Paul Di'Anno: 'I Don't Sing Opera - I'm Not Gay'

Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno slammed his replacement Bruce Dickinson during a verbal attack on a fan. Video available.

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Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno stopped the show during a concert in Donetsk, Ukraine, after a member of the audience kept shouting Bruce Dickinson's name. Scroll down to watch video of the incident.

The singer referred to his successor's celebrated "air raid siren" voice and made a homophobic reference to him.

Di'Anno said: "I'm sorry I don't do opera," and mimicked Dickinson's vocal on 'Run To The Hills'. He added: "It's too f--king easy and I'm not gay."

"This is punk. If you like Bruce Dickinson go home and listen to his records. Why did you buy a ticket, motherf--ker? This is real punk, man. This is what made Iron Maiden not the money-making machine.

"If you don't like me, f--k off. Better still you want to fight? You'll be sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't say I was a nice guy. You f--k me up, I'll kick your f--king ass."

He then delivered a rendition of early Maiden track Running Free, describing it as "the song that made Iron Maiden famous," and adding: "It's about sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, Harley Davidson motorcycles."

Di'Anno, who recently spent time in jail after being found guilty of benefit fraud, fronted the NWOBHM giants for their first two albums before being replaced by Dickinson in 1981.

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    As someone who A)is also not gay B)enjoys 19th century opera and knows it's not easy C)knows Bruce Dickinson is the iconic voice of Iron Maiden D)is a human being ...I can safely say this guy is a cockblob.
    I don't like hecklers as much as the next guy, but Paul handled this very unprofessionally.
    I agree.. the guy even said he was sorry and "I love you" and shit... and the whole video this ***** singer who thinks he's a bigshot keeps making gestures at him.. If it were me I'd get up the stage and actually started a fight if he wanted it so bad. Hells angel and famous or not, I wouldn't really care, you don't treat a fan that way.
    Idk, man, i don't think I'd mess with a famous, metal-singing Hell's Angel...
    Haha, did you really watch the video? It's ****ing hilarious. The guy that screams Bruce's name is drunk as hell, plus he has the funniest Russian accent. It's a really funny exchange. Reading it in plain text doesn't let you appreciate Di'Anno's tone. He took it with humor.
    did we watch the same video? Di'anno was clearly PISSED at this guy, he kept threatening and looking not "very nicely" at him the whole video
    He was joking with his comments on Dickinson, but seemed pretty serious about wanting to fight the heckler.
    Hang on - in an article where Paul Di'Anno says that he's not gay, UG posts a blurb below the main headline which says "Paul Di'Anno slammed his replacement Bruce Dickinson". You couldnt make this stuff up...
    I can't really tell who takes the dumbass cake here... the audience or Di'Anno...
    Di' person doesnt make a band, it is possible but very unlikely.
    If the word 'Gay' was replaced with 'talented' then I agree
    Well... It looked a lot worse in text, it's not like he is that hateful towards Bruce Dickinson. I mean, you have the right to be pissed off (and then show off a little) when Ukrainian guy comes shouting the name of the current vocalist of your former band at your gig. Kinda funny how the guy in the crowd took everything so seriously and started the "I sory, I sory, I lav yoo"
    From interviews I've read/seen with Di'Anno, he actually seems to harbor no hate or resentment toward Maiden, including Dickinson. I just put this down to a guy who's a bit of a loudmouth and says stuff before thinking. Sorta Dave Mustaine-ish.
    okay i honestly do love the first two maiden albums and paul kicked ass on them, but come on, bruce is so much better. paul could've just laughed it off, the guy who yelled his name out sounded drunk as hell. in my opinion, paul's probably pretty bitter about how much more successful maiden got after bruce came in
    The guy seemed to be joking, not taking it seriously, and it was funny as hell, the "fan" sounded like a drunk as hell japanese.
    Why i find it very ironic that a punk singer calls singing on opera too easy ?
    That guy is a shadow of his former self which is a shame because I really think that Maiden's first two albums are incredibly strong NWOBHM titles (not saying later releases aren't) but in all honesty, he hits out at Saxon for no reason at all and has the nerve to call Iron Maiden "boring" while he himself covers a lot of their songs (granted the songs during his time in Maiden)
