Paul Gray Doctor Charged With Manslaughter

Slipknot have reacted to news that their late bassist Paul Gray may have overdosed in 2010 because his doctor, now charged with eight counts of manslaughter, had over-prescribed painkillers to his patients.

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A doctor has been arrested and charged with manslaughter for over-prescribing painkillers to patients including the late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray.

Gray died in 2010 aged 38 from a drug-related overdose.

Now physician Daniel Baldi has been charged with eight counts of manslaughter, and is accused of unintentionally causing Gray's death by writing "high-dose prescription narcotics to a known drug addict" since 2005, according to Blabbermouth.

The remaining members of Slipknot are outraged by the news, and sympathise with the victims of other families who have been affected by Dr. Baldi's alleged actions.

"This new development has us all in a state of anger and sadness. The fact that this person took advantage of our brother's illness while he was in a position to help others has outraged everyone in our family. We can only hope that justice will be served so this can NEVER happen to anyone else ever again!" wrote the band in a statement.

"Our thoughts go out to the families of the other victims. We plan to cooperate as much as we possibly can to ensure this tragedy is never repeated, and to make sure this man pays for what he has done."

The doctor's lawyer says they will fight the charges.

Grey is survived by his wife Brenna and daughter October.

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    He's been accused...not convicted. Once you start heavy duty narcotics, its difficult at best to put them down. You build up a tolerance and you end up taking more. People exceed the maximum prescribed dose recommended by their doctors all the time and a doctor can not be present for every patient when they take a dose. This doctor was not monitoring an IV for Gray, so how does he have control over the dose Gray takes throughout the day? If they can prove malpractice and negligence they'll convict him, but to nail this guy to the wall because he's been accused is short sighted and fueled with emotion, not facts. Let it play out.
    I have to second this. I'm battling the same problem with the same drugs Gray was prescribed by the same doctor. It's much easier when the drugs aren't made available by doctors.
    Paul was a great guy but in the end, it was his decision to check into a hotel room and accidentally O'D. You'd think he would be thinking of his wife and unborn daughter when he chose to do that so can't blame the doc for everything, even if he did abuse his position to prescribe painkillers
    Since 2005? Obviously it worked for a while. I don't see how this is the doctors fault.
    Not just any drug, but heavy drugs. Even whilst Gray had a bad history with heavy drugs. Secondly, Gray wasn't the only patient of this doctor to die of a prescription drug written out by this very doctor. 99.99% chance that's not a coincidence. Not with cases like these
    Glad they locked him up. He deserves it. My thoughts go out to the families who have lost loved ones due to this also.
    Oh, one more thing, I bloody hope SLipknot let Steele on stage. He was one of the original band members. He belongs on stage. But I guess the more people talk about Gray (R.I.P.) infront of them - Slipknot - the less likely they're going to let him on stage...
    Just what we need in this country, doctor's reluctant to prescribe meds in fear of being prosecuted for things like manslaughter.
    Im unlike every other sheep on here. Im glad the doctor is being punished accordingly. but the slipknot guy killed himself. His band mates can play the blame game all they want.
    Clown should jump at him from a dark corner with his baseball bat..while wearing the mask obviously.
    Thank god an idiot like him has been arrested. But this is good news because the rest of Slipknot have fresh emotions to write down in their new album. I think their original emotions of his death may have gone a bit stale. If Slipknot do ever write their next album, with these emotions, it should be quite good.