Patrick Carney Pranks Angry Bieber Fans

He changed his Twitter name to Justin Bieber and shared a fake "world premiere" of a new pop song, sparking some hilariously angry replies from Bieber fans.

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The Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney has changed his Twitter name to Justin Bieber in a prank to wind up pop fans.

Many were confused when Carney's account, which already includes a 'Verified' badge, shared a fake "world premier" of a new Justin Bieber song - which instead pointed to a Devo track.

It follows Carney's comments last week in response to Bieber shunning the Grammy awards after receiving no nominations.

"Grammys are for, like, music. Not for money... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy," said Carney.

Here are some of the many tweets he posted as if from Justin Bieber:

New bieber track world premier

Patrick Carney (@patrickcarney) February 17, 2013

There is no patrick. i am justin now. RT @deannalorena: @patrickcarney Can we please have Patrick back?

Patrick Carney (@patrickcarney) February 17, 2013

His account is back to its regular Patrick Carney identity, but with tongue in cheek he has added "formerly Justin Bieber" to his bio.

Angry Bieber fans quickly bombarded Carney with negative comments:

How could you hate on justin for not getting a Grammy while your sitting there like a faggot ass playing cheap ass drums like bye

shay vanbeeran (@marilia22) February 12, 2013

@patrickcarney you make me disgusted.

11DAYSS❤ (@justinislife13) February 18, 2013

@patrickcarney I hope you get hit by a bus!

Barney Hurtado (@barney_hurtado) February 18, 2013

Is this a celebrity war we can all get behind? Go Carney!

