Placebo: 'New Bands Should Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb - Like Us'

Brian Molko advises against fashionable bands.

Ultimate Guitar

Placebo claim new bands should follow in similar footsteps to them and not "try to be cool or fashionable." Watch our video interview with the trio below.

Speaking to Gigwise about what advice they'd give to up and coming artists, the band referred back to when they first rose to fame with the success of their 1996 self-titled debut album - at a time when the charts where dominated by the likes of Blur and Oasis.

"You shouldn't really worry about what's fashionable," said frontman Brian Molko. "Fashions move so quickly that if you try and make fashionable music that by the time you've made your record it's unfashionable. So you're probably better off cultuvating being unfashionable and standing out like a sore thumb rather than trying to fit in with what's cool right now."

He added: "When we started off, it was the height of Britpop in the mid-90s so we stuck out like a sore thumb. Maybe it's a case of right place right time, but it seemed to do us a hell of a lot good."

Their new album, "Loud Like Love" will be released on September 16th 2013, before they head out on a full UK tour.

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    WOW, I was just listening to Pure Morning and decide to head to ultimate guitar to check out any news and there's an article about placebo...
    I think that's actually really good advice, (if not a little "look at us and how different we are") But honestly, it shouldn't matter what you look like, just how you sound.
    Can't wait for their new album! And yup, they're right, they were really outstanding back in the day while britpop was topping the charts with acoustic guitars and soft singing this guys came out with an androgynous look, noisy dream-pop/punk guitars singing about drugs, anger and sex. Really an interesting band.
    I usually open a few tabs of stories I'm interested it, then when I'm done with one story, I move on to the next. The video auto-played, and the feedback at the very beginning absolutely scared the living-shit outta me!
    If they "stick out like a sore thumb" how come I've never heard of them?
    Dude... they're not everyone's cup of tea but (at least in Europe) they fill the same places Metallica fills!
    Careful with comparing anyone to Metallica here, man!
    It's not even possible to compare them. The music is too different.Placebo were huge in 90's Europe. I'd go as far to say they inspired a generation. Not to say Metallica didn't, I'm just saying you can't compare two ends of a spectrum.
    I understand it, but, as usual, anyone comparing "Metallica" to, as they say, "poppy f-ggits" will be downvoted to hell on this website. BTW, I have nothing bad on Placebo.
    i find it odd that ppl will look at articles of groups they havent heard of....Read... and then say something like this... they take the time for that... but then why not go listen to a quick tune on youtube from the group... like it or hate it.. doesnt matter... but talking from inside your *****... thats another story altogether...