One Direction Make Chart History

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One Direction Make Chart History
One Direction made chart history when their second album "Take Me Home" hit the top of the US Billboard album chart. They're the first British group ever to have both their first and second albums hit the top of the US chart. Their new album has sold 540,000 copies worldwide in its first week, topping charts in 30 countries, according to NME. They might still be pasty-faced teens who only became a band after entering the UK "X Factor" contest, but Mick Jagger says One Direction reminds him a lot of the Rolling Stones: "I watched a concert of One Direction on TV the other night... It reminded me very much of our early concerts, when we were pushed around among the audience and we would kind of float. They were like floating above the audience, and they looked really distinctly uncomfortable. "I remember feeling that same uncomfortable feeling of being pushed around in this very weird place about 50 years ago. It was a very funny moment, because it was very similar to the things we've been through." The pop band recently offended Wolfgang Van Halen when they ran into each other at a hotel. "Fun fact: Was just insulted by that sh--ty boy band OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning," tweeted Wolfgang. "No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in OneDirection were d-ckheads." Will the British invasion of acts like One Direction, Mumford & Sons and Adele last, or is it just another trend? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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