Ozzy Opens Up About Recent Alcohol Relapse: 'I Was Gonna Lose My Family'

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Ozzy Opens Up About Recent Alcohol Relapse: 'I Was Gonna Lose My Family'
Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne opened up about his latest drug and alcohol relapse, an issue he managed to keep secret even from his bandmates. Chatting with NME, Ozzy confessed nearly wrecking his marriage and family yet again. "[Sharon] was very pissed off," he said. "I thought I was gonna lose my family at one point. Because when I go out, you wanna be careful when I come back home, because I'll come through anywhere in the house bar the front f--king door. I'm f--king crazy. "If you're in a relationship, if you keep coming home and your wife's terrified of you, if she doesn't know if you'll come back with five chicks and a crate of booze ... I mean, you name it, I've done it," Ozzy noted. "So she just said, 'Look, I've got my own thing going on, and I can't deal with you any more. Get the f--k out. Sort yourself out, then we'll talk.' I don't blame her in the slightest." Asked about the root of his latest relapse, Osbourne commented: "It's like water drips from a tap and you go 'F--k it.' For no reason at all, you'll suddenly think, 'I fancy a drink,' and your head will say, 'Let yourself have one.' Next thing you know you're scraping yourself off the garage floor three days later. It's like having a haunted f--king head. "You've got these voices saying, 'Don't worry about it Ozzy. Anyone would have a drink if their album went to Number One in all those countries.' But you're doing a deal with the Devil. It's a disease of the mind and body, and you can't control it." Earlier this week, Ozzy's Sabbath bandmates admitted having no idea whatsoever about the singer hitting the bottle again, despite spending extensive amount of time together during "13" recording sessions. Things went back to somewhat normal though, as Osbourne decided to stop his "insane behavior," confirming back in April that he was 44 days sober after an 18-month booze binge.
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