Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Documentary 'Smeared My Name Across the Toilets of America''

Frontman speaks out in new VH1 programme.

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A new version of VH1s Behind The Music documentary on Pantera will air on VH1 Classic this Saturday (April 6th). As Blabbermouth reports, the film features new interview footage with the surviving members of the band, including front man Phil Anselmo, who states that he resents the original version of the documentary:

"Sorry for your f--ked up, retarded, asinine program that smeared my name to the goddamn toilets of every house in America. You motherf--kers didn't have to live with it, I did. I resent it - still resent it."

Anselmo also talks about how he has reformed as a character since the days of the band:

"Believe me, I've taken a good, cold, long hard f--king stare in the mirror," he says. "I know who the f--k I am, I know the mistakes I've made. Therefore, I can move on."

The singer also uses the documentary to extend an olive branch to Vinnie Paul Abbott, the bands drummer, with whom he has had long standing acrimony:

"Vince, if it takes ... If it's just this wall of anger and you feel like you need to just beat me up, I'll let you, I'll let you just beat me up - as long as we can sit down after and talk."

He adds: "[Dimebag's] gonna be a fantastic memory in my heart 'till I hit the dirt, and when it comes to Pantera and healing, all I can say is my door is wide f--king open. You can probably end right there."

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    Glad Phil got the chance to say this stuff. I will definitely tune in to watch this documentary on the BEST FUCKING HEAVY METAL BAND THAT EVER EXISTED. I sure hope it brings some peace between Phil and Vinnie.
    The first one made them all look like a bunch of petty drama queens, I'm surprised VH1 is granted the second chance here.
    Yeah they all looked like drama queens, especially that bit where they cried because Dime was shot. What a bunch of pussies. (That was sarcasm).
    To clarify, I'm not calling the band or anyone else pussies. The problem I had was that it focused mainly on the shooting, and the events leading up to it, with heavy implications that Phil was the indirect reason as to why it all happened. A more accurate and worthwhile documentary to me should have focused on the good times the band had, which is way more interesting to me than some half-ass CSI crime show.
    If that's what you meant, that's cool. Kind of would have been nice if you had said that instead of using the term "petty drama queens"... Glad you clarified, because I agree wholeheartedly.
    To be fair, it was released only 2 years after the incident. The grief is still very fresh, especially when someone dies unexpectedly like that. I agree that this time around they should not make that the center of attention because, although it's one of the worst things to happen in the 2000's, the birth and life of Pantera is just as important as the death of Pantera.
    I couldn't have said it better myself, Phil. If that's what it takes. I will definitely watch this remastered documentary.
    that being said he looks a lot better now as he seems to really wanna clear the air
    I love it when some a-hole gives an interview or some old clips are shown verbatim that makes him look like the tool that he is, then he blames the messenger. Does it hurt now to actually look back at what a giant dick you were all those years? I know Pantera was the epitome of testerone fueled music but Anselmo took that persona to a whole new level of douchebaggery.
    Could be because he doesn't like to be judged by his past, rather than as the better person he's changed into since then? Do you think that former criminals who regret their actions and reformed should be rejected in the same way?
    may just be me, but the 'Pantera' reunion seems to have replaced the 'Guns N Roses' reunion in the news.
    The point is not that if Phil was douche or not in the past, is that the VH1 documentary focusses on the drug adiction and on the problems,when Pantera was a fun time band and not a dilema/drama band.
    Well, yes, the music and live shows certainly portrayed a partying, fun-time band. However, there's usually more to it than just what you see from the outside. That's why the show is called "Behind The Music".
    Um...yes but also...according to Phil, Vh1 make the documentary look like Phil was the villain there...I mean, It was not well produced, they put Dime's father crying and Vinnie sad but portraying Phil like an indifferent mother****er saying shits like "You don't mess with the kid..." and stuff. There was a bad production IMO and that Phil's era wasn't the greatest (circa 2006, where he just recently did surgery so he was in a lot of painkillers and ofc weed).
