Pop World Reacts To US Presidential Debate

Billboard says the musicians "blew it" while attempting to make political points during the second Presidential debate.

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Pop musicians have reacted to the second Presidential debate using Twitter.

Billboard was quick to criticise their comments: "Whereas Obama stepped up his game following a lethargic first debate, the same can't be said about music celebs on Twitter, who let's-face-it, blew it."

Here's a selection of dumb tweets from the musicians who watched the debate at Long Island's Hofstra University:

Romney should work for the discovery network on the history channel with all his historic instant replays...why doesn't he say his plan???

will.i.am (@iamwill) October 17, 2012

Great Job on debate Mr. President! I never lost faith in u!

Mary J. Blige (@maryjblige) October 17, 2012

Obama is the ultimate Saul Alinsky & Cloward/Piven smoke&mirrors liar from hell. God help America

Ted Nugent (@TedNugent) October 17, 2012

Gov. Romney is a freakin liar....he would say anything to get your vote...that's why he can't tell a plan...he's rude...you can't trust him

will.i.am (@iamwill) October 17, 2012

Obama to Romney: "I'm the President."Point blank. Period. Debate Over. Xo

Melanie Fiona ✌ (@MelanieFiona) October 17, 2012

Taping the debate because my domestic policy is "have dinner with family when in town". #priorities #tellmewhowins #nodont #watchinglater

josh groban (@joshgroban) October 17, 2012

How come they reading the questions off Cue cards ??????????

Big Boi of OUTKAST (@BigBoi) October 17, 2012

What's the dumbest political comment you've seen since the Presidential race began? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments.

