Opeth Frontman Calls New Extreme Metal Dull

Mikael Akerfeldt gives his opinion on the new extreme metal, calling it "dull s--t".

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In a recent online radio interview, Opeth fronmtan Mikael Akerfeldt reached the subject of new extreme metal scene and music. And he doesn't seem to be too fond of it.

"New extreme metal, I think it's dull, I think it's sh-t," the singer shortly said during his Andrew Haug appearance.

As a member of one of the top class metal acts of today, you might have expected the frontman to be more supportive, but then again, this is obviously his honest opinion and there's no reason he shouldn't express it. In a last year's interview, the singer/guitarist even admitted he "hasn't been listening to death metal since the early '90s".

The group's latest studio effort, "Heritage", was released back in September 2011 via Roadrunner Records, debuting at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 chart with 19,000 copies sold in the first week. Guitarist Fredrik Akesson stated that the band had feared the album might split their fanbase, adding however that "the album was necessary for them to do."

Opeth is currently preparing for their forthcoming North American tour with Katatonia set to kick off on April 18 in Buffalo, NY. With a total of over 30 concert dates, the tour will keep the Swedish five-piece busy until the end of May.

So do you agree with the guy? Do you think the new extreme metal really is dull? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Well I agree and disagree. New extreme metal bands are being founded every day, A majority of them will be mediocre to terrible, and some will really make a positive impact on the extreme metal scene. And there are so many different sub-genres that fit into the extreme metal category. Maybe the genres or bands you've come to find dull represent a tiny fraction of extreme metal. You can't expect to find good music by looking at 2 or 3 bands and basing your opinion on an entire genre of music without a thorough search. But I can agree that there are way too many mediocre goregrind/pornogrind bands that it is laughable...I know because I compare more than a few of them and the sound is always the same.
    I agree, also, most people forget, the majority of MOST bands, not just extreme metal, are dull and forgettable. This is nothing new. There always have been, and always will be, a shit ton of boring and lame bands.
    I dont really think that statement is very useful, what exactly is he talking about? Its too short to be used as anything other than flamebait.
    thats why there are a lot of difrent genres of metal if he thinks extreme metal is shit and dull than its his own opinion .. but like he thinks it is dull there are people who love it and may think that what he likes his shitty and dull ... thats the beuaty in all of this . there is a type of metal for every taste . some like death metal , others like prog metal and others like nu metal ... it depends on the taste of the person.. but on top of all its METAL and we should respect it , even if we dont like it ... and in my opinion i think its desrespectfull of Mikael Akerfeldt to call it shit ... its his opinion but at least he should respect ..
    While it's probably disrespectful, I'm sure he didn't mean it to be as he is very casual both onstage and in interviews.
    While he probably means that "majority" of today's extreme metal is dull, he should have found some really good records. I think last year's Krisiun's "The Great Execution" was pretty neat. And I'm not so much into death metal at all.
    Glad that someone here isn't an elitist dick, and understand that sometimes different people like different things.People like you actually allow metal to be free and awesome.
    I actually have to agree with him. Most times I hear a new metal band these days, it's a rehash of tons of stuff I've already heard. There are rare exceptions, but one wouldn't be apt to find them in a genre one isn't really interested in.
    I expect he's just not really searching that hard. Opeth have always been influenced by Prog Rock and it's clear that's his favorite style of music. Plus, you can't really take him seriously if he "Hasn't listened to Death Metal since the 90s."
    I think people are misinterpreting that statment. I'm sure he's heard plenty. It doesn't mean he makes a habit of listening to it. Because he feels that it got shitty after a certain point.
    If you haven't been listening to the music you are talking about for over almost two decades, you obviosly don't know what you are talking about. Eventhough on some terms I agree a lot of metal these days is boring, this is quite generalizing the scene. I believe that if you look and listen well enough you will find music of your preferance anyhow.
    Adding to that, I do understand Mikael. There are a lot of bands who claim to be all 'tr00' metal in a crowd of fringes and basketball jerseys but a lot of them ARE dull because at the end of the day they're just reproducing a sound that's familiar to them rather than developing their own. I've seen people blame deathcore and all that malarky but I don't think that's the case, it's just unoriginality thats the problem. Doesn't matter whether you're another pig squeal fest of a deathcore band or if you play in a brutal death metal band with the same sound and formula as every other band in that genre. Shit bands are shit bands, it's just up to the fresher bands to shine through! I hope I'm not actually just talking out of my arse now I've posted this rather large summary of what is basically why I think some people don't like some music...I have a real essay to write, kinda wish I was putting more effort into that!
