Ozzy Osbourne: 'Of Course I’m Gonna Do Another Black Sabbath Album'

Singer more that eager to hit the studio once again.

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As rumors of the current Black Sabbath tour being the band's final one circulate the web, singer Ozzy Osbourne firmly confirmed that the metal icons will most definitely hit the studio once again to record a new album. "[I get asked] the question am I gonna do another album," Ozzy commented (via Artisan News). "Of course I'm gonna do another Black Sabbath album. I'm back." Meanwhile, the band announced a new set of North American tour dates, further extending their 2014 concert trek with 12 new shows. Metal pioneers are also set to unveil their new concert effort "Live... Gathered in Their Masses" on November 26. Are you excited about the possibility of having new Black Sabbath album? Share your opinions in comments!

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    Maybe give Bill Ward a chance to play on a Black Sabbath album again, I wouldnt think he'd turn down another chance like he did with 13.
    Not to be [i]that guy. But he didn't [i]really turn down the opportunity. He was deemed not fit enough to do so, by Black Sabbath/Management etc. I'd really love to hear him on another album, I missed the soul of the drums on 13.
    I've seen those reports, I've also read numerous others stating otherwise. No matter why, the reason he isn't on the new record is soley his doing. Wether it was over money or him 'not being fit' is all his doing.
    No disrespect to Bill Ward but why do some people find it hard to believe he's incapable of playing drums. I mean they guy is overweight, has had various health issues and last time he played needed help from Mike Bordin (I think). Honestly the rest of the guys probably thought it would be best for Bill to not do lest he keels over and dies. If he got into shape and eased his way back into drumming I'm sure the rest of the guys would welcome him, but he seems to butthurt to realise this.
    Ozzy said when Bill was practicing he couldn't remember any of the parts, he had to put Post-It notes all over his kit to remember the songs.
    I would atleast like him to write on the album, i heard some stuff from some unreleased solo albums (I think) that had a pretty cool doom vibe to them. He still seems to be a pretty good writer, whether he can play or not (let's see what happens with Accountable beasts, he said he did some kick ass drumming on that one, but it's hard to know if he's full of shit or not)
    You make a great point, but unfortunately nostalgia gets in the way. I think if people really look at Bill's history, they'd see the truth. His playing on the original Sabbath albums was amazing, even up until Never Say Die; not a good album, but his playing had swing, and he easily had the strongest performance. What did I leave out? Bill basically treating his body like a piece of shit and gradually losing his ability as the years and decades passed. There's a reason Bill has the least prolific career among Sabbath, and it's not just medical or personal reasons. The guy flat out can't play drums like he did in his prime. It'd be easier if people acknowledged this instead of faking nostalgia for a lineup that broke up 30 years before they were born. They're my favourite band, and Ward is one of my favourite drummers, but if Sabbath are dead set on making new music they're better off getting a drummer who can really swing and improvise. Then maybe they can try to do something that isn't an appeal to the past. If it happens to be a good album, then people can bitch about Ward all they want, at least the band are creatively relevant again. But that probably won't happen.
    well said, it's like the people constantly calling for a GNR reunion. Axl was an amazing singer in 1988, but he isn't sounding so hot these days. Slash and the rest of the guys are better off without him.
    I saw them at Ozzfest in '04. Bill seriously looked like he was gonna pass out at any given second. Same with Ozzy. They were both in awful shape. Tony and Geezer were on fire though! But yeah, I agree on the whole issue of Bill's health. He's been in bad shape for a while. I'd love to hear him play on a new album, even if it takes a little extra time to complete.
    Actually, Bill Ward is practicing drumming every other day for 2 hours straight. Read his last interview where he also talks about his art collection. I don't think he's in a worse shape than any of the other guys in Sabbath. And to record an album, you don't have to play hours without breaks.
    jpnyc · Nov 19, 2013 11:54 AM
    I might just be the only one who thought Brad Wilk was friggin' awesome on drums. Especially on tracks like, "Damaged Soul."
    I ****ing pissed myself at Ozzy on that video, it's so hard to understand him; you hear the odd word like "black sabbath", "album" and "back". Hahaha gotta love him!
    Not entirely sure on the story with Bill Ward and im sure everybody else isnt besides what there fed from the media, but i think the best case scenario espescially if his health is a concern is let him play on the album, but have a fill in for the tour. Kinda like Bun E. Carlos from cheap trick.
    The jazz Man
    I think one of the main deciding factors is how Tony's health is going to be treating him down the line.. He seems to be doing well so far with the treatment etc so let's hope he can make it for another..
    Just ordered gathered in thei masses, and two tickets for a Black Sabbath Show in summer 8)
    I mean, I know the quality has been deteriorating for years and years, but I really want to hear another Ozzy solo album. Gus G has some great guitar work in his catalog, and I'd like to see how his writing translates to an Ozzy album (Scream was already written by Zakk and Ozzy, just recorded by Gus).
    Let's not start jumping up and down till we hear from the rest of the crew. And I'd love to see Ward at least get some songwriting in even if he doesn't play. All I ask is to PLEASE use Tommy Clufetos this go around. It was a piss-poor decision made in a piss-poor manner to not include him in 13's recording process.
    There would have been more cheering in the video if anyone could actually understand what Ozzy said.
    BREAKING NEWS.... The new Sabbath album will feature Jason Newsted on bass, Zakk Wylde on guitar and that chick from the White Stripes on drums. This will be Black Sabbath's heaviest album ever!
    That's almost WhoCares: Newsted on bass, Iommi on guitar, Ian Gillian on vocals, Nicko Mcbrain on drums and possibly Jon Lord on keyboard all playing something that sounded like Sabbath.Needless to say, it was quite awesome!
    I'd never heard of this before, so of course I had to look it up. Conclusion: Holy sh*t, this is f*cking amazing! It works so well!
    I love how whenever anything Black Sabbath is mentioned on UG, pretty much every comment ends up being about the Bill Ward thing!
    i wanna hear speculation from atleast iommi before i believe this to be 100% true i believe ozzy's up for it but the dude has cancer, butler would definitely be up for it but idk if iommi would want to do another album or think about it right now. Look at rush lifeson ust told olling stone, rush isn't gone but they're taking a break after the Clockwork stuff which is respectable in my eye's, sabbath came back and released an amazing effort without ward, wilk did a great job in my eye's. BUt i would'nt be upset with them saying they're gunna record again after this tour.
    Freddie Mercury was dying of AIDS recording the last album. And Bill Ward is deemed unfit to play? I find that bullsh!t.
    This made me laugh at least. Surely giving the last performance of your life is the same thing as being out of shape, 60+, and heart attack prone.
    Freddie Mercury was also at a youngish age where you can still fight through the worst. Sure, AIDS is brutal, but the fact that he was still in his 40s certainly helped him pull his way through that album.
    I agree this is mostly pure speculation on the Media's part like always. I think that would be a great solution as suggested above, have Bill on the Studio Album so the world can have one last complete all original/reunited Black Sabbath Album, then have a fill in on the road \m/