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    What's wrong with Josh Groban's tweet? I don't see how saying that family is a priority is a "dumb tweet".
    Bad Kharmel
    When I want to know who to vote for the first person's opinion I want to know is clearly will.i.am
    lol, wheres Matt Bellamy and Mustaine's reactions they will be the best
    Why them? last week Mr. Morello was all against both of the candidates, rather see him tweeting about it... but I guess twitter is too corpotate for the guy
    Yeah, I'm surprised UG didn't post Dave Mustaine's reaction, you know he probably had a thing or two to say about all this lol
    I want more musicians to make dumb tweets, the whole presidential campaign is nothing but a reality freak-show for all of us non-americans anyway...
    ...and some of us Americans as well.
    I saw some news coverage where they literally said, "Well, this debate really means nothing about being a good President, but who do you think will win?" Makes you wonder why we bother.
    The History Channel is part of A&E's networks, not the Discovery Network. Silly will. And they probably read off cue cards so they don't ask something stupid like "Mr. President, what's your policy on p***y?"
    I dunno, I respect Josh Groban for saying that. The others, no. Most of these aren't that impressive anyway.
    "..freaking liar...he would say anything to get your vote.." LOL. Is this your first debate, Will.I.Am? Are you new?
    I saw it, Romney didn't stand a chance. I'm a random english person, I shouldn't even care about it, but Romney could pass for Satan's taxman.
    Darth Wader
    Mary J Blige and will.i.am support Obama...shocking
    Well Mittens has expressed his complete lack of giving a crap about racial equality, or gender equality. As black people, and in Blige's case as a woman, seems logical they wouldn't support him.
    Where's the proof about Mitt "not caring" about racial equality or gender? Darth Wader is right, the only reason they support Obama isn't because of his policies, it's because "OH HEY, HE'S DARK JUST LIKE ME, SO HE GETS MY VOTE BY DEFAULT!!!" Truth hurts doesn't it? Because lets' face it, if Obama were fully white with this kind of train wreck of a presidency, black folks would be marching in protest around the White House...GUARANTEED. But, because he isn't white, it's "oh hey, he's dark like us, so we'll give him a free pass, even though he's a wreck and has spent more money in 4 years than Bush did in 8!" (Which is hilarious, considering that was everyone's biggest gripe about Bush: "Wahhhhh! He gave us all this debt!" So spending DOUBLE what he did in half the time is better?! Keep smoking the dope!) Yeah, but that's not racist though...it's only racist if white people do it.
    The truth does hurt. Fortunately your post was completely devoid of truth. Firstly: Mittens has repeatedly voted against bills designed to improve women's rights, such as the Lily Ledbetter bill which improves regulations to give women an equal amount of pay to what a man would get in the same job. He is also adamant that he will outlaw abortions except in cases of rape (and even that exception is not definite, see the comment from Todd Akin about so called "legitimate rape" not causing pregnancy), and supports legislation which allows health insurance companies to refuse to cover the cost of the birth control pill (which many women take to prevent ovarian cysts as well as for preventing unwanted pregnancy). Romney also spoke in the recent debate about women's right to be home and make dinner for the children. His 'binders full of women' comment in the debate has been proven incorrect, the only reason he appointed any women to his cabinet as Governor of Massachusetts was because of a number of womens rights groups who put together the binder of womens resumes and presented it to him, which he couldnt ignore. He did appoint 14 women out of the 33 staff, however all were to jobs he professed to not caring about, or positions where he specifically stated he didnt want them to do anything. The number of women in senior positions in Massachusetts state government declined from 30% to 27% while he was governor, and then abruptly rose when Deval Patrick took office. As for black people, Romney shut down the Massachusetts state office for affirmative action, and only began to reinstate it after heavy criticism. He accused members of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People of wanting free stuff from the government. Not forgetting his infamous comment about not caring for the 47% of people who believe they are entitled to housing, healthcare and food. Statistics show that a majority of people who are on some form of government benefit for housing, healthcare and food are people of colour, hence these people whom Mittens doesnt consider it his job to worry about because he doesnt think they take responsibility for their lives are people of colour (and even if they werent, anyone running for president has some pretty screwed up priorities if he thinks its not his responsibility to worry about 47% of his citizens because circumstances have led to them needing assistance from the government for basic needs, which, yes, they are entitled to as a basic human right). On a slight side note, Id like to point out that black people are actually capable of independent thought and are just as intelligent and politically savvy as white people, and do not have the herd mentality that you seem to think they have, so you might want to be a tad less racist there. Now, on the economy. The economic collapse happened six weeks before Bush left office. Obama inherited a mess. These are facts. At that time, 750,000 jobs were being lost per month. Since that time, Obama has produced 4.5 million private sector jobs in the past 29 months (thus taking 4.5 million people off of unemployment benefits and adding 4.5 million income tax payers), when his policies on economic recovery took effect. To put that into perspective, thats four jobs for every person in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, plus a fifth job for half of them. There could have been another million jobs on top of that, if the republicans hadnt done everything they could to block President Obamas policies. 