Ozzy Osbourne to Voice Punk Rock Fish in Children's Show 'Bubble Guppies'

The Prince of Darkness will give his voice to the punk Sid Fishy, who "loves being rotten (hmm...)."

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Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne will be voicing a fish in the Nickelodeon animated show "Bubble Guppies," Rolling Stone has revealed. Ozzy will be playing a character called Sid Fishy, a "rock and roll fish who loves being rotten."

The Prince of Darkness' character sports a red mohawk, eyebrow and fin rings, gold tooth and slime spray to wreak havoc on unsuspecting guppies.

A representative from the show had the following to say about the character:

"The green liquid is Sid Fishy's 'stink sauce' made up of different smells such as stinky socks and rotten eggs. He wants to use the stink sauce to cover Big Bubble City and all its citizens to make them stinky."

Osbourne has revealed that the got involved in the show for his 2-year-old granddaughter Pearl:

"The whole reason I did the show was for Pearl. She has Nick Jr. On 24/7. I can't wait to see her reaction when she hears my voice come from Sid Fishy's mouth."

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    Floyd Phoenix
    I hope there's an overlying story arc where his character secretly gathers materials to summon the devil and create a heavy metal hell out of Big Bubble City
    Does anyone remember Gnomeo & Juliet? I spent the entirety of that movie just getting distracted by Ozzy Osbourne's voice coming out of a small garden deer, this TV show will be no different from that.
    My boy is 2 months old. Time to start recording this show for him to watch when he's old enough to actually pay attention to the TV!