Patrick Carney Pranks Angry Bieber Fans

artist: The Black Keys date: 02/18/2013 category: wtf?
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Patrick Carney Pranks Angry Bieber Fans
The Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney has changed his Twitter name to Justin Bieber in a prank to wind up pop fans.

Many were confused when Carney's account, which already includes a 'Verified' badge, shared a fake "world premier" of a new Justin Bieber song - which instead pointed to a Devo track.

It follows Carney's comments last week in response to Bieber shunning the Grammy awards after receiving no nominations.

"Grammys are for, like, music. Not for money... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy," said Carney.

Here are some of the many tweets he posted as if from Justin Bieber:

His account is back to its regular Patrick Carney identity, but with tongue in cheek he has added "formerly Justin Bieber" to his bio.

Angry Bieber fans quickly bombarded Carney with negative comments:

Is this a celebrity war we can all get behind? Go Carney!
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