Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Documentary 'Smeared My Name Across the Toilets of America''

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Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Documentary 'Smeared My Name Across the Toilets of America''
A new version of VH1s Behind The Music documentary on Pantera will air on VH1 Classic this Saturday (April 6th). As Blabbermouth reports, the film features new interview footage with the surviving members of the band, including front man Phil Anselmo, who states that he resents the original version of the documentary: "Sorry for your f--ked up, retarded, asinine program that smeared my name to the goddamn toilets of every house in America. You motherf--kers didn't have to live with it, I did. I resent it - still resent it." Anselmo also talks about how he has reformed as a character since the days of the band: "Believe me, I've taken a good, cold, long hard f--king stare in the mirror," he says. "I know who the f--k I am, I know the mistakes I've made. Therefore, I can move on." The singer also uses the documentary to extend an olive branch to Vinnie Paul Abbott, the bands drummer, with whom he has had long standing acrimony: "Vince, if it takes ... If it's just this wall of anger and you feel like you need to just beat me up, I'll let you, I'll let you just beat me up - as long as we can sit down after and talk." He adds: "[Dimebag's] gonna be a fantastic memory in my heart 'till I hit the dirt, and when it comes to Pantera and healing, all I can say is my door is wide f--king open. You can probably end right there."
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