    Josh Reubenking
    This jealous tool should just stick to eating cheeseburgers and entering food eating contests instead. Maiden all the way.
    It's a shame he's so bitter, the first 2 Maiden albums are excellent. And anyone who feels the need to announce on stage that they aren't gay... probably likes cock
    Leather Sleeves
    He did just spend some time in jail right? Maybe this is just a reflection of his own insecurities.
    "I am not gay"... just... stupid. Tell that to Halford who sings 100x better than you. Punk didn't make Iron Maiden. It was an influence in the beggining but did not make Maiden. The guy screaming Bruce is an ass, but Paul is a bigger one.
    Lol Translating the drunk guy at the end from Ukrainian.... "Are you my friends or his?! I didn't do anything to make him mad" I think he wanted to avoid the monster, but they wanted to stay and listen to the rest of the concert
    ok you may not like opera but those singer i guarantee you practice hours more than you do per day and do it everyday. liking opera doesnt make you gay either,, the ****? opera was during the time that music was at its strongest in my opinion. mozart beethoven back.. they mustve been gay too huh? ignorant thing to say
    Coming from the guy that got kicked out of one of the biggest metal bands ever, I don't know how seriously I can take his comments and he obviously has some issues he has to deal with. Also, it's very petty of him to stereotype homosexuality and operatic styles of singing. People like him are the reason we have so many problems to begin with
    if Paulina dianno thinks opera is easy he deserves to be shot just because all he can do is one word sustains a breath every five seconds to avoid running out of air does not make bruce gay infancy it makes him more many a real man can hold his breath while loosing it welcome to opera dumba$$ he got kicked from maiden for being an alcoholic. and he's just being a whip and not moving on.
    Imagine trying defend yourself in russian and feel a bit of sympathy for the dude in the crowd! Literally everyone in that room is a better metal vocalist than Paul it seems!
    That is pretty stupid. Calling the guy out asking him why he bought a ticket and to go listen to the records at home if he didn't want to see him. The guy was drunk, clearly, and probably didn't mean to offend him. Then Paul decides throughout the entire song to threaten this guy with gestures and yell at him between singing. That obviously takes away from the song he was playing to the audience and focuses everything on that drunk guy who probably didn't even know what he was yelling at him for.
    'It's too easy'? Then why don't you go ahead and sing like that, you fat homophobic tool?
    "i wrote this song" ha he wrote the lyrics which i might add are cheesy as hell did anyone listen to his "singing" embarassing
    Ich 666
    Without having read the lyrics, to me it sounded as he was screaming "Im Iron Maiden" all along...
    Lol @ how he says he's not gay, then sings a song that says: "Now all the boys are after me / And that's the way it's gonna be".
    what a ****ing wanker. "hells angels forever"?? come on, look at him, hes like a toddler thats been told off, all angry and having a tantrum..
    What an idiot... As a straight guy who sings both rock and opera, I can tell you which one is easier. Paul Di'Anno is a homophobic, ignorant, narrow-minded pathetic pissant who can't take the fact that Dickinson would sing circles around him, and that any true opera singer knows more about singing than he could ever hope to learn.
    opera "too ****ing easy"????? Any vocalists here on UG care to prove him right by comparing it to punk or metal? the guy that mentioned bruce was an ass,but Paul couldve handled it waaaay better.
    A has-been who can't even accomplish the life-skills of staying out of jail and being professional regarding his musical career has no call to bitch about others that CAN actually function. He joins the ranks of other people that were place-holders in eventually important bands...destined to be a footnote when the band is peaking.
    Did he say "I'll cut off your head and shit down your throat."? That's just unforgivable
    That fan was a ****ing retard..when you dont know the language dont try to speak it.. He was like 'BROUCE DICKINSON...BROUCE DICKINSON...HE...I...My FRIEND...NO..I LOWE YOU...NO! MY friend..BRUCE' WTF????? SHut the **** up already!