One Direction: 'We're Like The Beatles'

The annoying boy band say the US reaction to their album and their screaming fans make echos of the Beatles' success in the 1960s.

Ultimate Guitar
One Direction have compared themselves to The Beatles following their wild stateside success. The boy band went to number 1 with their debut album in the US, and say the reaction from screaming fans are comparable to what the Fab Four would see in the 1960s. "We watched that film of The Beatles when they first touched down in America and we saw a real likeness with our personalities," said mop-haired Harry Styles (via NME). Bandmate Niall Horan said "They loved having a laugh like us." Or rather, a PR representative decided to say that Niall said it. Who knows. The feeling isn't mutual. Paul McCartney has dismissed comparisons and said it would be a kiss of death, but described them as a "terrific band". One Direction have made over £100 million ($160 million) since releasing their second album "Take Me Home" last November. Would you compare One Direction to the Beatles? Let us know in the comments.

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    Except One Direction are unoriginal, uncreative, don't play their own instruments, don't write their own songs, aren't funny, won't be remembered in 10 years, and won't change culture. Other than that, they're exactly the same.
    That and their fan base doesn't include anyone other than 12 year old girls.
    False - their fan base ranges in age from 9-14.
    False, I know a 20 year old who loves their music.
    False. She has the mental maturity of a 12-year-old. I know this without knowing her because she likes One Direction in the first place.
    Bluebell9 article comments: proudly raising the average chromosome count of the internet since 1998
    You knowwe have 46, rats have 94 and ferns have 184 chromosomes? I don't really think raising counts is of any use to you.
    Not to mention that One Direction is a fad. The Beatles took the world by a storm. They were a movement. One Direction will die out once their management finds new guinea pigs to sing their songs. Look at what happened to all the boy bands from the 90s. It'll happen again and again.
    And the 90's boy bands at least had a little talent. These kids in One Direction are gonna be an afterthought by next year.
    Afterthought? Until this article I hadn't thought of them in the first place.
    Maybe they'll come back in their 30s like Take That did and take the world by storm again.
    One Direction are like The Beatles?? Soooo that means I probably should know their songs then. Oh wait, I'd rather not pollute my computer and headphones with that boy band garbage. Your a money maker for a label, that's it. Not a group to stand the test of time. Try again.
    If you don't know any of their songs how can you possibly dislike their music?
    I guess I should've said cared about their songs. I've heard their style and it's not something I associate myself with and don't believe for a second people will remember them in 5 years.
    also, they use auto tune...the beatles time was long before auto tune even came into existance
    Beat me to it! If they can creatively reinvent music and influence the culture of the word, then we may have competition. Until then, the most common thing they have with the Beatles are British accents.
    Just the truth right here. So just let them enjoy their 15 minutes of glory...on 2 more years no one will remember them.
    That isn't gonna happen. People said the same about Bieber, and probably the same about Rihanna. In this day and age if an artist is huge they stay huge because they've amassed a sheep fanbase who will listen to them regardless of quality. It's depressing but true.
    I'm happy I live under (a) rock. I had no idea who One Direction are. I had to google them.
    I don't know man, a lot of people still remember New kids on the block, Backstreet boys, and N'Sync. "One often finds his destiny, on the road he takes to avoid it" - The turtle guy from Kung fu panda. Its highly improbable that people will remember them, but slightly possible
    The Beatles became famous by hard work, years of practice, and were naturally discovered. One Direction on the other hand just won a game show.
    Sheep Shagger
    If The Beetles actually sucked, it would be a lot easier to compare them to One Direction.
    Bandmate Niall Horan said "They loved having a laugh like us." Yeah? thats like me saying "oh I'm a lot like dimebag because i breathe"
    Dimebag doesn't breathe. He's dead.
    Mr Winters
    lol good one
    Incredible that he managed to use an analogy involving a dead guy and an activity one has to be alive to do... which is just about anything except being dead -- but especially breathing! Irony at its finest!
    Oh and One Direction sucks. I hope that statement kills their career. More irony! I don't have anything more in depth to say about this article because words can not possibly describe how ridiculous that statement is... Self-proclaimed Beatles! Wow! It just speaks for itself.
    Not a Beatles fan at all, but I certainly respect them. This, however, is laughable.....
    same here, man. I don't get why they try so hard to compare themselves to The Beatles. Being popular and being from England does not make you the the second coming of the Beatles
    i am not a big fan of the beatles either but i dont get why people are so serious about this. these guys ARE like the beatles, they got together and got a bunch of dumbass horny girls crazy. that is all they are saying, they never said they are as influential or as talented(i never thought the beatles were all that talented. please dont kill me just my opinion). they just have the same pandemonium like the beatles.
    Exactly. I'm hoping One Direction take their fame and do something with it. The early Beatles stuff is pretty much straightforward pop, but they later went in some really interesting directions with their music - as do a lot of pop musicians. I can't say I'm a fan of One Direction, but I look forward to hopefully seeing them branch out and become legitimate artists in the future.
    They're like the Beatles just like I am Luke Skywalker's father!