Phil Anselmo: 'I F--king Hate Rock Stars'

Singer hits out at rocker posturing in new interview.

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Phil Anselmo has been talking to Zoiks! Online (via Blabbermouth) about his onstage-persona versus his offstage one. As ex-Pantera and current Down singer notes, his onstage behavior comes about needing to be a dominant force:

"Yeah, everybody wants to ... not everybody, but I will say I have met folks who want to see if they can push buttons or test the tough guy or some sh-t like that. What they really don't understand is that when you're on stage, you're really just trying to be that dominant force up there. Sometimes that can be misread completely. I think I crack enough jokes up on stage just to let people know that I'm a pretty down-to-goddamn-earth motherf--ker, man. That's the f--king truth."

The singer also notes that he thinks rockstar posturing is "a miserable bunch of bullsh-t:"

"Personally, I f--king hate rock stars. I think it's a miserable bunch of bullsh-t.

"I think the more real you can be with people in general, they don't have to be fans or anything like that, just the more real you can be with people in any walk of life, because, honestly, I can't say I'm any good at much else than what I'm into, and if music is my f--king specialty, it doesn't mean I can walk in someone else's shoes and do their job, because I can't."

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    Phil,speakin it like it is.
    I'm so glad he got clean. He's matured so much since the tragic-end of Pantera. He probably would have never been able to be so reasonable if he hadn't sobered-up.
    Yeah it really seemed like he was going down a winding path before 2004, I hated watching interviews of him in the time of 1999-2004 cause he was always so goddamn whacked out on drugs talking as slow as Frankenstein and losing track of what he's saying and such.. It's nice to see he's back on earth these days he's a man with a lot of valuable sh*t to say.
    I like Phil Anselmo just as much as the next guy (probably more), but UG is *REALLY* hanging on his every word these days.
    I'd rather Philip than Mustaine since Dave Mustaine articles usually have little to do with music.
    This guy speaks the truth. If only everyone else in more successful bands could share this down-to-earth attitude(looking at you Synyster Gates).