One Direction to Break Up After Two More Albums, Simon Cowell Says

That's an optimistic prognosis though.

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Simon Cowell recently gave an optimistic prediction that One Direction are set to call it quits after two more albums, one of which is already in the works.

The "X Factor" judge, who has the pop sensation signed to his Syco label, told the Daily Mail that break-up is inevitable for the young five-piece.

"Bands don't stay together forever," he said (via Digital Spy). "I think they will make at least two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now."

Prompted to comment on whether Harry Styles' solo career might be the main cause behind such a stance, Simon replied, "No, I don't think that is going to happen for a while. Eventually I am sure they all will."

One Direction are currently busy working on 2013's "Midnight Memories" follow-up, which grabbed the flashy title of the best-selling album last year. Some of songwriters they opted to hire in the process include Pharrell Williams, Naughty Boy, Kodaline and The 1975.

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    Wow, manufactured to the point that their break up is actively being orchestrates? That's such a depressing commentary on the popular music industry
    Simon knows a product as banal as one direction has a five-year shelf life, tops.
    He's thinking of the long term. They're gonna split up while they're still popular and Cowell knows he can profit from their solo careers in addition to the inevitable reunion in 10 years or so.
    more likely they already dont want ot be together and they are under contract for two more albums...
    Why wait? Do it now. Do it for all of us.
    You care too much kid what does one direction have to do with you? Guess what even if they did break up someone will replace them who will be even more annoying, it's the cycle of pop music. Just ignore them.
    Kid? I'm probably older than you derkym. I don't care either way. By the way, every music genre has a cycle. It's called the music business.
    Wait...they're signed to his label? Weird for him to be talking like this about one of his own bands...
    It's alllll part of the big plan. Inevitably he'll spin one or more of them off as a long-term solo project that slowly "matures"
    Cowell created 1D. If there's anyone responsible for the death of mainstream music, he's a pretty big contributor.
    The headline of this article is so misleading. Dude says they will make "at least 2 more albums"... The headline should of read "One Direction Won't Be A Band Forever"
    Well at least they know they have a limited to milk as much money as possible out the 12 year old's parents.
    That's fine, but think about it. Everything in this band is prepared, even their break up. It's fine because we won't listen those pinheads anymore, but if you think about it, that's how music industry actually works: You release an album, with one or two cheesy hits. Then, you have tons of female fans screaming your name and singing the songs that you've never composed, but you sing it anyway. Everybody is talking about you and your "musical career", until people find another pop sensation. Finally, you gotta break up with your pals because you are not trendy anymore. But this is even more funnier, because he already know how long will 1D last
    Nooooo say it aint so.How will we go on without such great songs like best song ever?Cant say im too bothered as i dont expose myself to their 'music' and we all know another garbage manufactured pop boy band will take their place.
    He sees it as optimistic. I see it as now, there'll be several of them embarking on solo careers, drowning us in even more of their banal muzak at any given time.
    Thank god. They did my head in with that stupid movie (or was it two films?) Anyway I don't care. Their music is Simon Cowell produced garbage. Pop Idol-X Factor trash in other words! I agree with @Chronologo: only one member with a solo career with be successful, case in point Justin Timberlake of N'Sync, and it looks like its Harry Styles. I don't get why all the girls like him. I don't even think he's that good looking. He looks like Mick Jagger! *Yuck*