500,000 of those were manufacturing jobs, which is the first time in over ten years that manufacturing jobs have increased. Plus his restructuring of the auto industry prevented the loss of another million jobs both for large companies and smaller parts manufacturers who werent part of the actual deal. President Obama has also implemented plans to remove $4 trillion debt over a decade. This includes some spending cuts, but for every $2.5 of spending he cut, he has added new revenues of $1. Im not entirely sure how that is worse than the Bush administration. Now, Romneys plan is to cut $5 trillion of taxes, mostly from those with higher income, and spend $2 trillion more on the military despite them not asking for it and not having made any plan for what to use it on. That would be $7 trillion added to the debt, which he has not given any numbers or specific plans to reduce. He has claimed he will remove tax loopholes, however he has given no figure to how much that would save, and analysts have confirmed that it will not cancel out the $4 trillion, never mind the extra $7 trillion. Even worse, since stating that plan he has denied knowledge of these very loopholes in the first debate, despite the fact that his own company, Bain, uses the loophole about outsourcing labour to foreign countries. I could carry on with various facts that show Obama to be a better candidate than Romney, but Ive addressed all of the points you made and this is a rather long wall of text (I typed it in word as it slowed my browser down and it came to over a page), so Ill l
    Bailing out the auto industry was one of the worst decisions ever. The reason the American auto industry can't compete with the foreign car makers is because they are unionized and the products they make are less popular. Foreign cars typically get better reviews from non-biased sources such as Consumer Reports, not to mention they get better mileage than American cars. In essence, bailing out the American auto industry because they can't make products that compete with the foreign industry makes about as much sense as bailing out Blockbuster because there's better, cheaper ways to watch movies. You know what's really funny? The government bails out the American auto industry then creates the "cash for clunkers" program; the top 10 trade-ins were all from American car makers, and 8 out of the top 10 sellers were form foreign car makers.
    You make a valid point. I won't pretend to know much about the quality of American vs non-American cars, I was under the impression the auto industry failing was because of the econimic problems rather than problems within the industry itself. However, while a bailout may not have been the best option, leaving the companies to their own devices would have just led to GM, Chrysler, etc going bust, which would have been far worse for the economy. Given the state of things at the time, there was very little chance of smaller or new companies taking their place in the foreseeable future. With the bailout, those companies had the resources for long-term improvement. Whether they can change to be more competitive than foreign companies remains to be seen, so it could be that Obama just stalled the inevitable. Perhaps a better solution would have been to let the larger companies go bust and fund smaller companies enough for them to expand and replace the larger ones. But I havent heard anything recently about new problems or a resurgence of old problems in the auto industry, so for the moment Obamas solution seems to be working. I didnt know much about the cash for clunkers program, and hadnt heard that statistic before. Ive looked up some more info just now, and as well as your statistic about American vs non-American cars, it has apparently cost more money than it made. However, it has apparently led to improvements in average fuel economy and car safety, but Ill leave it to someone more well informed to make judgements on whether the program was overall a good or bad thing.
    Man that took effort to read.. My eyes hurt from staring at the screen so long! Interesting points you have there. I am British myself so I am not as involved in the politics of America, however it is always nice to find out about it all. If I was American I would struggle to vote at all (the same way I struggle to vote for UK's priminister) simply because there is so much distortion of things by media and opposing parties that you don't know if you are voting for the angel, or just the devil in disguise. I cant help but think these people are still human beings and are susceptible to corruption, greed, and pride. Because of this I don't vote but I do try to judge the candidates on how they act, talk, and generally what perceptions they give me. For example Romney seems like an aggressive man with little patience, most probably incredibly stubborn and stuck in his own beliefs with little care for looking from different POV's. Obama seems a cheerful man but seems to be hiding things under that smile. On contrast to Romney however he seems calm, collective, and a good listener with the ability to see things from another perspective.
    I'm British myself, but since partway through the Bush administration have kept up with American politics as much as possible. Though you're right, it is difficult to avoid bias, though some sources like politifact.com help put perspective on things. And I've heard a few people say Obama sometimes seems to be hiding something under his smile. I'd put it down to the stress of the job, as he's had to deal with a number of military operations. It must be quite difficult to keep a smile on in public when behind closed doors he's been making decisions that could cost soldiers' lives, and if something goes wrong, the buck stops with him.
    I'll bet that this comment gets tons of dislikes and no one will even read it.
    You're probably right. But I felt I couldn't let such a stupid and racist comment go unanswered.
    Bad Kharmel
