Opeth: 'We Still Feel That We Belong to the Metal Scene'

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Opeth: 'We Still Feel That We Belong to the Metal Scene'
Opeth might have severely drifted into the prog rock realm with their latest studio efforts, but frontman Mikael Akerfeldt still insists that metal domain is the place where they belong.

Asked by Spazio Rock on where Opeth stand in today's metal scene, Mikael replied (via Blabbermouth), "It's easy in the metal world especially - I mean, I don't know anything else than the metal world, because that's where we are, if you know what I mean.

"But we're trying to push the boundaries a little bit. Mostly musically, but also sound-wise. And to be on our own. We don't like to belong in a group. We wanna be on our own. But we are okay with being defined within the metal scene, because that's our origins.

"Our roots come from real extreme metal, and then gradually I guess we have moved away from that. But we still feel that we belong to the metal scene, so to speak, but we don't feel an affinity with bands in the metal scene, and definitely not the sound from the metal scene of today."

Discussing fan reactions to recent Opeth efforts, Akerfeldt noted, "The metal scene is… It's something I've been thinking about and talking about a lot, it's very hard for me to define what it is, really. I know that if you listen to brutal death metal, you might have a problem with what we're doing today. But that is not the definition of metal.

"I think the definition of metal is very blurry, and I'm not sure if you can define what metal is. But, like I said, that's our roots, so I feel that we still belong. I still feel many of our fans have probably made this type of journey with us. They've grown up. Maybe they listened to the same stuff that we did. Maybe it's easier for them to understand what we're doing now," the frontman concluded.

In related news, the band has unveiled a visualizer clip for "Eternal Rains Will Come" single off their latest album "Pale Communion." The record was released on August 25, you can order it here.

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