One Direction Make Chart History

Their second album went straight to no. 1 on the Billboard chart, making them the first UK act to see their first two albums top charts in the US.

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One Direction made chart history when their second album "Take Me Home" hit the top of the US Billboard album chart.

They're the first British group ever to have both their first and second albums hit the top of the US chart. Their new album has sold 540,000 copies worldwide in its first week, topping charts in 30 countries, according to NME.

They might still be pasty-faced teens who only became a band after entering the UK "X Factor" contest, but Mick Jagger says One Direction reminds him a lot of the Rolling Stones:

"I watched a concert of One Direction on TV the other night... It reminded me very much of our early concerts, when we were pushed around among the audience and we would kind of float. They were like floating above the audience, and they looked really distinctly uncomfortable.

"I remember feeling that same uncomfortable feeling of being pushed around in this very weird place about 50 years ago. It was a very funny moment, because it was very similar to the things we've been through."

The pop band recently offended Wolfgang Van Halen when they ran into each other at a hotel.

"Fun fact: Was just insulted by that sh--ty boy band OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning," tweeted Wolfgang. "No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in OneDirection were d-ckheads."

Will the British invasion of acts like One Direction, Mumford & Sons and Adele last, or is it just another trend? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Why are we getting news about a shitty boy band on a guitar website?
    Exactly. Why in the world is this stuff on a site named ULTIMATE-GUITAR?! Every time UG posts something about this crap, they are losing credibility. Radpidly.
    Ultimate guitar editing team: Take some news about one direction that can hardly fill a quarter of a page, add some old shit that we've shown before, ask to comment, done!! Early Weekend.
    it really just means that the internet and media can allow for this stuff now.
    Today' music is shit. New Rap,Rock,Metal,Pop ETC. It's shit! While on the topic of charts, let me know when a new album stays on the chart for as long as "The Wall" did. Rap/Hip hop now days is shit because it's done ELECTRONICALLY the beat is done with a computer and the lyrics deal with sex, drugs, cars wow such meaningful topics, back when Pop was done with a drumset and actually had some decent ass lyrics that was good (still not mine type but still good), This new wave of Screamo, Metalcore shit well is shit all for the same reasons Rap,Hip Hop etc. is shit.....Green Day, Slipknot, Or A7X can't write a riff that can even compare to let's say....Walk by Pantera.....Simple but guitar is today is fast alternate picking or sweep picking....The kids of the future please find some good music to listen to Zepplin, Sabbath, Pantera, MEgadeth,Anthrax....If you think today's music sucks pick up a guitar and do something about it! Thanks
    A-Fucking-Men! I Agree... Its all bullshit! Real music and talent doesnt rely in image and shitty hooks.. Bands like Tool who come out with albums every five years are making viable quality music.. And sell out with little to no airplay.. That is real music and talent.
    And the sad thing is that people who think the music is actually good are the like me who want to change music are the only hope for future music!....Tool isn't my type but I have to admit there is talent there.....\m/
    Pantera was good for a while. It can't express a generation like Green Day. One Direction is God awful and Bieber sucks. Say hello to the future you f*cking metal-head.
    once again, all this means is that more people have a terrible taste in music nowadays. charts and sales mean nothing anymore
    in a way, yes. these days its more about aiming boy bands at young girls and aiming female acts at young boys AND young girls. It's more about the image than the music. And thats not all, these guys are most likely singing songs that were written by someone else and then getting all the credit. And pop music these days is insanely generic, usually the exact same chords and chord progressions, time signatures, tempo AND lyrical topics. I mean, if people like these guys, lil wayne, nicki minaj etc can become famous for their so called 'music' then pop music is dead.
    pop music was never really a genre till michael jackson hit the scene. pop was just what was popular before then. you dont even have to say pop really when you say its dead. Music in general is on its death bed right now. theres plenty of people who would disagree or say its not better or worse, just different, but its pretty obvious that quality songwriting and instrumental talent is almost non existant. there will be a music revolution soon, and i hope to be a part of it, but until that revolution comes, we're just gonna have to suffer
    People like pop music cause they just happen to like the songs and how they sound. Who's writing it and who's playing the instruments doesn't matter at all. Just judge for what it is and if you don't like it then just listen to music that you do like instead of throwing a "this isnt tru musik :'(((" hissy fit.
    dude **** you with your socialist views on music trying to give all of it equal respect and "its all opinion" bullshit. theres millions of pissed off young adults like me that think exactly how i do. who writes the songs and whos playing the instruments dont matter?? dude ur a ****in idiot
    Ultimate guitar you crossed the line. I'm done getting my news from this site. Everyday you give us these dumb articles. Nons of us like this new. You just need to stop and give us some real news.
    Typical, all people think they're better because they like rock or metal, I like all types of music, and I don't feel superior saying that other type of music is better than another, i like metallica, rammstein, system of a down, green day, the beatles, queen as much a i like one direction, some respect, if you don't like it don't bother.
    Think about pop acts like Michael Jacksonfor example, that IS good music. Pop nowadays is boring and unoriginal, you can't hate the genre pop because it has had some good arists (ex. michael jackson) just like rap/hip hop have (ex. beastie boys), though, you can hate todays pop and todays rap/hip hop cause nowadays these genres are all about the image and look.
    I'm surprised that their first album topped the charts since hardly anyone knew about them in the United States at the time.