Phil Anselmo Gives Tour of His House and Studio

Singer talks self-reliance in new video.

Ultimate Guitar

Phil Anselmo has been giving Fuse (via Gun Shy Assassin) a guided tour of his house and home studio in Louisiana, revealing a number of interesting insights in the process.

As Anselmo notes, buying the rural home was motivated by his need to get away from the city at the height of Pantera's fame:

"I did not buy this place for the house. I bought it for the land. It's beautiful, very isolated. I wanted to get out of New Orleans. When I lived there, it was at the height of Pantera hysteria. It was no real secret where I lived. Kids would come over and beat on the door at 3 o'clock in the f--kin' morning. After a while it gets to be annoying."

The singer also revealed that he tries to live a self-reliant lifestyle, raising pigs and chickens, as well as growing fruit and fishing in the lake that runs through the property.

Check out the video here:

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    Awesome place. Phil seems like such a cool dude these days. Glad he's straightened out and still releasing killer music.
    Max of death
    a little bit jealous of him... him being such a big thing in the metal scene and being somewhat of a celebrity even if he would never ****in call himself that... but still this down to earth guy and being so conscious about nature and animals and shit! gotta love him!
    Id like to see what kind of music, maybe casettes, cds and vinyls he has. Phil youre the man.