    "it's just unoriginality thats the problem. " dude seriously. I'd like to cite all the thrash bands in the 80s (and some in the newer wave) that sounded identical. There were great ones that stood out, and there are a shit ton that were forgotten for good reason.
    Sorry, but I have to disagree with Mikael here. There are so many great new extreme metal bands out there if you're just willing to widen your perspective.
    He's talking about the deathcore/screamo bands.
    There actually are some sick deathcore bands out there, then again, this is UG. Nearly everyone on here is too much of an elitist to even give those bands a chance.
    I myself am a huge extreme metal fan. I love the deepest darkest death metal but am open minded too. I've given many deathcore bands listens and the vast majority are utterly forgettable. The contortionist are pretty good. Ummm. I can't think of any others that I like
    But why give deathcore a chance, when you can listen to death metal - The non-gay version of.. well, death metal.
    The fact you're disregarding a whole genre and using gay as an insult says more about your own maturity and open mindedness.
    I feel like the majority hear the word 'core' on here automatically thinks its shit.
    yeah! why broaden your horizon when you can listen to the same music over and over again and never try new things?
    If that's the cases, then he (and/or you) needs to better understand what is and isn't metal. Hint: Screamo isn't metal. Although, as Bazz22 pointed out, there is some decent Deathcore out there. On the whole, that scene is that great anymore. But someone needs to introduce Mikael to Ne Obliviscaris.
    Nope he is talking about extreme metal in general: death, black, grindcore, metalcore etc...That's why he said "hasn't been listening to death metal since the early '90s". It's a shame he doesn't have the same opinion as you...
    Yeah, but he's saying, "Hey, I've not listened to any Death Metal since the '90s" (and implying he hasn't listened to any other extreme metal since the '90s). Which would be fine, if he wasn't also saying that "New extreme metal is dull". It's like me saying, "I've not had any pasta from that new restaurant, but I'm sure their pasta is dull". /shrug
    i like how you just assumed that, he said extreme metal, he could be referring to, you know, extreme metal in general
    You've all invented and misinterpreted too many genres. screamo emo core death jap core
    There are some good deathcore bands out there, you just have to find them.
    I believe you are incorrect sir.
    I'm not a fan of deathcores too but it ain't mean they are bad. OPINIONS.
    Same. I always hated deathcore until one of my buddies recently showed me a few deathcore bands that I've never heard of (ex. Within the Ruins, And Hell Followed With), and I actually enjoy it to a certain degree.. IMO popular bands from that genre kind of give it a bad name, cause when I heard Oceano and Suicide Silence for the first time I was FAR from impressed.
    Suicide silence is great and Mitch Lucker's passing is a loss for all humanity
    LOL omg another deathcore **** has passed from driving drunk let us pay our respects
    You got your opinion, and I can respect that. But you did know Mitch Lucker was a father, right? of course you did, because you're more intelligent than to run your mouth without finding out who you're talking shit about. Of course you knew despite being an alcoholic he put family before fame. Do I think he was a great musician? Nah, not even close. But I still respect the guy, even if he made a dumb mistake. But you already knew all that, because you're not another ****in' moron bandwagoning the let's talk crap train. Fuckin' tool.
    All he did was scream on a mic, not trying to offend your opinion but let's be real
    I disagree, again its all subjective.
    Thanks guy. The Discovery is the only album I'd say Born of Osiris ever made that was actually groundbreaking, but damn was that a good cd or what. &&To the guy who said The Contortionist, plus one to you too. Honestly I gotta agree with Mikael Akerfeldt here. There are some good extreme metal acts out there, but you have to sift through so much garbage to get to it. It's not like the days of clicking a video on youtube and browsing related videos for similar bands, I pulled that stunt early 2000's and it broadened my tastes tremendously. Do that nowadays and you get 3 hours of retarded breakdowns and a whole lotta' disappointment. Not even worth the effort anymore.
    I've got nothing against you for that belief, we all have different tastes.
    Please go and listen to 'of gallows' and 'the man with no face' by slice the cake.
    I did. My god why did you send me to that crap. Atrocious.
