personal opinion of what I know of him (which is little, because I don't live in America) is that it is an immense douche, who half the time doesn't know what he is talking about, definitely in terms of politics.
    I agree that its nonsensical but it is actually happening.
    And so what is your point with that?
    If you have to ask you'll never know. I can't force you to think... Oh wait, thats what all this socialist government is for, to do the thinking for you.
    A very weak answer, because you stopped making sense as well. Guess I am feeding the troll after all. You dissappoint me.
    Comeback Kiddd
    He filed for bankruptcy at least twice for his business? I wouldn't consider that knowing how a "business works." I respect your opinion but check your facts
    So what you're saying is that even though he inherited his business from his father, he didn't actually grow his worth to over 3 billion dollars? Huh... interesting...
    Okies now free healthcare pls
    no country has free healthcare, he wants to base it off a similar style to the NHS we have in the UK, its not free, but you have to have insurance, we pay National Insurance from our wage in the same way the US pay for their Health Insurance, he just wants to make it standardised. there is no such thing as 'free healthcare' someones gotta pay the Doctors and Nurses.
    True, but Canada has a somewhat "free health care" system and personally i think it's great!
    It's anything but free. Everyone pays. On top of that, it covers only certain types of care. Plus there are long line ups everytime you go to an emergency room. However, it is leaps and bounds above the American system. You get in a car accident here (Canada) and the last thing you worry about is a bill.
    Luxembourg does, in fact, have free health care for every citizen.
    Dear USA if you feel a large breeze heading your way it's the rest of the world breathing a sigh of relief that you didn't elect the moron, I mean mormon.
    No TRUMP the world is laughing at YOU!!! As an English citizen I just want to thank any and all of the Americans that voted Obama, You Only got rid of one nut-job four years ago, the thought of another put the fear of God in me, thankfully you seem to have a lot more sense these days.
    I don't think Donald Trump has the slightest idea of what the world thinks of us
    I find it funny how the west and east costs of the states are mostly all Democratic and the insides are all Republican. That is a Country divided if I do say so myself.
    Nugent is really a moron, he " loves" america but insults the american people if democracy speaks, go live in north korea, playing with your big guns and your small d**k
    This isn't music news for Christs sake. I know who won the election, it's all around me and I don't even live in America. I come here to read about music not elections.
    I am very relieved Obama won, and I do not even live in the USA. But I do care about Freedom and other people, and a president who is against gay marriage and against abortion and who doesn't care about poor people is bad for a nation and bad for the people in that nation. America has a horrible healthcare system and suffers from a lot of poverty. And the conservative republicans don't want to change the system. At least Obama is trying, though he is of course blocked by Republican congress members who will vote against every democratic motion. Furthermore Romney has no sense of foreign affairs whatsoever. The USA are saved for 4 more years, let's see what Obama can change now that he finally cleaned up the mess Bush left him with.
    i think the world is very pleased about Obama actually, i can speak for everyone in the uk i know who thought the possibility of romney even being a candidate was absurd, Obama is a boss
    oh and Donald Trump clearly wanted Romney in power, rich kids together, looking after eachother on the tax front.
    Funny how most of the anti-Obama comments I've seen on the Internet are in piss-poor grammar and misspelled. I'm not a native English speaker but isn't it 'good luck', not 'goodluk'? Come on Ted, it's only 2 button presses more to not seem like an idiot. To say nothing about the non-famous portion of the Internet where apparently 'obama suxx romney 4 preziddent' is acceptable.
    Ted Nugent is only butthurt because Obama is part black. If he was white, Ted wouldnt have a problem. This is clearly the issue with alot of southern states in the US too. Rednecks.
    So what was the difference between the two? Yeah I am in the UK, however the majority I saw from the election build up was celebrities talking about politics knowing nothing about it, and two men trying to be more popular and insulting each other as opposed to talking about what they are going to do...still America won't change. Obama can't save America, the American people need to save America and form a third party that actually represents the working class Americans.
    Most people here in America feel the same way and yet we still vote for the status quo. Whats the definition of insanity again?
    I now relize how Our One-Big-Ass-Mistake-America got in. Nobody on UG understands politics.
    Or life beyond their basement walls or sitting in front of their computer screens. When Atlas shrugs, what will they do?
    Wow, I never knew Donald Trump was a musician. I mean, if he isn't, he really has no place in that list...
    The piece that LL Cool J tweeted is my drawing! How funky-cool is that?! See more of my artistic shenanigans @ sweetestbaboon.blogspot.com Muchas gracias!
    If Barack Obama wants to reinstitute global likeness and faith in America again, he'll do the smart thing and insist the US puts a man on Mars like Kennedy did to instigate the race to the moon, within his new term. Everyone felt good as a society to watch what Felix Baumgartner just did, so imagine the unified feeling everyone would have if it was a broadcast of man stepping onto the Mars surface in 3 years. I hope he can use these 4 years to remind the world why America is your friend, not the enemy, as they've become for so long. This coming from a Canadian, btw.
    I think that's a tad more that four years out of reach.
    Depends entirely how much money and resources you throw at it, which is going to be the problem given america's current economic position