One Direction 'Cover' Lamb of God's 'Again We Rise' Live in Concert

It seems like Hell has finally frozen over.

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Following Justin Bieber's brief rendition of Metallica classic "Fade to Black," pop sensations One Direction have decided to show their metal passion as well, delivering a crushing cover of Lamb of God's "Again We Rise."

Well, that would've been something, now wouldn't it? However, we have a spoof video at hand. But, it's just as awesome and worth of your attention.

Going from Harry Styles lethal roar to all the tidbits about "shocking evidence of 1D's satanic origins," the clip is only made better by the deeply offended fans in the comments section.

"How dare you disgrace my favorite band One Direction with a satanic metal song!! Metal is for satanists! One Direction produces cute music and you ruin it by a garbage song! Atrocious!!" a Directioner named Timothy shouted.

"I am no fan of metal music but why do you always have to demonize everything? If there really is a creator and there is an anti-creator, then that anti creator didn't create anything at all. How can he own something he didn't make? Everything that is in here isn't his. He is no creator and he owns nothing," another peculiar comment reads.

Anyhow, the video's right below, make sure to check it out.

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    This made me laugh pretty hard, but even harder at the fans of LoG commenting on the post on facebook. So many fans raging about 1D doing this, to the point where LoG themselves had to comment "You guys didnt watch the video did you, its a dub".
    i love these type of videos, also this:
    if you read the replies to that timothy guys comments he admits hes a metalhead. you got trolled UG :p
    It's obviously a dub, but still damn hilarious. I honestly thought they had actually covered a Lamb of God song at first
    I honestly thought they were going to lip sync to the track. That woulda been sick.
    link no1
    Disappointed that it's just another dub. Not that it's a bad dub, more that they're are thousands of these things and I'm unsure of why this in particular is apparently 'newsworthy'. Especially with the misleading title. I wanted it to be real and see both the One Direction fans and the Metal fans whining and raging.
    I was actually hoping this existed. Super disappointed. Imagine how even more pissed the LoG fans would have been, thinking their band is so much more evil than One Direction. (They're the One Direction version of metal.) OMG SO EVIL AND SATANIC LOLOLOLOL. LAMB UV GAWD R S00PER EVUHL. (Black metal fans are laughing)
    If they actually tried this, do you know what I'd say? This ain't yours, **** you, don't try.