Ozzy Named President Of Heavy Metal

A vast online poll has named Ozzy Osbourne as the President of Heavy Metal, after some frantic last-minute campaigning against Rob Zombie.

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As an antidote to the US Presidential election, Loudwire conducted their own poll to find an official President Of Heavy Metal.

16 rock legends were in the running for the title, but Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne won after defeating Rob Zombie and Rob Halford in the final two rounds.

The final round was a close call, with both Ozzy and Zombie running real campaigns on their Facebook pages to rally up votes at the last minute. Ozzy finally pulled through with 50.82% lead, compared to Zombie's 49.18% of 100,000 votes.

Here's the results of each round:

Congratulations to Ozzy Osbourne, the new President of Heavy Metal!

Do you agree with the vote? Who would you nominate as President? Place your nominations and votes in the comments!

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    cip 123
    i'm sorry but how the hell does Rob Zombie beat Lemmy and Bruce Dickinson?
    lemmy gettin knocked out by zombie????? WTF!!!!! ****in hell, lemmy should be vice prez or prz,,,,,
    Nero Galon
    The hell, not hating on Rob Zombie AT ALL but Bruce Dickinson is waaaay better?
    exactly. i totally agree with the winner. but how did bruce not make it to the finals?
    I would've said Tony Iommi, but I guess that he's the god of metal.
    I'd have voted for Lemmy if I had known about this thing. Pretty cool idea regardless of winners/losers. Should do this every year.
    Dio wasn't even in the running? Do my eyes deceive me?
    He's dead
    Your point being...?
    Hard to be a president when you're dead.
    Not hard to be VP, though. I'm pretty sure Dick Cheney has been dead for over 20 years.
    Rob halford for ****in president of metal! If Lemmy ever played in metal band, I reckon it'd be him.
    loudwire poll's are so stupid actually forget about ozzy but once arch enemy lost against chelsea grin and that was so stupid
    I pooped today.
    I might've been high, but when I read that, I had to laugh. Pointless, but you're probably very proud of yourself, and due to that, I am too! *Hands over TOP POOP medal*