    @Vasheir I normally hate the deathcore scene, and so I went into listening to Slice the Cake with that negative bias. That being said, I liked their music, I liked it a lot. It's varied, experimental, and they are dynamic in their song structures/tone/mood/instrumentation/etc. I don't think you gave them a fair chance tbh.
    Checked out 'Of Gallows' and actually the first minute or so got my hopes up with the intro piano work, then that was all ruined by the shitty screaming an unnecessarily fast double bass pedalings.
    I think MOST deathcore is crap. It just seems like the same recycled crap without any meaning. Like the names of the bands and songs. One band I was showed by a friend was called "We Butter the Bread with Butter". WTF is that? I realize the band makes the name not the other way around but thats just stupid. I do enjoy August Burns Red and couple others but most of them (and I have tried to get into it and listened to a plethora of bands) have no appeal to me and it seems like most people here agree.
    I'm about 70% sure We Butter The Bread With Butter is a joke band. With lyrics like "BREEEE BRREEEEE BREEEE, BRE BRE BREEEEE IIII SHOT THE SHERIFF AU AU AU AU AU AU OI OI" you can never be too sure haha.
    I love how you're getting downvoted, even though you're 100% right. There's a lot of good deathcore out there. Listen to The Contortionist, Substructure, Infant Annihilator, Rings of Saturn, The Faceless. Heck, even Whitechapel is really good, just listen to their first album. You guys are downvoting him for having different opinion, which is immature as hell.
    The Contortionist is fantastic!!! I love Exoplanet and Intrinsic!!!
    Agreed! I'm not one much for extream metal bands, but the Contortionist is a really good blend of progressive and death
    Just being a picky *****, but I don't think I'd lump The Faceless in with the other -core bands there. That being said, RoS and Infant Annihilator are pretty cool.
    I agree, but Whitechapel's new album was cool. It opened up a lot, with a more groove metal feeling.
    Yeah, I love their new stuff, but their The Somatic Defilement is definitely their best. It was dark, vile, aggressive, and technical as hell. Each album is a little different, and they try something new or different each time. Their newest album was awesome, but The Somatic Defilement was a tough act to follow.
    The Faceless isn't deathcore, they're just signed on a teencore label. It's a damn shame Derek had to leave, the new album is nowhere near as genius as Akeldama and Planetary Duality.
    Screamo (as in bands like I Would Set Myself On Fire For You or The Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees) is a lot more interesting, and has been for it's entire existence then the bulk of death metal has been for the past decade.
    Not sure if trolling or not...
    Serious. And I've probably been listening to death metal since most of the imbeciles who think I'm trolling were little more than a wet spot on their parent's bed. There's many good death metal bands, but there's exponentially more horrible death metal bands, even if we ignore it's poppy teenybopper offshoot deathcore. Most people who whine about 'screamo' haven't heard anything that actually would fall into the genre, so they attack a strawman based on their opinion of unrelated crap.
    He looks stoned as hell in that pic with the article... That should widen his perspecitve.
    I'm pretty sure he has a wider perspective than anyone here
    And how do you justify such a statement?
    Don't Ask
    I could justify it by saying that he plays in a progressive death metal band, but thinks that Benny Andersson of ABBA is a genius and has their entire collection on his iPod. Now that's wide perspective, if you ask me. But don't.
    @Don't Ask: Ok, cool. But the perspective we're evaluating is his perspective of modern extreme metal.
    If you actually listen to the interview though he justified his opinion well enough.
    He talks about it from around 5:45
    This is true, far too many people look at the mass amounts of deathcore and djent garbage and label the extreme music scene as being dead or in peril, when in actuality there are bands like Ulcerate, Mitochondrion and Deathspell Omega that are consistently pushing the genre forward and into new territory. Metal has always been an underground genre, you can't expect the mainstream crap to be what really represents extreme metal.
    I agree with him. I don't know what styles in particular he's referring to but most of what's popular in Metal right now bores me to tears.
    It's just like all those complaints about how there's no good music today, but there is, and I bet he hasn't really made a point to look hard
    I love the proggy direction Opeth are going in. I thought Heritage was really good. And as long as they keep playing, I'll keep buying their albums and going to see their shows. As someone above me said; Still Life Exists.
