Poison Frontman Bursts Into Tears After His Elimination From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Bret Michaels has a meltdown after getting fired by Donald Trump in the opening episode of this year's "Celebrity Apprentice".

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The winner of 2010 edition of "Celebrity Apprentice", Poison frontman Bret Michaels, received a shocking elimination in the opening episode of the show's new season. And it seems the singer was the one who was struck the most, as he instantly had a mental meltdown, causing him to burst into tears backstage.

"Bret was crying and totally distraught after he was fired. Bret totally went into the show believing he was going to win again," the source tells Radar Online, adding that the frontman "couldn't believe it that he was let go so quickly. It was brutal to watch him freaking out the way he did."

Trump had to choose between Michaels and singer/songwriter La Toya Jackson. As a last season winner, it was unexpected for Michaels to even be considered for an elimination in the first episode, let alone actually get fired.

"It was a mess when Bret was told the news and filming was done. He couldn't stop crying and even the producers were trying to comfort him. No one expected him to have a meltdown like that."

The singer recently discovered that winning last season has truly meant a lot to him, commenting that he was "fighting for a personal cause."

"It's such an amazing addition to my life and where it's gone. I think that winning 'Apprentice' was such an amazing amazing feeling. At the very end of ours, it came down to three people - Sharon Osbourne, myself and Holly Robinson Peete. And all three were fighting for three very personal causes. Holly's son with autism, Sharon fighting for colon cancer, which has affected her, and me with my diabetes," Michaels told the CBS News.

"Passion supersedes everything. You can have as much arguing and fighting as you want but when people are actually fighting for a real cause close to their heart, then that makes it the best emotion to watch."

So did you watch the latest episode of the show? And what do you think is the cause behind such a big meltdown? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Apart from that they collect money for charity, this show is just terrible. Considering the aim of his participation, I can understand why he broke down over it, though.
    That's a shame. Really fighting hard for a cause you believe in when you're so sure you have a chance to help, only to be shut down almost immediately? Oh well, at least he got that chance on the last season of the show, and he was able to take full advantage of it. Not a fan of the show personally, but hey, they do it for charity.
    Who's the "source"? This is more crap reporting. I mean if the guy was that passionate and whatever fine, but I'd rather get a few more confirmations before I believe something from RadarOnline.
    dont see quite a meltdown here...btw why would he have another chance to be on the show only in turn get booted out the first episode? I dont get it...
    That "source" sounds like a 14 year old girl, using totally as every second word and shit
    Battery Chicken
    These shows are terrible, it's a shameful display of b grade celebrities doing anything they can to stay relevant. Charity? Give me a f*cking break, they are there to get their mugs on the TV and hope like hell that the world still thinks they're cool.