Placebo Cover Kid To Sue Band

artist: Placebo date: 06/25/2012 category: wtf?
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Placebo Cover Kid To Sue Band
The boy who featured on the cover of Placebo's debut album says he might sue the band for ruining his teenage years. David Fox, a 28-year-old who was 12 at the time, is saving "every spare bit of money" to sue the band, because he says the image led to bullying at school. The original photo was taken by his cousin, a professional photographer. But when the album became a surprise hit and reached no. 5 in the UK chart, David couldn't escape his own image. "Within a week it was out in the shops," he told NME. "It was in Virgin, it was in HMV, it was in Tesco, it was all over the place. I was watching EastEnders with my mum and I saw one of the billboards by the Tube station and it had my face on there. David felt forced to drop out of school because of the bullying. He trained as a chef after school but lost his job during the recession. The band have refused to comment on the allegations, though on the surface it looks like some of the responsibility should lay with his cousin who took the photograph and presumably sold it to the band, or to a rights company. Meanwhile, Placebo are set to release a new studio album this year, to follow 2009's "Battle For The Sun".
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