    You guys are all taking his comment way too seriously. Mikael doesn't even really like newer metal in general; does this really come as that much of a surprise? It would be cooler if he enjoyed more of our favorite bands but he just doesn't. It doesn't make Opeth's music any less brilliant.
    it's the careless blanket statement that gets me. this guy doesn't strike me as the type of person who does this sort of thing when talking about music. also, he clearly hasn't been feeling very metal lately so why not just say he might have moved on?
    I agree with you; have you seen those interviews with him talking about Steven Wilson/PT? He speaks with a certain type of sincerity that makes me feel like this quote we're all talking about was obviously taken out of the context of the conversation and set out by itself to make him sound like a douche.
    Emperor's Child
    I think the hilarious bit is that he's responsible for getting Wilson into metal/extreme metal... and now he says he hasn't listened to it himself since the early 90s?
    Darth Bastard
    Man he's so wrong. I don't like the direction he's taking Opeth either. Heritage was alright but wasn't anything amazing.
    The problem with Heritage is that it wasn't a modern prog band playing prog (which is partially how I would describe their previous albums). It was a modern prog band trying to sound like a '70s prog band.
    I felt like their previous albums had a death metal feel to it as well. I was just always turned off by his vocals.
    Well, his vocals are all right to me. But I liked that their previous albums had that definitive metal element to them. To me, that's what made Opeth "Opeth". I only hope their next album isn't "Heritage 2.0".
    you dont have to agree with him, we're all still allowed to have opinions and like different things, right?
    One thing that disturbs me greatly in most new extreme metal bands is the tip-top clean production and mixing. Yes, the sound quality is indeed higher and all that stuff, but I guess my ears just got used to the crappy productions of the 80's-90's metal. Just my 2 cents, though.
    I wish i could bump Mikael's fist right about now. I have never found extreme metal that interesting , unless it has something else to offer much like Opeth and Ihsahn. Your average "br00tal deth metulz" and your "trv kvlt black metal" are completely dire.
    This is coming from a guy whose band was so boring that I went up to the bleachers to take a nap until their set was over
    I have to agree. I saw Opeth when they were touring with Anathema. They were incredibly tight but the music and performance was so DULL!
    A member of Opeth calling other bands dull? Pot, meet kettle.
    I like some Opeth songs, but I have to agree with you. Every one of their albums drags on and on and on.
    Second Rate
    Agreed. Opeth ceased to be interesting around the time they made "Deliverance," When Mikael's head went up his own ass never to be seen again. And if this egotistical douche who writes the same ****ing riff over and over again hasn't listened to extreme metal since the early 90s, how can he even really form an opinion?
    How does Mikael usually act in interviews? Sarcastic and not serious in any way, and you guys are taking it very seriously.
    There's still loads of fantastic extreme metal bands making good music. Wormed, Defeated Sanity, Ahab, Blotted Science, Suffocation, Dying fetus, Gojira, Gorguts, Gorod, Wormrot, Napalm Death, Rotten Sound to name a few. I agree that a lot of the more popular extreme metal bands aren't very inspiring. That sounds hipster as hell but regardless, I find it to be accurate. Most Deathcore bands tend to be utterly interchageable.
    He just states his opinion, what's the big deal? It's not like he said this for the first time...
    It's incredibly ignorant. Imagine a the singer of Green Day saying all modern pop-punk is dull, while also saying he hasn't listened to any since 2000
    Not only that, Mikael is sort of implying that he hasn't seriously listened to any modern extreme metal, simply because (on first listen) it was "dull". Would you seriously take a band like Immolation and judge them by your first listen? You shouldn't, because you'd probably not be understanding it all. Likewise, there's very little reason to do that with modern extreme metal bands.
    Modern Death Metal has become a riff spewing contest with next to no consideration for actual substance. Rather than focusing on engaging structure and atmosphere bands attempt to have this grandiose all encompassing sound; technical and 'progressive,' as it may be but altogether uninspired. Fans BTBAM and Ne Oblisviscaris make it clear that a lot of people clearly prefer unending novelty rather than serious content.
    I say everyone has their own opinion and too be honest i don't like to debate music because i find to be a very intimate and personal experience and people are just hurtful and they whatever you like sucks cause they are sadistic pricks with a ego trip cause no one can be superior in musical taste to them hahahahaha but i mean who cares i say like what you like cause you are who you are..
    "New extreme metal, I think it's dull, I think it's sh-t," I fail to see "-core music sucks" anywhere in this statement.
