One Direction's Harry Styles: 'We're Bigger Than The Beatles, Fame-Wise'

Although singer admits that they’re not in the same league musically.

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Harry Styles has been talking with Top of the Pops magazine (via NME) about comparisons between One Direction and the Beatles. As the singer notes, the hysteria that the group were met with when they landed in America was comparable to that received by the Fab Four:

"We all sat and watched the film of the Beatles arriving in America. And, to be honest, that really was like us. Stepping off the plane, the girls, the madness. It was exactly the same as when we got there - just 50 years earlier."

As Styles notes, however, while they might be bigger than the Beatles in terms of fame, One Direction has a lot of catching up to do in terms of their music:

"But none of us think we're in the same league as them music-wise. We'd be total fools if we did. Fame-wise, it's probably even bigger, but we don't stand anywhere near them in terms of music."

Back in 2012, Paul McCartney stated that he wouldn’t refer to One Direction as the next Beatles because he felt it put too much pressure on the group:

"There are so many bands who all get called 'the next Beatles'. Suddenly it puts an awful lot of pressure on them to be the next Beatles. Oasis were 'the next Beatles' once if you remember. It's a pressure, because suddenly you've got to live up to all the things that we did, and it was a different time. So let's just call them 'the next terrific band'."

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    No your not you twat, and i'm not even a fan of The Beatles.
    As much as I'm disgusted by this cheap pop music crap, the title is taken completely out of context and makes him look like a spoilt little douche. He says that they might be more famous than the Beattles, but are nowhere near the musical level they had, which I can kind of agree with.
    Well, I don't think they're as famous as The Beatles neither, in a couple of years, this group will be forgotten, Beatles are still or even more known as they were 50 years ago, so yeah, that's not something every boy-band can do.
    "You're" not you twat, not "your"... I hate 1D as much as the next self-respecting music fan but the reality is that the group probably is more popular than the Beatles were by a slight amount. I actually like how that kid admitted 1D is nowhere near The Beatles musically. I find that whenever anyone tries to touch The Beatles, people flip out like it's some kind of mortal sin. I don't listen to Beatles; I respect what they've done and I realize they contributed to what music is today, but to put them above other bands is so lame and trendy.
    Taken way out of context. "We don't stand anywhere near [The Beatles] in terms of music" - Harry Styles.
    "It was exactly the same as when we got there - just 50 years earlier" and 50 years later, The Beatles are still relevant. Lets see where you'll be. Bargain Bucket.
    At least the bellends admit they're nothing musically compared to the Beatles. What with their ripping off of The Clash, The Who, Def Leppard and many more to come...
    Female fans of he Beatles often were sent to the hospital with hysteria because of the band. The Beatles are one of the few artists who almost everybody has heard of and listened to. When John Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus, he wasn't completely wrong. One Direction is not and never will be bigger than the Beatles in any way, shape, or form. Stop talking, "perform" your shitty "music" for your 12 year old fans who don't know any better, and stay the hell away from people who do.
    well put. Everybody knows at least one beatles song if they like it or not. And their music was influential, not cheap ripoffs like these little pricks.
    I think he's talking about the 1D hysteria being similar to Beatles hysteria, not about their music being releveant after 50 years. They are bigger now than The Beatles was in the 60s which could easily be true, considering that today it's so much easier to follow a band because of social media and stuff like that. And please stop defining music. I'm fed up with people who say "this is music, this isn't music". You don't like them, that's fine. And I don't like 1D either. But I appreciate/respect them as musicians (just like I respect every musician).
    do people not read the article before commenting? You're falling foul to UG's misleading headlines (hence why they still use them)
    Jacques Nel
    Yeah big difference between the Title "One Direction's Harry Styles 'We're bigger than the Beatles, Fame Wise'" and the third line of the fourth paragraph where Harry Styles says "Fame-wise, it's [One direction is] probably even bigger [than the Beatles]". Waaaaay misleading.
    Reminds me: John Lennon once said that The Beatles were bigger then Jesus or something like that, lol.
    What a complete mong-tard! The Beatles were known and RESPECTED by most, 1 direction have 13 year old girls screaming at them. Fuck off styles you big haired puff!
    So then they're even bigger than Jesus too then. Cause The Beatles are bigger than Jesus. Also my god. How is the world big enough to contain the sheer size of their egos?
    Who was the f*cking moron who started the Beatles analogy with them? Honestly, the only reason they have this fame is because the media pushed them towards it, constantly billing them as "the next big thing". If they were trying to achieve fame on talent alone, they'd still be playing small clubs at best.
    except, from what i understand they never played small clubs, they are just a product of simon cowell
    Like it or not, it's possible. With the major advances in communication in the last fifty years (i.e. the internet), more mainstream acceptance of popular music, and a higher population, it's possible that 1D has more followers than the Beatles did in terms of numbers.
    Good to see somebody in this comment section has a rational head.
    I agree. When everybody even sees an article about 1D, you can be sure that the comment section is full of hating comments. I don't understand the hate. I don't like 1D but how are they so bad that you need to hate them? What have they done? They have done music most of UG doesn't like but is that a reason to hate somebody? "I hate you because your music sucks." That's just pathetic. If you don't like them, don't listen to them. So simple.