    1. While women have the right to purchase birth control I see no reasonable argument for why it should be mandatory for insurance to cover it, it is optional medication, and as such does not need to be covered by insurance intended to take care of major health problems, also forcing coverage has sexist undertones as it assumes that simply being female is a condition that warrants medication. 2. Affirmative action is by its very nature racist, it gives advantages to one group of people due to nothing more than their race, many people are against affirmative action because they believe that race should not be a factor in determining whether or not you get a job, are admitted to college, etc. 3. In the past 30 months 4.5 million new jobs have been created, yes, but in all the months previous 4.3 million were lost giving Obama a less than stellar net increase of.2 million new jobs under his administration 4. Romney's tax plan is based on the idea that if you create major tax cuts it will spur the economy driving up revenue, while we know this effect occurs, we only have estimates of how much it will occur, so you can run numbers that both make it work, and ones that make it impossible, for the purposes of budgeting it exists in a grey area, where it has worked in the past, but is impossible to get a true estimate, it could go either way, whereas Obama's plan simply leads to more debt
    1. The birth control pill is often prescribed to women who are susceptible to ovarian cysts or severe menstrual cramps, so for many women, it is in fact necessary. Also, viagra is covered by all health insurance policies, which is also optional medication (I know it can also treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, but since its invention far more effective drugs have been discovered for that). It's sexist for insurance to cover drugs that help men have sex but not drugs that prevent a woman from getting pregnant. 2. An overwhelming majority of higher paid jobs and higher education places went to white people before affirmative action due to the racism of many employers and academics. Affirmative action is necessary to alter that. It's not perfect, but it gives minorities who have been denied opportunities in the past a more even footing. 3. I will say again. The economic collapse happened six weeks before Obama took office. Legislation and economic changes take time. It's the nature of government, the President can't just snap his fingers and say "here's some new jobs." He has to work with Congress, the Senate, Businesses and the public. I did say, 750,000 jobs were being lost per month at the start of his presidency. He turned that around. 4. Obama's plan has been proven to work so far. Romney's propositions have varied with each telling, and have never offered any structure to where he expects revenue to increase. He also defines middle income as $250,000 per year, and the times he has given numbers for his tax cuts, it has been for people of that income and higher.
    Bad Kharmel
    1. Vaginal cysts are not treated by birth control pills, they are treated as follows: To treat an infected vaginal cyst, you may need to take antibiotics. If a vaginal cyst is large and filled with fluid (like a Bartholin's cyst), your health care provider can insert a small tube called a catheter to drain it. You will have to keep the catheter in place for about four to six weeks. You could also have a procedure in which a small incision is made in the cyst to drain the fluid (called marsupialization). It's also possible to have surgery to remove the entire cyst if you're very uncomfortable or the cyst keeps returning. Some health care providers recommend that women over age 40 have surgery to remove a vaginal cyst because of the possibility that it might be cancerous. Cysts that are treated with surgery usually don't come back. source http://women.webmd.com/guide/vaginal-cys... Also, I don't think it should be mandatory for insurance to provide viagra either 2. Qualifications are what is important, not race, we should have no mandatory benefits or deficits based on race, the only way to get rid of race problems is to treat everyone truly equal regardless of race, if we keep trying to balance everything out it'll just causes more problems 3. The issue is primarily that Obama made decisions while having a democrat controlled congress that slow job growth, and promised a much higher number of new jobs when he was elected than actually came to fruition 4. Obama's plan is horse shit, the 250,000 dollar number is based on the difference between a sole proprietorship and a corporation, this system basically makes it so a person who has a small business is forced to pay the same tax rate as wal-mart preserving large corporate interests, the Romney plan is Reagenomics http://women.webmd.com/guide/vaginal-cys... which lead to one of the highest economic growth rates in American history
    1. WRONG...its great how you got your facts from google. I shall speak from experience my young little sister has polycystic disease which require birth control to regulate her hormones and periods cycle. until then after its solved she can get off it to not be at risk of not being able to have kids in the future. so ill call you if romney wins to pay for the meds while you get free viagra with your insurance. and hopefully she doesn't get raped and have to take care of the rapist's baby.
    Bad Kharmel
    horseshit, that doesn't even make sense estradiol, and progestogen have nothing to do cyst formation, cysts occur regardless of hormone levels, converesly women with elevated levels of estradiol and progestogen (as in taking birthcontrol) have higher rates of clinical depression than average
    1: You're correct that the birth control pill has no effect on vaginal cysts, however I said ovarian cysts, not vaginal cysts. Ovarian cysts do not form without ovulation, which is prevented by the birth control pill. If I may also cite WebMD to back this up, http://women.webmd.com/birth-control-pil... And please don't patronise me with phrases like "insert a small tube called a catheter". My previous posts should have proven I'm somewhat intelligent thus don't need it clarified that a catheter is a small tube. 2. Yes, qualifications are most important. But when minorities have been denied the opportunity to get these qualifications despite demonstrating clear ability, something has to be done. In an ideal world, there would never have been racists overseeing businesses or academia and preventing minorities getting qualifications and careers and affirmative action wouldn't be needed. But it isn't an ideal world and it is needed. And you may wish to google "white privilege". 3. The Senate majority is the Democratic party, but the House majority is the Republican party. Multiple sources have claimed that Republican representatives were given orders to block Obama at every turn. Yet he still did a damn good job as outlined in my previous posts. 4. If we're going to cite previous presidents' economic plans, Bill Clinton also had one of the highest economic growth rates http://women.webmd.com/birth-control-pil... Both Bill and Hilary Clinton are working closely with Obama on his current plan. Plus, your own source states that Reagan tripled the national debt, from $900 billion to $2.8 trillion. And please don't begin a political argument with a petty insult like "Obama's plan is horse shit." It seriously undermines your argument.
