Phil Anselmo Wants to Take Part in 'Cooking Hostile:' 'Genius, Dude's Hilarious!'

Pantera singer interested in starring in web show.

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Joey Siler has posted the latest episode of "Cooking Hostile" with Phil Anselmo on his YouTube channel. The episode, which features the latest recipes from Phil Anselmo also includes parodies of tracks by Tool, Crowbar, Meshuggah and Sepultura. Check it out below.

In other Cooking Hostile news, it turns out the show has a celebrity fan in none other than Mr. Phil Anselmo himself. Speaking at Soundwave Festival, the Down frontman noted that he'd be interested in voicing himself on future editions of the show:

"Of course I've seen it. Brilliant, awesome, hilarious, bravo. I love it, I think it's hilarious. The guy who does it, Joey Siler, he's very talented, he's awesome, and if he wants to really do a cartoon, then he'd better call me up and let me get the real voice in there. We'll do a real cooking show, cos hey, can cook, I'm from New Orleans. Let's do it!"

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    It was funny when the first vid came out a while ago,but this seems like they are trying a bit hard IMO,creative nonetheless I give it that.
    honestly i feel the same way. i liked the first one but seen that theres new ones, it kind of annoys me