Plants Love Metal According to UK Gardening Expert

Black Sabbath will help your garden grow apparently.

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According to the Daily Mail, U.K horticulturalist Chris Beardshaw has conducted an experiment into the listening habits of plants. His discovery; that plants dig metal. The study came about because one of Beardshaw's horticultural students was planning to write a dissertation based on the effects of music on plants:

"We set up four glasshouses with different sorts of music in to see what happened to the plants," said Beardshaw (via Blabbermouth).

"We had one that was silent - that was a control house - and we had one that was played classical music, we had one that was played Cliff Richard and we had one that was played Black Sabbath. It was alstroemerias we were growing and we bombarded these glasshouses with sound for the life of the plant."

"We were measuring incidence of pest and disease, we were measuring inter-nodal distance, we were measuring the floriferous nature of them and that sort of thing and so the one that was grown as a control house grew really well as you'd expect."

"The one that was grown with classical music - a soft, almost a caressing of the plant when it is hit with that sort of soundwave - those grew slightly shorter because of the soundwaves bombarding them and were slightly more floriferous and there was slightly less pest and disease."

"And the ones with Black Sabbath - great big, thumping noise, rowdy music - they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease."

"The alstroemerias in the Cliff Richard house all died. Sabotage was suspected, but we couldn't prove it."

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    Next time I go to a metal concert, f*ck the audience.. i'm going to the forest nearby to leaf bang with some plants
    Haha too much Cliff Richard can even drive plants to suicide.
    I knew something always felt different every time I listened to Cannabis Corpse...
    "Sabotage was suspected, but we couldn't prove it." Ha. Cheeky sons of bitches.
    I read the headline too quick and got "Robert Plant loves Metal according to UK Experiment."
    Metal is usually consistantly louder and would push more air. I can easily imagine this working.
    100 official studies later, Almighty Science has finally and irrefutably determined that music MAKES THINGS FEEL THINGS.
    They did this on Mythbusters years ago, to test whether classical music makes plants grow better (its an old belief). They found that all plants that were exposed to music grew better than ones that grew in silence, but the ones that grew best were those exposed to death metal
    I was wondering how my plants could survive despite not getting water nor sunlight...
    I keep on wondering if music even has an effect on plants - I remember various studies claiming -insert genre- "had an effect". I suspect that plants really can't give a **** about what you play for them...
    You would think, but different genres obviously have different frequencies - it could be that metal matches up with the plant's natural frequency. It's not nearly as insane as it first sounds, really.
    Plants do give off sounds that other plants can hear, apparently they give off a gentle sound almost like slow running water and when they're in distress this sound raises to a piercing screech, it's feasible that they might respond to certain frequency's, if so I'm really curious how they respond to noise pollution.
    It's funny because I did this experiment in grade 3 and got different results - our classical music plant grew the best. However, I was using Bush for the "Heavy Metal" and only played the music to the plants at recess on cassette haha. Good old grade school experiments.
    listening habits of plants!!! this happens when scientists are bored: Hey, guys im bored! schould we search for a way to heal cancer? -No, dude, lets find some way to grow more dope. -Lets do this!
    Probably it's more that insects (who both hurt the plants directly AND carry disease) are afraid of the loud noise from metal.
    Well, the vibrations would drive them away. that's how a fly is able to escape when you swat at it, it feels the vibrations in the air.
    I feel like Beastie Boys songs would be the best for plant growth. Probably doesn't even have to be tested.
    Isn't it a bit racist to say that all plants like metal? That's like saying all black people like rap
    I don't like throwing the 'r-word' around... ...but that was retarded and you should feel bad.