Phil Anselmo Talks Latest Album: 'I Wanted to Make an Ugly Record'

"You can't play music wrong," the singer explains.

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Metal master Phil Anselmo explained his approach on latest solo effort "Walk Through Exits Only," stressing that a "hideous-sounding" record was his goal from the start. However, he also noted that in terms of melody, there's more to the album than meets the eye.

"I wanted to make an ugly record, very impactful, very, very punctuating," the singer told Loudwire in his signature manner. "It's a different listen, it's a different expression and I think the more people listen to it, the more they'll catch the fact that there really are big hooks and the more you listen - people think I'm just screaming, but there are absolutely subtle melodies in there, there are vocal harmonies in there."

Focusing on the proper approach to making music, Phil continued, "Make music innovative, there's no rules in music. You can't play music wrong, as long as you know your structure and you build your song, it's up to the general public to take it how they want."

Discussing the underground scene, Anselmo described it as very much pulsating, calling out the musical "imitators" along the way. "You've got your corner-stone bands, the innovators that come after, but then right then, you have a glut of imitators in my opinion, or just the generic home-drum average wannabes in my opinion. And how they take that is up to them, I'm them out straight up."

"Walk Through Exits Only" saw its release in July 2013 via Housecore Records.

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    Jacques Nel
    One thing about underground bands, they always seem to enjoy making music much more than mainstream bands.
    Love how his forehead is scarred from constantly bashing himself in the head with the mic.
    Phil seems to be THE GUY to go to when you're looking for helpful advice when writing music or leading a band. Guy has seen it all, done it all and continues to reinvent himself.
    Going to see him tomorrow night with my brother. Can't wait to see how brutal he is these days!