    Bad Kharmel
    so... my links are real, yours are error 500, glad to see emotions out way facts here
    Please forgive me for mistakenly putting a full stop after this link http://women.webmd.com/birth-control-pil... I got so horrendously over-emotional I couldn't bear to let you see a source backing up the facts I had stated. Honestly, I would have burst into tears if I'd upset you at all by proving you wrong. I'm glad you found out the truth by me telling you, rather than realising there was probably an error in posting the link, copying the link location and checking for an error or typing the title into google yourself. This way I know you found out in a safe environment. Also the correct link about my Bill Clinton point in my reply to my post works fine.
    So much is wrong with this my head is about to explode O_O
    Think of a small, calico kitten with blue eyes playing with a ball of yarn. That's what I do when I read a clusterf*ck of words
    Blacks have traditionally supported the democratic ticket. People keep saying that blacks only like Obama because of his skin color but they overwhelimngly voted for Clinton (who had an extremley high approval rating among black voters) and in the begining of 08 there was more black support for his wife, Hillary. Second, its not true that Obama has spent more than Bush. He may accomplish this next term but Bush is still #1 biggest spender in U.S history.
    Bad Kharmel
    which is amazing since the republican party was founded to free the slaves, and southern democrats opposed the civil rights movement
    Hey, if Mary J Blige and will i am were only supporting for Obama because he's black, the why aren't people like Herman Cain and Michael Steele popular with blacks? They're supporting Obama because Romney is a shit-for-brains rich guy!!
    Ted Nugent to his personal assistant - "C'mon and say something stupid on that dang Tweet-machine in my name about the debate! What am I paying you for?!?"
    They're both useless candidates. It gets tiring hearing constant Obama love from Hollywood, because clearly anyone that still supports him beyond the "lesser of two evils" idea pays no attention. Obama the president is very different from Obama the candidate in 2008. And although I don't share political views with Ted Nugent, he's not a bad guy for the most part, and he's certainly not a racist, which has become a convenient term for anyone who doesn't like Obama. Also, he has some large charities that help to feed the hungry, and he's a very vocal environmentalist.
    While I agree that I don't believe the Nuge is racist, Obama supporters don't always tag anyone who opposes him a racist. The birther movement was just plain racism. Clearly if Obama was white we all know that not one person would have questioned his citizenship. Also anyone who has accused him of being Muslim is also clearly being racist. I don't even understand why him being Muslim is legitimate criticism to begin with. Fact is, the President has more in common religiously with his critics than Mitt Romney.
    Second Rate
    hate to contradict you there fella, but i am a libertarian.. i oppose Obama on the grounds that he is a lover of corporatocracy (just as his predecessor was and his predecessor before him, etc.) and a war monger (like dubya and clinton before him) and have been labeled racist by Obama supporters for this. As if a die hard anti fascist anti war libertarian is going to suddenly become a chest thumping fascist war hawk if the candidate's skin colour changes.
    When I read about Tom Morello deciding that Obama is just as bad and no better than others, he gained my respect. Mary J Blige and Will He Is probably is voting on race, it pains me to say this but I feel some people are voting on race and not on the men themselves, doing this is damaging what Dr. King has worked hard, and died for, it is about time we in the western world stop looking at skin color and at the person instead. As a Briton, Obama to me is the American Tony Blair, good with his speeches, always smiling, making promises of a better tomorrow etc (I could go on), end of the day, they are as never as good as they say they'll be in office, the better the spokesman, the harder they'll have to work to get re-elected.
    Actually Tony Blair wasn't as bad as he's often made out to be in some respects. I can't say whether he lived up to his speeches as I can't remember much of them, but in his first two terms Britain had steady economic growth, and kept us out of the Euro (which was proven to be a very good move). He also improved civil rights for gay people by introducing civil partnerships, reducing the age of consent for gay sex to 16 to match that for heterosexual sex, allowing adoption by gay couples and introducing legislation to prevent discrimination against gay people in work. However his foreign policy, among other things, was absolutely horrendous. And in 2005 he was up against Charles Kennedy, an alcoholic, and Michael Howard, a John Major clone. So he was the best option at the time in my opinion, much like Obama is now.
    Yeah, people say that pop music of today dumbs you down, but will.i.am has more brain than Ted Nugent and half of the people commenting on the latest articles about Mustaine, Obama, Rage Against the Machine and etc...
    Wow, major facepalm, Billboard. I can't see how any of these tweets (except for Nugent's one) "blew it", are they really that desperate for attention that they start stalking celebrities' Twitter pages to get "news"?
