Open Letter Demands Purple, Maiden, Slayer, Dio and More to Be Inducted Into RN'R Hall of Fame

Judas Priest and Motorhead also on the list. Help us get the word out.

Open Letter Demands Purple, Maiden, Slayer, Dio and More to Be Inducted Into RN'R Hall of Fame
As the full list of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees was unveiled earlier this week, a great portion of fans couldn't help focusing on the artists that weren't inducted yet again, rather than discussing the ones who will get in during the April 10 ceremony. Sharing such a stance, our colleagues at Loudwire wrote an open letter to the Hall of Fame, listing artists whose absence from the institution is nothing short of baffling, along with reasons for their long overdue induction. The letter initially focuses on hard rock icons Deep Purple, who were nominated and ultimately rejected for two consecutive years now. "With a total of 1,390,504 votes cast, Deep Purple came in third place out of 16 total choices," the letter reads. "The only acts to beat Deep Purple in the poll were Kiss and Nirvana, both of whom will be inducted during the 2014 Rock Hall ceremony. Deep Purple also collected more votes than Class of 2014 inductees Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Linda Ronstadt and Cat Stevens, so it's easy to see why fans are upset. In cases such as this, fans feel like their voices aren't being heard." The post then lists reasons for Iron Maiden, Slayer, Motorhead, Judas Priest and Ronnie James Dio to be inducted, pointing out the monumental impact and groundbreaking efforts of each act. "If being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is truly the apex of musical achievement, all of the trailblazing acts we mentioned above deserve a spot," the letter concludes. "An induction for any of these acts isn't just a celebration of their signature impact, but a legitimization of your own Hall of Fame moving forward. Think about it ... we'll be waiting for your Class of 2015 nominees." We couldn't agree more with each of the given arguments, hence we share this open letter in hope to spread the word out and help turn the Hall of Fame into a definite prestigious guitar-driven institution. We also believe Yes deserve a long overdue induction as a band that shaped the modern prog sound, leaving an everlasting impact on such greats as last year's inductees Rush and prog metal giants Dream Theater. Which other artists do you think deserve a Hall of Fame induction? Check out the full list of previous inductees here and share your thoughts in the comments. Note that artists become eligible 25 years after the release of their first major effort.

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    The fact that so many legendary acts have never been inducted over artists such as Public Enemy goes to show this entire Hall of Fame business is a load of shite
    To be fair...Public Enemy is amazing. I understand your point, because Public Enemy isn't rock and roll, but they're so influential that I guess they had to induct them. They should be in some other "hall of fame" type of induction, of course.
    Does that mean when justin bieber is up for nomination he can be inducted into the Hall of fame because he influenced someone? No dude it's rock bands that should go into the rock and role hall of fame first, and then other genras. Public enemy gets in before deep purple..... C'mon.
    If we are going to use the term 'rock and roll' as a reason that Public Enemy etc shouldn't get inducted over Slayer etc, then none of the above bands should be inducted. Rock and roll was your Chuck Berry's and Little Richards. The point is that these artists have been influenced by the genre and are representing it through their own style. Public Enemy have undoubtedly achieved more through their music than artists such as Slayer. Plus i saw Public Enemy live just after they won the award. They 'rocked' far more than 90% of the rock/metal artists i've seen.
    Don't diss Public Enemy dude. They changed a whole genre of music are probably the biggest political band in history. Just because they featured rapping and DJing it doesn't mean they didn't have a rock sound. They used the structures of funk music to make their music and if we don't count funk there goes Sly and The Family Stone, Parliament Funkadelic etc from the Hall Of Fame. There's much worse acts in the Hall Of Fame (like ABBA) who you could easily use as an example at it's stupidity
    I agreed with all your comment except one thing. They are not the biggest political band in history. System of a Down?
    You kids seem to think bands with political influence emerged in the post 80' naive...
    Try Rage Against the Machine
    C. Jasper
    So many of your bands in the 60's and 70's were political. Where do you think the term protest tune came from? The whole idea, sound, and image of rock n roll is political. The reason it became popular is that it broke the mold and tore down barriers. To so many people it was a political outcry against the man, against the structure that society was trying to package people into. Public Enemy does this with their own sound but no way in hell do they need to be in RRHOF. It's as big a joke as michael jackson being inducted. Save that shite for the Hip hop hall of fame, or start one for pop so MJ can staple his name right there next to beiber so we can all laugh about it.
    The fact that people are trying to say Slayer and Motorhead are as significant as Deep Purple show that the majority of the protesters are full of shite.
    Both of those bands are hugely significant in Heavy Metal and still very significant in Rock n Roll. Although, I'd much rather those bands not get into the Cock and Ball hall of fame.
    *tips fedora*
    Tipping a fedora is a lot like a uses spices in food. A little is good, but a lot ruins the flavor. The more you use it, the less meaningful it is when someone actually get's a fedora tipping.
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    Theres bigger issues in life to worry about. This is definitely not one of them. If they want to treat the hall of fame as commercially as the music it supports then so be it.
    All these Hall Of Fame clubs, top 10 polls, best ever lists etc are a load of crap. Music is art, not some gang you join. I can see why Axl wasn't over the moon about getting in the HOF (GnR fueding aside)
    @cyclonus: Spot on. I'd give you four upvotes if I could - one each for your username, your avatar, your comment and your use of the word 'shite'.
    I didn't realise people took the RnR Hall of fame seriously. We all know it's just a joke right?
    I think the problem is it became a joke there was a time when it was an honor, however lately, I agree it is a complete joke. No Deep Purple, Zappa, Maiden, Slayer, SRV and DIO???!!! yet we have Linda Ronstadt ???
    Easy now, now I don't know if Genesis is in yet or not, but when he was fronting them back in the late 60s early 70s they were very progressive rock n roll. Check out the Trespass album. But I see what you're saying, you would expect a little more Rock n Roll edge, rather than "In Your Eyes" (which I have to admit that song made a lot of mixed tapes to the ladies back in the day)
    Peter's third and fourth album alone make him a force to be reckoned with, not to mention his entire catalogue
    Frank Zappa
    Frank Zappa was put in by Lou Reed. What needs to happen is changing the name from Rock and Roll to something else. Then maybe it won't seem so crazy that some bands are in who don't play Rock and Roll.
    In the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame is present Madonna while Deep Purple are not. I think this is pretty self-explanatory of the joke this "RnR Hall of Fame" is.
    First: the RRHOF isn't relevant, and the criterion used to pick the inductees is severely flawed. And second: we don't need the RRHOF to tell us that X or Y are rock legends, the legacy that bands and musicians leave behind is enough for us to know that. That being said, I don't see why people still give a toss about this.
    People are complaining about Run DMC, Public Enemy, Madonna etc being in there. Fact of the matter is they were game changers for their genres. Yes they're not technically 'Rock N Roll' but they certainly lived rock n roll lives (Public Enemy sticking it to the man, Madonna showing a woman could hang with the men etc)Yes it sucks than Deep Purple, Rush, Dio etc aren't in there, but if they were to all go in within two/three years you wouldn't really have anybody worthwile going in after a while (unless people really want to see Poison in there)