Parrots Prefer Rock and Folk to Dance Music, Says New Study

Birds have an 'intense dislike' of dance music, rather bobbing their heads to UB40 and Joan Baez.

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A new study has found that parrots have an 'intense dislike' of dance music.

In findings published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science - via The Telegraph - researchers found that a pair of African grey parrots had wide ranging tastes in music, but both hated dance music.

The birds, from a popular breed of pet parrot, both bobbed their heads along to rock and folk, but were left distressed by electronic dance music.

Dr Franck Péron of the University of Lincoln, said (via NME): "The birds clearly showed preferences. One preferred the rhythmic and one preferred the classical."

Music in the rhythmic category included U2, UB40 and Joan Baez whilst Bach was one of the classical artists played to the birds.

He said that the birds were not keen on the music by The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers.

Dr Péron explained: "The electronic dance music was not appropriate for them. We had the radio on in the office and when it was a very fast beat, they started to scream; not in a friendly, communicative way but in a distressed, scared way. They seem to like pop music when there is a voice."

Another similar study conducted recently by Colorado State University on dogs has revealed that canines hate metal and "less likely to bark when played Mozart or Beethoven."

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    A sample size of 2 hardly seems scientific to me. If both parrots show different tastes in music (do they actually like the music, or just dislike it the least?) its pretty probable that neither would like dance music, but that doesn't indicate all parrots do any more than 2 humans off the street showing what musics humans do an don't like.
    I'm a huge metalhead and we have 16 parrots. 1 Moluccan Cockatoo, 2 Bare-eyed Cockatoos and 13 Goffins Cockatoos. All of them like Rock or Blues. I think they get into whatever they hear the most of. One our birds, Boz yells "Rock n Roll" whenever he hears Motorhead and headbangs the whole time.
    so do animals not have personalities and individual preferences then? because all these "studies" seem to assume so.
    Actually..even though this may seem the case, they mention one parrot liked classical, the other rhytmic, which suggests they actually have individual preferences
    All except for those black parrots, they prefer to shake ya tail feathers
    My question is why money goes into these stupid studies. There's no point to them, and should not be funded.
    By the way, here's the grindcore band called HateBeak with real parrot on vocals:
    Maybe they should focus on making some relevant research. There goes our tax money.
    It's great to know that this is the kind of garbage our universities are 'discovering' with their very expensive, publicly funded studies and experiments.
    here we go again scientists conducting bullshit pointless tests to prove stuff that no one gives a **** about
    Who reall cares? You can claim opinions to be relative all you want, but it is pretty much a universal opinion across music communities that Dance Music is the epidemy of bad. Now, that's not techno or electronic as whole. But that.. dance-shiat. Honestly. We don't need parrots to tell us.
    i bet you're one of them people who have the uninformed opinion that it takes zero talent to produce any kind of dance music. educate yourself before talking crap and making yourself look stupid.
    I believe it takes talent to produce dance music, but its not a talent that i value in a musical way or really respect, there is no physical technique and it requires practically zero knowledge of music, so it just isn't for musicians who know what it feels like to sit and develop a physical technique or study theory and complex music, It just doesn't stimulate my musical mind AT ALL.
    some of it stands out to me and I had fun coming up with musical ideas using computers (it's great for designing off time rhythms or poly-rhythms that you don't have a sense of yet but would like to experiment with)but a good deal of dance music is simply boring repetitive and unoriginal from a musical perspective. it's nothing against dance music specifically, I have the same problem with a lot of pop, punk, rock, and metal bands as well. As far as this study is concerned who knew dissonant electronic noise and fast driving beats designed to get your heart pumping would freak out parrets, real shocker there. There are great original composers in all genres, sure some genres may reward those people more than others but as in any field groundbreaking work is the exception not the rule.
    There should be a study as to who actually cares what music your parrot prefers! Whats next? Study shows that elephants prefer boiled potatoes to baked potatoes?
    It's funny, but what is up with all the animals prefer studies? and why does UG decide to post them? Having said that, I can see why the typically higher frequencies, and rapid frequency changes would distress the parrots, it has nothing really to do with the music. You could actually take the frequencies and play them alone and distress the parrots.
    I believe it is just a matter of actual NATURAL instrumental notes/tones as apposed to processed synth sounds. As for doggies not liking metal it's probably just to many faster and high pitched sounds. Just to much for their super hearing.System overload Wooooof!!!!!