Ozzy Osbourne: 'My Wife Kicks My A-s if I Don't Watch X Factor'

"I'm alive because I've got a strong wife," the singer adds.

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Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne confessed that if he skips an episode of X Factor featuring his wife Sharon among the judge panel, he's bound to have a bad time. "I have no choice," Ozzy told Express. "I have to watch X Factor. My wife kicks me in the a-s if I don't watch it - every time." Osbourne also shared words of praise for Sharon, naming her the top reason for being alive right now. "I did a good job of being the living dead myself," he explained. "I'm alive because I've got a strong wife, I think. I didn't expect to live past 30 - I remember when I was 21 saying I would be dead by 40. That was all right until I was 39-and-a-half." Finally, Ozzy was asked to share a word of advice to younger musicians, as well as his younger self. "I'm not good at giving advice to anyone else," he said, just to instantly add: "Drink more and take as much cocaine as you can. That's what I would tell my younger self." Osbourne recently expressed certainty about recording another album with Black Sabbath, saying, "Of course I'm gonna do another Black Sabbath album! I'm back." The band's latest studio effort, "13," saw its release on June 10 via Vertigo Records.

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    I love Ozzy but he's kinda whipped.
    Honestly, I think she's done a huge amount for Ozzy and he certainly needs someone to rein him in. That said, I loathe the woman for the many talented people she's ripped off on a whim in Ozzy's name (Including, but not limited to, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, Jake E Lee and several later members of the Ozzy band)
    Nah, this is the same in every household. My mum always makes my step-dad watch X-Factor, it's just funny.
    "OMG WHY IS THIS NEWS? THIS IS A NEW LOW, I QUIT, UG! I QUIT! GOD I HATE THIS!" This would sum up half of this message board if it wasn't for Ozzy, I swear.
    This is nowhere near as bad as the Biebs articles every day. They copy and past 90% of that shit.
    I think the relationship that fans have with Sharon is very hit or miss... As whipped as Ozzy is, she is the one who motivated him to actually have a career post-Black Sabbath. Sure, they've done a lot of stupid shit throughout the years, but ultimately I feel as if she's been a positive influence on him. Who knows where he would be now if he simply gave up after Sabbath gave him the ax...