    YES. THANK YOU. Modern "extreme" metal sounds too inter-changable now. Too many vocalists sound the same, too many guitarists all sound the same, the attitude and innovation is gone, save for a few very select bands, Opeth included. The only bands that really spur my interests in metal right now are Mastodon and Revocation.... I think the reason for this is because literally everyone is signed to a label or able to put their music out there for the masses and theres no more quality control.
    Can anyone name a single extreme metal band thats actually original these days?
    Ihsahn, Deathspell Omega, Unexpect, Thy Catafalque, Terra Tenebrosa, Nachtmystium, Random... Meh, I don't want to look like a hipster. Thing is that if look for it, you will find it. Mikael is a music nerd anyway, he probably actually did his homework before saying this. It's his loss
    I'm not a huge extreme metal guy but I like what bands like Gaza and Trap Them are doing, I thought No Absolutes in Human Suffering was incredible. I think Deafheaven is cool too. And the Dillinger Escape Plan of course. The problem is that when bands come up with something original people just label it under a new subgenre because it's not an exact copy of the other bands in the genre.
    I doubt he's talking about any amazing bands like those, more the formulaic stuff.
    Abriosis, Akercocke, Empyrion, Of Humanities demise, The Schoenburg Automation, Soma Ras, Xisforeyes.. All pretty original acts in their own right
    I agree with him. At some point during the mid 90's most extreme metal bands stopped focusing on writing songs and started writing collections of riffs lumped together under a song title. Listen to the best albums by Suffocation, Morbid Angel (and yes, even Opeth) and then listen to the newer deathcore and djent bands and you'll hear a huge difference. Most heavy bands just write collections of riffs now... they're entertaining for a few minutes but get boring quickly.
    What bands have you been listening to?... Because I can think of several extreme metal bands that don't fit that mold. Of course, figuring out whether they fit that mold would probably require you understand some basic theory...
    Why would you assume he doesn't know theory? Lol you're just being a prick
    Haha Thanks Man, I was thinking it was kinda pricky too but I didn't wanna get too into that.
    It would "require me to understand some basic theory" huh? HAHA ok... I'll try to brush up on my theory so I can handle a conversation with you. Anyway, the point I was making is that I can see what Akerfeldt is saying. I've been a fan of extreme metal since the late 80's and in that time I've seen the genre (and it's many subgenres) shift dramatically towards making albums that focus more on production, image and fitting a certain sound than on actual songwriting or innovation. Of course there are exceptions (Converge, The Red Chord, Cattle Decapitation to name a few) who have made relevant, interesting heavy music in recent years. I'm sure there are more "good" extreme metal bands out there today but I'm talking about the general attitude that's been changing. The deathcore stuff, for example, is difficult for me to listen to without thinking "They look like cool kids, the production is decent, but this is EMPTY F**KING MUSIC."
    Good point. I can agree on most of this. The typical Chelsea Grin or Emmure fan probably dont even listen to the band for its lyrics. Just the deathcore feel makes them think its passable as 'br00talz'.
    @Abacus11: You made the statement "At some point during the mid 90's most extreme metal bands stopped focusing on writing songs and started writing collections of riffs lumped together under a song title". I'm saying that, with a bit of basic theory, you can see how the better extreme metal bands don't just write a collection of riffs. For example, examine the song "Bland Street Bloom" by SikTh. Initially, it just seems like a collection of riffs strung together to a lot of people, I'm sure. But, if you look at the guitar pro tab (or if your ear is good, listen to the song), then you'll notice there's notes that link the intro riff to the verse riff to the chorus riff and so on. Edit: And I apologize if I made it sound like you didn't know theory. I didn't mean to imply that. I was just stating that there's reason why it's not just a collection of notes for the better Deathcore (or other genres of extreme metal) and how riff 1 connects to riff2 and so on.
    That's fair enough, I'll check out "Bland Street Bloom". I know that there are definitely some BRILLIANT young extreme metal bands out there, I'm a fan of some myself. I love how some heavy bands are able to use themes and motifs that are a bit deceptive at first but reveal themselves once you really dive in and look closely (Between the Buried and Me, Animals As Leaders, Skyharbor, Tesseract are a few younger bands that are great at this... sorta taking what King Crimson, Tool and Meshuggah have been doing for a while and applying it to a more modern extreme metal sound. I don't think I've ever listened to SikTh at all but I'll check them out.
