One Direction's Harry Styles Is Apparently A Rush Fan

Boy band singer caught rocking out the prog-rock legends t-shirt.

Ultimate Guitar

Bet you didn't see this one coming, but the "1/5 of One Direction", 18-year-old Harry Styles seems to be into prog-rock. On several occasions, the singer was spotted wearing a Rush "Presto" t-shirt, probably the last thing you'd expect from a boy band member.

On one of such occasions, Styles was found getting a new tattoo in West Hollywood by TMZ with his girlfriend Taylor Swift. Another photo we discovered via Metal Hammer magazine shows Harry in that very same t-shirt posing with a clown nose.

The band has recently made chart history by becoming the first British group ever to have both the first and the second album topping the US sales chart. Their second release, "Take Me Home", has sold 540,000 copies worldwide in it's first week, reaching No. 1 position in 30 countries.

Rock community is generally not too fond of these guys. After comparing themselves to The Beatles, some were even offended, with Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen being among that crowd.

So how about that t-shirt? Will you be giving One Direction more respect from now on, or do you think the guy is just posing around and deserves even more hatred? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    This just in; Stylist puts Harry Styles in a Rush t-shirt to appear diverse and well rounded
    lol sure u can pick them up in primark. boybands told what to wear. **** this shit..... if he rockedup in a charles manson shrit now that would be a head turner.... **** this u.g u guys are gettin sloppy again
    Seeing the amount of band t-shirts being worn as fashion (such as from Primark in the UK) by people who have no idea who they are, I would guess he has no idea who the **** Rush are. I see people in Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Ramones, Metallica, Iron Maiden and the like, and most who I've asked haven't the foggiest idea who they are. You can;t assume anymore :/
    Just because there are a lot of people who wear T-shirt of bands they don't even know they exist doesn't mean everyone who wears them is like that. Elephants are grey, is everything grey an elephant?
    Crimson Ghost
    I don't know why everyone is hating on him just because he's in a pop group. It's pretty ignorant. A lot of people listen to different music than they perform. They're a fan the same way you are. It's not fair to judge someone's character by the style of music they play.
    All right cool, so he might like Rush. So do a lot of people. Or he might not, but a lot of people don't like them either. Or maybe no one really should care what shirt a celebrity happens to be wearing some day.
    Is he together with Taylor Swift? John Mayer must be laughing his ass off..
    I was flipping through the free subscription I got to Rolling Stone the other day, and I'm pretty sure there was a shot of him at the beach 'recovering from his recent breakup with Taylor Swift.' She's already writing a song about him, I'd imagine. ...and this concludes all I know about Harry from One Direction.
    Ah, because if someone makes music YOU don't like, then they can't possibly like the same music as you, right? it's a presto shirt. you dont just pull that off a shelf and tell someone to wear it. if they were jsut putting him in one, it would have been a starman shirt or something to do with moving pictures. but it's goddamn presto. get the bug out of your asses and don't assume that because someone makes vapid (if harmless) pop music that that's all they're allowed to like
    Nero Galon
    It reminds me of those girls that go around wearing the same old Ramones T-Shirt, you talk to them and talk about the T-Shirt and they have no idea who the Ramones were -_-
    The boobs comments have gotten old are we all 13????
    Cool, so can anyone get on the front page of UG if they wear a band shirt? Or do you have to be an uncreative, unoriginal puppet for songwriters first?
    Why do people bother getting riled up for this? It's a 5 guy boy band and only 1 guy gets public attention.
    In the poor bastards defense.... He did bang Taylor Swift... But then again... It requires no talent to do that and everyone has had a crack at her. But your right... No sense getting all pissy at something he bought at hot topic.
    I didn't know that only certain people were allowed to like Rush. Seriously, I don't why people don't believe he really likes Rush. Just grow up already, Rush is not your exclusive band.
    Katy perry sings about Radiohead in one of her songs. let's make a news article about that next! the fact that he might like rush doesn't mean he has to make that kind of music (as much as I hate One Direction, at least they don't try to copy bands like rush)
    But it would be funny to hear that abomination because Rush are all talented musicians and they own!... One Direction... Meh!
    Seen him wearing a Cribs shirt before (only modern 'indie' type band worth a shit, in my opinion)so I'd say he's wee bit of a genuine rock fan. But it's most likely that this is just a hip vintage tee and he's seen I Love You Man
    Wow.. he has such taste.. I bet he can't name 5 songs. Remember the kids with slipknot hoodies 5 years ago?
    Dr. Knox666
    Hey Styles what's the name of Rush's latest record? Styles: "uhh mhhh A Clockwork Orange?"
    They probably just buy them tonnes of rock t shirts so they appeal to more people. It's like all these girls in my town walking around in band t shirts where they've never listened to a band. I was once talking to a girl with an Abbey Road t shirt on and I said 'oh i've been there' and she said 'oh what, Liverpool?' Oh dear.
    Why wouldn't he like it? He's also been seen wearing Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones or Rod Stewart T-shirts. It's no weird thing to like different music genres. I actually believe he likes the bands and singers of whom he wears T-shirts. I don't think he'd be like those girls who wear Ramones T-shirts just because it looks cool.
    I have been a Rush fan all my life, and my best friend loves Harry Styles, so I am very happy. Harry, if you ever see this, GOOD!!!! I love the album Presto. Just amazing.