    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    Thrice Capades
    The documentary didn't smear his name. His bigotry and general dickheadedness smeared his name. But now that he's admitted to himself that he's a dickhead, he "can move on." Dickhead.
    You don't really know what bigotry is, do you?
    Thrice Capades
    No, years of college education and being published have left me without any intellectual faculties. I just like making up words and seeing if fanboys react to them negatively. Thanks.
    Thrice Capades
    Trust me guys, I love this shit. Going from ripping on a pretty widely known racist to being the bad guy is more than entertaining to me. Sorry if the fact that I have credentials to back up my arguments upsets you, which it clearly does, but some of us stick up for ourselves when we're ripped on.
    almost no one who uses that word regularly knows what it means, they just think they are a bunch of university pseudo-intellectuals. as proven by the response below.
    I agree with Thrice, i dont know why he got so many thumbs down, it was definately Phil's behaviour and attitude that smeared his name. I dont really know what bigotry means, I'm from Croatia, but still... i agree with Thrice.
    Thrice Capades
    Thanks. Sarcasm doesn't rub these fanboys the right way. But Anselmo's a dick and that's the whole point.
    Thrice Capades
    Oh, and bigotry is essentially disliking other people just because they aren't like you. Anselmo has ripped on black people enough times for me to consider him a bigot. To be fair, he's apologized and claimed he's not really a bigot. But if you have to constantly explain to people that you're not a bigot, you probably are one.
    I'm a little confused why you get so much hate...I think Phil had some rough patches in his life and I know Phil has talked about his "racism" accusations a couple of times but overall I wish him the best and he was a great frontman for Pantera. I have mixed feelings.
    Meh when I saw him perform with Superjoint Ritual at Ozzfest he was such a douche to the audience I've disliked him ever since. If I remember correctly he ended up getting booed of the stage.
    Do you know how f%#ked up he was in his time with Superjoint? I got a chance to see him with Down a year ago. Phil is a cool dude that messed up, admitted it, admitted it again, then again, and now wants to move on and reconcile 9 years later. He's not bashing Vinnie, Rex, or Dime. He wants to move on and I think the best thing for Vinnie is for him to accept that his little brother is gone and move on and try to do what Dime would want. We all know Dime wasnt hateful.
    It's been a long time, but I remember that doc being very sympathetic to Anselmo.
    I remember it the other way around. Haha! Really curious about the new one.
    We'll all just have to watch it, and then reconvene here Monday morning to hash it out all over again.
    You'll write down goddamn without censoring it but not mother****er?
    bat rastard 1
    dime would still be here if phil wouldn't have said that shit about dime in the press .....he knew what he was doing ,he knew that one of the retards that worship him would go out and be a stupid **** ! you would have never heard of phil if it wasn't for vinnie and dime , I don't think Vinnie will ever talk to the **** again , **** phil and his lame ass side bands!
    Yeah..I don't see how Dime needs his ass kicked turns into dime needs to be murdered. Thats like saying I hate the yankees and someone goes out and shoots the whole team. Oh you're totally right. I bought the gun and bullets, and said here guy, go murder the whole team because I dislike them. You need to sit in timeout.
    bat rastard 1
    phil knows what he said and asked for , even if he was totally ****ed up in the head at the time
    Since when did all this talk of Phil being responsible for Dime's death come about amongst fans? I haven't even thought that. It sounds like you're talking about some "butterfly effect" shit. Well, there are millions of contributing factors as to why what happened did happen and Phil's attitude played a small role in that, I'll admit but Phil did not pull that trigger and to blame him for Dime's death is very low in my opinion. Words and bullets are two separate things.
    I love Pantera, but I don't think that Phil needed any help in making himself look bad. The interview footage with him pretty much said it all. Although it's good to see him own up for all his mistakes and like sweenster said, hopefully him and Vinnie will have a chance to clear the air.