    I hate deathcore. Are those bands more successful than me? I'd say so, but I think it's a cop out for real talent. All you need is a seven string guitar and tune it to drop A. You don't have to have fingers to play something like Suicide Silence or Emmure.
    Why did you get downvotes? Seriously, playing deathcore is easy as ****. Hammer ons and palm muting. Instant generic deathcore band. If you want to sound "complex" so that all the 16 year olds with gauged ears are impressed just work on muscle memory and speed so you can sound "technical" Not that simple is bad. Because it's not. Writing something good that's simple still takes an ability a lot of people don't have, including some people that write more complex things. But what this person said about Deathcore's simplicity is pretty true.
    anvil is god
    It's more exciting than the70's prog he worships. All is forgiven though, because Still Life exists.
    Death core etc. is more exciting than 70's prog? Hokayyyyy...
    To some people it is. The opinion of those who enjoy a few Deathcore bands is just as valid as the opinion of those who enjoy a few '70s prog bands.
    Can't agree with you. The prog scene of 69-76 is pretty much the best period of music ever.
    "Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact." - Homer Simpson
    Don't Ask
    Lamb Lies Down on Broadway never fails to give me goosebumps. +1 to you sir. I might (might) want to state that Selling England by the Pound is the best Genesis-album (and thus, the best album I've ever heard) though, and so, the best year was 1972, but it's close. Too bad I was born more than twenty years later...
    I wonder...if he respects bands like Mastodon, The Sword, or High on Fire..
    Well most of the better metal bands turn out to be in the stoner/doom/sludge area as a whole or at leat related somehow. So maybe.
    Well I think Opeth are in fact "dull and sh-t" compared to a lot of the really amazing extreme metal bands releasing music these days!
    You're going full ret*rd. Never go full ret*rd, man!
    i agree!!! opeth 12 minute songs are dullsh*t... not that i support worse half of extreme metal bands.
    i wasn't blasting opeth btw, great band. Just his battering of ALL extreme metal when there are bands out there better than his own is just ridiculous and ignorant.
    there are moments in their music i absolutely love, but after listening to them for years and years i've just gotten tired of how melodramatic the lyrics, and consequently some of the music, are.
    Don't Ask
    How could you ever get tired of melodrama? :O Personally, I barely ever listen actively to lyrics in songs. It's the music that interests me. Melodies, harmonies, and whatever else fits in there. And man, Opeth makes some pretty goddamn amazing music. Makes me proud to be a swede.
    I agree with him to the extent that anything that fits neatly into a subgenre such as death, black, doom or whatever, is shit. Good music transcends genres.
    *The BEST music transcends genres. Even I admit there are GOOD bands who fit neatly into one genre.
    Wrong. There are plenty of bands that fit neatly into one subgenre and are plenty good at what they do. There are bands that try to mix genres and end up being shit, regardless of originality. At risk of sounding like a dick, your favorite band list tells me you're one of those people that has barely scratched the surface of any of those genres and just listens to entry level bands anyway. Who am I kidding with that "at risk of sounding like a dick" crap? I'm always a dick on here.
    Anybody who's heard Job For a Cowboy's last two albums knows that there is some good extreme metal out there right now, even among the more popular bands. Whitechapel has also gotten consistently better. I think he said the right thing because most of the extreme metal scene does suck, but at least there are a few bands that are quite good. I just can't into the polar extremes showcased by trudge bands like The Acacia Strain or the mindless wank-shredding of bands like Battlecross. I just can't. There needs to be a balance, but everybody seems to want to be the most "this" or the most "that."
    Dude, I think your new ****ing album is the definition of dull. Especially compared to -every- other Opeth release -ever-. While I agree with him in the sense that so many good bands fell off (In Flames, Mercenary, The Haunted, and even though they just released epicness, Soilwork did put out..Figure Number Five.. And even stateside, Killswitch, All that Remains, and Unearth have all reeeally lost steam.), he doesn't have to be going around calling the kettle black.
    but.. what is... exactly.... an "EXTREME METAL" ... I don't get it. Last time I've heard about something similia, It was Children Of Bodom... What is an Extreme metal pls: Deathcore, Children Of Bodom-core, Metal-Core or what???? pls explain, thx
    Bands that fall into the genres of Death, black and doom metal. Not children of bodom or metalcore...