Paul McCartney and Kanye West Reportedly Collaborating on Song Called 'P-ss on My Grave'

Yeah, that seems about right.

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Rock icon Paul McCartney and rap magnate Kanye West are reportedly secretly working on a collaboration track, an interestingly titled tune called "P-ss on My Grave."

As Page Six reports, the former Beatle and Kanye are in fact working on several joint songs, but the oddly-titled one sparked the most attention.

According to the same source, West's wife Kim Kardashian told her friends how surprised she was with such a provocative title. As the article further reads, McCartney had previously revealed being interested in collaborating with some of the prominent rappers, most notably West and Jay-Z.

In related news, Kanye has entered studio and is busy working on "Yeezus" follow-up. As Independent reports, lead single "All Day" is ready to go, and was described as "so good, the album has to be balanced against it."

"I think most likely September," West said about the release date. "I go back and forth. Like, should it be September or should it be October? Should it be November? When Beyonce was working on her last album, she took a while."

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    The last time Paul collaborated with a Black Man he lost ownership of The Beatles. You'd think he would learn his lesson.
    That's racist man
    Hows it racist? Collaborate with Jacko, lost ownership of The Beatles. Stop being PC
    It's racist because the implied "lesson" you think he should learn is "all black men are bad." Which is simply not true. I'm all for leaving behind the PC crap, but there's a difference between not wanting to be politically correct, and just blatantly being a dick.
    It honestly couldn't be much more racist. You're saying that, because Michael Jackson was black and acquired rights to Beatles material, all black artists should be dismissed. I'm all for getting rid of PC bullshit, but that is pretty much a textbook example of racism.
    Wow look out, I said NONE OF THE ABOVE. You PC people dream up all the inferred meanings you want.
    I'm just as pissed at Jimmy Page for letting Puff Daddy ruin Kashmir. These rock legends need to stop letting these rapper *******s sully their legacy. THAT is my point, not that "black men are bad", just the only people who seem to steal from Rock and Roll are, black rappers.
    Ok, if that really is what you were trying to say, why bring up race at all? "Black rappers" are not the only people who desecrate the music of other bands, hence that Top 10 worst collaborations list. What if Metallica was working with Paul? Last time Metallica collaborated with a White Man they produced the most unlistenable garbage I have ever heard. lol Plus MJ wasn't even a rapper. You flat out said Paul should have "learned his lesson" from working with black men. The fact that you think you can even defend that statement is hilarious.
    Should have just said Rappers, but who thinks of white men when you talk rappers. Paul's other notable collaboration with a black man was Jacko, and that worked out awful for him. Black men invented blues which gave rise to rock and roll. Am I against oldschool bluesmen or Jimi Hendrix or Ray Charles or anyone who writes their own music and happens to be black? NO, I'm against rappers who steal from rock and roll, the vast majority of whom are black. So my comment came off wrong, sorry to all you PC people, I'm not against blacks, I'm against rappers who steal from rock and roll.
    Not cool man. It's not a bad idea because he's black. It's a bad idea because he's Kanye West.
    Plot Twist - Paul actually kills Kayne and pisses on his grave
    working on several JOINT songs, but the oddly-titled one SPARKED the most attention. I see what you did
    Let the anti-Kanye circle jerk begin.
    The circle jerk was already caked n crusty before this article was written- paul wins, no ****s given
    face it people , kanye have his own style and he's good at it .
    That may be, but it's a pretty shitty style. And he's certainly good at that..
    "pretty shitty style" pretty bold claim, can you back it up only referencing his music?
    Bound 2, awful use of samples and even worse lyrics - 'I wanna f**k you hard on the sink, after that give you something to drink'
    You can hate and downvote all you want, but those two together will probably make something amazing. I also hope Paul gets his chance to work with Jay-Z.
    I'm not saying Kanye isn't a jerk but more often than not I enjoy his albums.
    chyld fan
    I hope paul dont do this, that Kanye needs to go home to his old lady n and never come out again
    You know what,if anyone can make Paul McCartney exciting on a track it would be someone like Kanye. This might be interesting.