Paul DiAnno Bashes Bruce Dickinson: 'I Don't Sing Opera and I'm Not a Ballerina'

Singer lashes out at fan for shouting Dickinson's name at a show.

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Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno lashed out at a fan for shouting Bruce Dickinson's name during an October 4 concert in Greece, calling the fan a "fa--ot" and dubbing current Maiden vocalist "Brucy baby." As Rock Overdose reports, Di'Anno's outburst occurred less than 15 minutes into the show. "You think that's funny? You co-k-sucking motherf--ker. There's always one gay guy, always one fa--ot. Man, I'm not even gonna come off stage and beat the p-ss out of you. I'll get my security boys to take you out. Yeah. So shut your f--king mouth. Always one douchebag." The singer then shifted his rage towards Dickinson. "So, Bruce Dickinson," he began. "Listen, I do not sing opera and I'm not a ballerina. I just play f--king straight-ahead punk heavy metal. If you wanna go listen to Brucy baby, f--k off home. Otherwise, I'll play for my f--king friends tonight. So if you don't mind it, suck my d-ck, you c-cksucker." Di'Anno continued his performance, charging through "Marshall Lockjaw" track and the rest of the setlist. A similar incident took place last year in Ukraine, when another fan essentially did the same thing. Paul's reaction was also similar. "I'm sorry I don't do opera," he told the crowd and mimicked Dickinson's vocals on "Run to the Hills." He added: "It's too f--king easy and I'm not gay." Di'Anno got back on the road in August 2011 after serving time for conducting a benefit fraud. He fronted the metal giants on their first two records and was replaced by Dickinson in 1981. Check out the clip below for the incident and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Bruce is flying planes, fencing at an olympic level and still touring with the real Maiden. This homophobic moron is still playing tiny venues and hanging out in pubs.
    Thank goodness this guy isn't in Iron Maiden anymore. He probably would have held them back with his "people skills"...
    paul is a moron but so is the fan shouting bruce's name. that would be pretty disrespectful to paul, if paul actually deserved any respect whatsoever.
    Also take note that he's insulting gays in Greece. You know, the gay capital of the world. What a bloody idiot. Anyway, up the Irons! Paul was great on the 1st two albums, but Bruce is the man. He is the Iron Maiden sound!
    The man performed for years whilst claiming incapacity benefit. He's the very definition of *******.
    What an *******, even though i like his work with Maiden
    I love their debut and Killers. I'd like to hear Maiden go back to that raw sound again. Paul was an excellent singer back then, it's a shame he became such an asshat...
    Wow. I liked Paul's work with Maiden, but it turns out he's just a grade A **** and a homophobic shit head.
    Wow... Personally I think this guy is a loser... not because hes all like "blah blah Dickinsons a fag" - but because he thinks his opinion TRULY matters. Thats funny.
    Whoa whoa whoa whoa... What's with all the homophobic shit Paul? Ya, the fan is an ass shouting out like that and you can say you and Bruce have very different styles... But come on, no need to gay bash
    This guy must be super secure in his sexuality. "Bruce Dickinson?" "No, I'm not gay! Suck my d*ck but I'm not gay. Do you hear me?! I'm not gay!"
    This is especially disgusting being the second time he's said it. It wasn't funny the first time, it's really not funny this time. I guess Maiden's success has led to some major jealousy and apparent resentment. All I can say is.. Deal with it Paul. There are only a handful of rock vocalists in Dickinson's ballpark.. And YOU are NOT one of em.
    This guys such a douchebag! He's just pissed off because Maiden gained much more popularity after this tool left. What a tosser. Someone needs to pull the monkey out of DiAnno's ass for sure.
    Hasn't this happened exactly before? EDIT: Ah, you mentioned it. Also, lol'd at opera style singing being easy. That's why there are hundreds of singers like Bruce, right?
    Not sure what's worse; the amount of homophobic crap he said, or the fact that crowd seemed cool with it.
    Seriously, this guy has been butthurt over getting fired from Maiden for more than 30 years. What a child one must be to not be able to let it go after so long. I tried to find respect for this guy, but I failed every time. His vocal work is far from enough to compensate for his pea-sized brain.
    Says Opera is too ****ing easy. Proceeds to mimic Dickinson's vocals an octave low. You were right the first time Paul. Don't do Opera, ever.
