Paul McCartney Invented the Selfie

artist: Paul McCartney date: 10/09/2013 category: wtf?
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Paul McCartney Invented the Selfie
Paul McCartney has claimed that he invented the "selfie" - the act of taking a picture of yourself for no apparent reason, made popular by smartphone apps like Instagram. The singer was speaking on Jimmy Fallon's late night chat show when he made the claim, backed up by an image of McCartney holding a camera, taken by ... you guessed it, Paul McCartney. "Most people don't know that I invented the selfie," said McCartney in response to Fallon showing the image. "It's really taken off," replies Fallon. He goes on to take credit for inventing the photobomb too - see the full scene play out in the clip below. Paul McCartney is set to release his new album "New" on October 14, featuring songs produced by relatively young producers like Paul Epworth and Mark Ronson. His last album "Kisses on the Bottom" was released in 2012. Watch McCartney take credit for inventing the selfie in this interview clip:
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