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    "How could you hate on justin for not getting a Grammy while your sitting there like a faggot ass playing cheap ass drums like bye" Does this dude not have anything better to do than troll 13 year old girls like this like bye?
    I somehow feel that this "like bye" part in the end of the message could become an UG meme like bye
    I'm beginning to think we should all figure this out... Clearly, Bieb's knocked up Patrick Carney's girlfriend.
    Mister A.J.
    Yeah, no. Patrick's girlfriend probably has more class/talent in her left pinky than in the entirety of Bieber's bloodline. And anyone with class knows they wouldn't be caught dead with Biebs, like bye.
    sorry about downvoting you, i didnt see that you wrote in quotes and i thought you were defending Justin for a second. My sincerest apologies.
    If Dave Grohl did this, you guys would be pissing your pants laughing. It's weird how the UG community chooses people and bands they like and don't like and then sticks with that no matter what.
    That's because Dave Grohl is one of the most highly respected musicians out there right now by the music community. As far as I'm concerned, Carney doesn't have much respect to his name at the moment. You have to earn it first, then people will be more forgiving when you pull stuff like this.
    I think 12 years of almost nonstop touring and 8 mostly solid studio albums (if you count Blakrock) is enough to get my respect. I couldn't care less if he's a troll on twitter. I just really love his music and shows. Thom Yorke told my guitar teacher to **** off to his face one time but that didn't make me start hating Radiohead.
    Dave would probably get away with it because he is not some self absorbed, narcissist guy. Patrick is a mediocre drummer at best and yet he acts as if he were the ultimate rock drummer, who's here to save us all.
    Controversial as this may be i have no hate for JB. I simply do what a grownup does and mostly ignore him, his press and his body of work. His fans however can be best described as a bunch of whiny bitches though. If the 3 examples above are any testament they need to get out from up their own arse's grow up and not be a bunch of homophobic children with poor grammar.
    As most of his fans are pre/early-teens, I think telling them to grow up is a bit harsh. Just gotta be a grownup about it all and tolerate the way most children are
    While I find this mildly amusing, Patrick is also kind of a shit drummer (just listen to the Keys live and you'll see what I mean), and I kind of hate the fact that he talks so much shit on other artists when he himself isn't exactly the best at what he does. Have at least a little respect for your fellow musicians, man, even if they don't make the same kind of music that you do.
    Yeah because Bieber is a 'musician'
    Not the point of what I was getting at. Being condescending towards someone else who is trying to make a living with the same type of career that you're doing is kind of childish. just because carney(and most of us on this site) hates his brand of pop music and plays rock music doesn't mean he should be entitled to have such a huge ego over bieber. let rock musicians do their rock thing and let pop musicians do their pop thing. no real reason to start a shitstorm up between both camps, even if you do hate the other's guts.
    I accidentally downvoted you - please accept my most sincere apologies - I will make it up to you in the form of one million dollars buried in a suitcase in the titanic. Also, if you fetch it within 88 days, you will get a free hot-plate!
    Out of curiosity I went to Shay Vanbeeran's twitter. If that's a reflection of what today's kids are, sell them to Kony, please.
    It's not, I promise. But then again I'm 19, so I'm not really a kid now. (Although I'm still really young)
    Patrick's twitter has been my entire source of entertainment for the past week. He's my kinda *****.
    It was a funny prank, but I can't get over the fact that Patrick's just hating Bieber. I don't like Bieber, but I wish that he'd just shut the **** up about him.
    I thought his whole prank was hilarious. If you look at the posts people sent him, he got (empty) death threats from a popstar's fanbase and found a funny way to respond to them.
    Reading all of his re-tweets is hilarious. They're so uneducated! "Go get a LIFE instead of waisting your time upsessing over Justin YOU GAY ASS BITCH" (copied and pasted, not my grammar/spelling) I have nothing against Justin himself, but the majority of his fans are just idiots.
    Whilst Justin Bieber doesn't make music I particularly enjoy, the fact that he makes a lot of money from it does not mean he isn't entitled to win a Grammy. Carney isn't quite broke himself, is he? I like the Black Keys' music, but I'd enjoy their stuff a lot more if they didn't prove time and time again that they are pretentious arseholes.
    I lost all respect I had for The Black Keys when they insulted Nickelback...I mean, are you ****ing stupid? The Black Keys are okay but seriously? Insult a band that while many people hate them, are undeniably among some of the biggest bands out there. The Black Keys can only hope to become as big of a band as Nickelback is. Maybe if that Carney guy starts drumming as well as he trash talks he can back up said trash talking. That guy is a really boring drummer.
    You used the word boring there to describe Carney's drumming. I'd just like to point out the crippling irony of you defending Nickelback in the same comment.
    You're the typical Nickelback hater. Their drummer puts Carney to shame. I doubt Carney can handle doing a 7+ minute drum solo that shows just how technical the guy actually is. You're an idiot. Go listen to the 70% of Nickelback songs that are not just their mainstream soft songs.
    Isn't this the A**hole band that sued small stores for using their songs, or similar sounding sounds?
    I actually side with Justin Bieber on this one. I do not like/listen to his music(I do listen to Black Keys), but I know enough about him to know he does take his craft seriously, and has a bit more talent than your run of the mill pop star. Patrick Carney was put on the spot, and gave an honest answer. Justin heard it, got butt hurt and struck back. That should have been the end of it. Bieber is still a teenager. Patrick Carney is a grown man. He should be a little more mature than that. Instead he is trolling beliebers on the internet.
    The fact that Patrick "bangs away on cheap ass drums like bye"(because I'm sure the Biebs does absolutely all of his drum work while he's dancing around on stage) still doesn't distract from the fact that Carney has Grammys and Bieber doesn't. It's kind of hard to take the side of whiny 13 year olds who don't use correct grammar ("like bye"). I get that Carney's an *****, but at least he has good humor about the whole thing.
    They are too blind and too big of fangirls to realize how ridiculous they sound, ten years down the road they will look at themselves and question their own intelligence.
    They should make a Patrick Carney block plug in. That way we wouldn't have to see how much of a douche this guy is.
    I've never heard a Black Keys or a Justin Bieber song but I would feel a bit embarrassed to be a grown man in a feud with a teenager.
    Hahahaha it's funny that Patrick fails to see that even the drummer for Nickelback (Daniel Adair) is a lot better than him. He is really in no position to mock anyone. He should focus on improving his drumming.
    I don't hate Bieber. I don't like his music, but there's a lot of music I don't like. I don't hate him as a person, or think he should stop making music just because I don't like him. Honestly I thought Carney's comments were a bit immature in that regard, especially seeing as he's a musician himself. However even though I have nothing against Bieber doing his own thing, his fans are another issue of stupidity and prepubescent obsessiveness. Carney is not the first person to go on a twitter war with the Bieber fanbase, and I always find it funny especially seeing how easy it is to argue with them.
    The sad thing is that those people weren't kids that tweeted back to Carney. They were adults themselves that shamelessly listen to Justin Bieber. Wtf happened to this world?
    Teen Pop has always sucked. Justin Bieber is no exception. Why should a musician who wants to be taken seriously really care who is the flavor of the week for 12 year old girls? Bieber will disappear soon and will be replaced by the next Pop "Sensation", then we will see him in 10 or 20 years on "Where are they now" or "Former Teen Idol Rehab", or if he's lucky, a guest part on South Park
    Seriously, why all the Patric Carney-hate? I think it's hilarious that he is in fact trolling the bieber-fans - simply poking at them, to watch them explode in a hilariously immature, and moronic pre-teen "anger" (cannot really call it anger, since their version of anger is more like the anger of a toddler when denied candy). Besides, remember that the internet remembers EVERYTHING - at some point, when they have become mature adults, someone at some point will bring up their "fandom" again, just to see them squirm. Remember: Always trust Patric Carney for guaranteed long lasting trolling-effects, well into adulthood!
    Carney is one of those stupid arrogant musicians that thinks they are so great when really they aren't. He is a very mediocre drummer at BEST. He calls out people way more successful than him, I think that says something about what type of person he is..a jealous little bitch
    I love that somebody in the music business is actually saying this shit. I get overtaken with rage whenever people like bieber are even mentioned. And don't try to tell me how they're musicians & entertainers too & all that bullshit. These people are ****ing terrible in every way possible.
    Sounds gay but his performance at the Victoria's Secret show was actually pretty badass. The guy can actually sing really well without all the studio effects to help him out or whatever, I have more respect for him now.
    Michael Stewart
    Ah!!!! I was wondering Why I was following Justin beiber. I was really following this dude. I unfollowed him as soon as I saw biebers name.
    At least Patrick plays an instrument, yeah it might be childish but justins music is complete bolocks
    Missing the larger picture here: all publicity is good publicity. How many people knew Carney's name before this whole thing blew up? Doesn't matter whether you agree -- when people put your name in print for free, you sell more records. Period. For more advice on being a total a$$hole and being more popular because of it, go take a look at Chris Brown's twitter feed.
    Well I didn't think theses guys could get any lower. I guess making s*** music doesn't take up that much time so he had time to troll some kids. I don't like bieber anymore than anyone else but I have better things to do. This guy is just a Dick.
    All Carney is really doing is thrusting Bieber into the heads of people who dont want him there. His market is kids who dont know any better, it's not their fault that the Simon Cowell types of this world have the power over what they listen to. Bieber himself is apparently a bit of an arrogant little sh*t so some hate is welcome, but ultimately this isnt doing him any harm, probably the opposite, and if anything serves to make Carney look like a bit of a tool.