Ozzy's Daughter Defends Justin Bieber: 'He Ain't Half as Bad as I Was at His Age'

Kelly hits out at Bieber critics in new interview.

Ultimate Guitar

Kelly Osbourne has spoken out in defense of Justin Bieber, claiming that he wasn't as bad as she was at his age.

Quoted on Perez Hilton, Ozzy's daughter had the following to say:

"It was my best friend's birthday. We stop by and all of a sudden there were people spray-painting and then I got a lesson on spray-painting from Justin Bieber and he's really lovely and he's really nice, completely different than the media perception. And then I really sat back and thought, 'He ain't half as bad as I was at his age, so he's all right.'"

Osbourne recently took to twitter to voice her frustration when Bieber's house was raided after the singer reportedly pelted eggs at his neighbour's house. Osbourne's tweet read "You play you pay but really who gets arrested for throwing a bloody egg! #Hollyweird"

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    "He Ain't Half as Bad as I Was at His Age" That's like saying "gonorrhea isn't that bad, I'm AIDS".
    oh Iommi, you never cease to amaze me. But in all seriousness, JB is a little douchebag, the fame got to his head, and he isn't "really nice" anymore. What happened to the kid that was halfway respectable, and visited children's hospitals? please, he was probably being nice because he wanted to get in her pants
    I mean... he's so insignificant in the grand scheme of music that he's really not worth getting angry over. Yeah he sucks, but he'll be forgotten in a few years and then it'll be over.
    Jacques Nel
    He ain't bad at all, it's all a stupid gimmick. In the minds of his sales team controversy = sales. Where's the 'bellend' guy to finish this off?
    Goes to show how thick she is - he wasn't done for chucking eggs, it was because he committed a felony by causing over $400 in damages to someone else's property, in which the figure came to around $20,000
    But how do eggs cause $20,000 worth of damage? I smell bullshit. Dammit, now it sounds like I'm defending Bieber brb gonna shoot myself
    Pablo Mortis
    I it bad that as soon as I saw $20,000 I thought this was a post about how your mother in law's cousin hasn't left the house in a month but she's made so much money?
    I'll take a whacko drug-addict rockstar daughter over an assembly line spoiled little bastard richboy who wants to pretend he's black, any day
    When Ozzy was his age he was about to soon be the prince of darkness and revolutionize rock music as it was. The other way round this says: at Bieber's age Kelly was twice as bad.
    Alright,we are sorry.He is the greatest dude ever.Now stop posting articles about him!!!I'm freakin' bored!