    How old is this complete idiot. Using "gay" as an insult, real tough. Bruce has been and always will be a better singer and human being than him.
    i dont condone DiAnno's comments but why are fan's going to shows that DiAnno is at and shouting Bruce's name? kinda crass if you ask me. Bruce has been the signer in Iron Maiden for a long time. why the jabs at Paul now? its 2013. maybe i have missed something.
    The only good thing about this man I can say it that he sang on my favourite Maiden album(the first one). Bashing Bruce Dickinson? It's ridiculous.
    "I don't sing Opera and I'm not a ballerina! I'm a drunken, overweight skinhead who's past his prime! Oh god, I wish I was a ballet dancing Opera singer, they actually have talent."
    Metallica : Mustaine; Maiden : DiAnno
    except Dave has gotten over it. But Paul did sing two full albums where as Dave was never featured on a commercial recording for Metallica, and Dave is in a relevant band.
    Bloated bitter homophobic wife-beating benefit-cheating has-been. Up the Irons.
    Meanwhile, Bruce is getting more ladies in one weekend than Paul has gotten in his entire career.
    I'm not a major fan of Dickinson's vocals (recent in particular), to be honest. The first two albums were their best, in my humble opinion. Also, there's nothing worse than some pr*ck yelling sh*t like that when performing. Total mood-killer.
    Well he's a homophobe, and a pussy for not going after the dude himself, but dude was a dick for saying Bruce Dickinson in the first place
    This again?... I always wondered why Maiden never invited their ex-vocalists for some kind of a special show, well here's my answer. This egotistical prick. Compare him to Bruce, Blaze, or anyone from Maiden for that matter, and it's clear why they had to kick him out back in the day.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Wow what an *******. To both the fan that shouted and to Paul. Really disappointing because I love Maiden's first two albums so much. Why'd this guy have to turn into such a prick? He and Bruce aren't even in the same league at this point. Bruce could out sing him any day.
    Funny. What a Homophobic loser. Meanwhile Iron Maiden just played a epic show at the Rock in Rio. While he plays a little shit hole.
    The Ukraine vid.
    Great show Paul
    What a bunch of moronic posturing by D'Anus. Notice how he doesn't really start getting abusive until the heckler apologised. What a stereotypical bully.
    Well what? Too fu*king easy?? Sure you know lyrics Paul, but how about two octaves above? Like Bruce does btw. Shit, i never thought i would be angry with homeless.
    Makin movies, makin songs and fightin around the world... What a loser. They hate Maiden so much but his whole band tries to act like Maiden.
    Oh my god. 3:18... "Oh you have a friend!?..Well you're a gay motherf*****g fa**ot so f**k you!" .... WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I WOULDN'T USE THAT ON MY WORST INTERNET RIVAL!!! THAT WAS AWFUL!!
    Can you blame the guy? I mean he probably has to hear this crap every week. I'd be pissed off too if I was him. Why the hell would you go to a show to see him and start chanting for another band/singer?? One word-TROLLING Go ahead and downvote this you bunch of hypocrites lol
    Yeah but he couldn't get past his Maiden years, he hasn't put out anything new that's worth it and still milks the songs of his Maiden period. The guy in the crowd is a douche too anyway
    That's totally irrational. If he's playing songs that he played with Maiden back in the day theres nothing wrong with that. Bands that care even a little bit about their fans play songs that their fans want to hear. it only makes sense. now if this guy is singing songs that Bruce Dickheadson co-wrote, then I would totally understand. Nice try though.
    Bruce "DICKHEADSON", okay your comment is completely biased as you seem to hate Bruce. This guy keeps bashing Maiden, yet he only plays Maiden songs, and he barely has co-writing credits in less than 6 songs. Of course is stupid for someone to go and chant Bruce's name in there, but Paul doesn't do anything to make himself a respectable person. These rants are childish, looks like he couldn't get past his alcohol and drugs problems
    He already said the opera thing a while ago. Pretty sure UG posted it
    A similar incident took place last year in Ukraine, when another fan essentially did the same thing. Paul's reaction was also similar.
    Ha! From the title I was expecting a tirade of abuse from DiAnno about Bruce.....may be the title should have been sensationalist journalism gets UG readers frothing at the mouth.. Meh whatever.