Pink Floyd Fan Jailed for All-Night Album Sessions

Paul Foster was banned from playing their albums last year, but broke it another five times before being jailed. Is he the biggest Pink Floyd fan in the world?

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A Pink Floyd fan has been jailed for playing their music at full volume through the night.

Paul Foster, a 52-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent in England, will spend 28 days behind bars for ignoring five injunctions barring him from playing loud music at night.

Neighbors say they're fed up of hearing albums like "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall" at all hours, often followed by sensual soul ballads. One neighbour told SWNS (via Classic Rock) how they used to be a Floyd fan themselves before their neighbour's all-night music sessions put them off:

"It's been a nightmare. I like Pink Floyd as much as the next man but not when it's being played ten times a day until 4am.

"I've lost track of the times I've heard Barry White and Marvin Gaye coming from the house, but it was mainly Pink Floyd. I think whenever I hear their songs again I'll be climbing the walls."

One family has even moved away from the area after being driven away by Foster's music. His first court appearance last September resulted in a ban from playing late-night music, which he broke in October and December. Another ban was introduced in January, but his campaign of progressive terror continued and he broke the ban again in February and March.

Could Paul Foster be the most obsessive Pink Floyd fan in the world? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    So this is the guy who invented that youtube comment: "I hope my neighbours like this music!"
    "Climbing up the Walls" - Radiohead
    yeah, because Radiohead and Pink Floyd are pretty much twins of Rock music
    Nothing ruins a band as its fans.
    I can understand his need to listen to Pink Floyd constantly, but he could have easily invested in a pair of headphones. Edit: this wasn't supposed to be reply, sorry.
    I was a victim of my Queen-enthusiast neighbour. 'Show must go on' at 5am is a killer.
    Why the f*ck do people feel the need to do this? Honestly, put on some bloody headphones. I feel sorry for the dude, can't even stand Pink Floyd any more because of his sh*tty neighbour.
    'I like Pink Floyd as much as the next man'....great statement I didn't think I'd read today
    "I like Pink Floyd as much as the next man" - this has to be the pinnacle of diplomacy.
    my neighbor is the exact same way with the Beatles. music is great in moderation, but when you hear the same song playing on repeat at full volume all night. I wish I could move away that easily.
    I'll admit to making neighbours and my parents hate Dream Theater in my youth. I'm trying to do the same with King Crimson now
    I don't think it was you who made them hate Dream Theater. They can make people hate them all on their own.
    Dream theater doesn't suck they're better than Nickelback Sum 41 limp bizkit lots of that modern trash and I would not say I'm a big DT fan, but still...they have real skill.
    Looks like someone will be unComfortably Numb for the next 28 days
    "I've lost track of the times I've heard Barry White and Marvin Gaye coming from the house, but it was mainly Pink Floyd. I think whenever I hear their songs again I'll be climbing the walls." "I think whenever I hear their songs again I'll be climbing the walls." "I'll be climbing the walls." "the walls." The Wall. I see what you did there.
    I'll admit I myself have twice played an album loudly late at night (Automatic for the people, and Superunknown) - However, both times I was considerably wasted, and wasn't in any mental state to take my neighbours into consideration. This douche however knows perfectly well that he's annoying the **** out of his entire neighbourhood, and doesn't care anyway. I like Pink Floyd, but I would probably introduce my sledgehammer to his stereo if I was in the same situation...
    Well, too bad for the neighbours. But the guy could have simply used headphones at night.
    I wish that i had this guy as a neighbor! Instead i have to listen to stupid rap and hip hop and ghetto music constantly. Id gladly let him move in next door and blast Pink Floyd all he wanted.
    id be in jail screaming at the top of my lungs, SITTING IN THIS CELL, BECAUSE I HAVE TO KNOW! (HAVE TO KNOW HAVE TO KNOW).... Have I been guilty all this time....time.....time.....time....
    This man must be mad haha, fair play to him for not giving a shit but people need to sleep... I imagine he'll get himself a set of headphones after the 28 days