    And the entire music industry jumps on the Obama band wagon. All politics is anymore is a glorified popularity contest, not that many people actually know what they're talking about they just like to pretend so they pick whoever's popular (Obama) and then try and nail the other guy to the wall.
    Eh hem, Ted Nugent!
    Yeah I didn't see Ted's until after I posted. Glad to see at least one musician still has independent thoughts.
    If by "independent thoughts" you mean the ignorant, paranoid, self-obsessed, usually racist remarks of a washed-up redneck who used to be a rock star then yes... "independent thoughts".
    No I'm talking about people thinking for themselves instead of clinging to the most popular candidate without having a ****ing clue what they're talking about and then attacking everybody who thinks different. Kind of like what you're doing right now.
    I don't know bearmod, polls have shown Obama and Romney as being pretty close for a long time. They've been within 5% of each other for months so I don't think that makes either of them the "popular candidate".
    Dont think of Romney as the underdog, think of him as a theocrat without the army. If he had it his way, turf war would be the way to election.
    So according to you, no individual would like the american democrats if they thought for themselves. That is what you are indirectly implying..
    Independent thoughts means voting for either.Just because they vote for the person you're against doesn't mean it's because they're following a trend. It's called divided political opinion
    That's right, the only way to have independent thought is to not pick the more popular candidate. Why like someone who everybody else seems to like?
    I wasn't saying he's independent, he's incredible arrogant. I was just saying that he hates Obama.
    I laugh at reading these comments stating that "romney has no plans" go to the romney website and you'll see detailed plans.... the ONLY reason why people are voting for obama is because of the fact their poor and need the government to provide them with OUR HARD EARNED MONEY which they don't really have a right to and the other fact their not use to working for their education, luxury items, etc. Also if you actually watched any of the debates you'd see how rude Obama/Biden are, Biden's smirks and laughs + inturuptions during the VP debate are incredibly rude and BOTH OBAMA AND BIDEN stating "no you're wrong...." you are not supposed to say you're wrong in a debate.. that is one of the basic rules of debating... romney/ryan on the other hand are more polite about their speech they do inturupt but not nearly as much a obamdin...
    The reason barry and biden do the "you're wrong" thing is because they're communists, and communists don't debate they attack their opposition its just how they get down.
    Pretty simple: the prez didn't live up to many things he promised, has been incompetent in international relations, and has been out of his depth the whole time. The GOP, regardless who it put forward, is obsolete, homophobic, seemingly determined to keep women at lower stations, and is often stupid about science. Both parties are basically full of lying hypocrites. Gary Johnson for 2012. Check out the Libertarian Party...it's time for REAL change.
    I don't think you should be allowed to have opinions when you play the hipster card in politics. "lol ppl only like Obama because he's popular". Oh yeah, absolutely. Totally nailed it.
    Pop stars SLAM Presidential Debate! But yeah, Romney's full plan is on his website.. too much detail to say before Obama would complain about time limits and ask the moderator to cut Romney off..
    All partisan bias aside, bearmod has a point. A lot of people just vote for the person everyone tells them to vote for and doesn't think for themself as to why. Why do you think we had Bush a second term?
    Bearmod is displaying the same sheep=like behavior he accuses the Obama supporters of. Bush got a second term because John Kerry can't put a coherent sentence together. Bush was never really the president anyway... he's just a dumbass who followed Cheneys dictates to the letter.
    With most people it doesn't even have anything to do with party affiliation; just social proof.
    Or I should say, doesn't have anything to do with politics, because people get attached to their parties often because of well... social proof.
    ....and that was supposed to be a reply.
    You have to login, then post a reply, otherwise it just goes to the bottom of the page--it's a bug in the system.
    Also if you're gonna downvote the comment, please explain why.
    Ok. Here is the truth and it might hurt. All these black people talking about how great Obama is, we all know they only voted for Obama because he is Black . That is the honest truth guys don't be hiding the truth. I think American's should vote on who they think will do a better job not based on racism.
    If the past 44 presidents had all been African-American with no white representation in United States history, you almost certainly would have voted for the white candidate in 2008. Ethnocentrism can make people ignore the bigger picture, a little open-mindedness wouldn't hurt here.
    Well, that really explains the popularity of Herman Cain, and Michael Steele now, doesn't it. Oh, wait. Wait, no. Actually I think they're relatively unpopular because they're idiots. I mean Cain is hilarious, but funny =/= intelligent.
    Some of my family members were lynched in the south by white men with sheets on their heads. You think I'm gonna vote for a white man? RU-FnCrazy? Maybe you forget what the wonderful white Europeans did to the Indigenous people who lived in the US. It was slaughter sanctioned by their christian god. Nice folks the whites.
    Way to be a massive racist you f***face. Do you think slavery had been invented during that time? Over the course of human history just about every "race" (assuming race is even a real thing, which according to anthropologists..it isn't) has been enslaved by another people or by their own people. Oh and let's not forget the Africans are the ones who sold their people to the Europeans in the first place. People like you are the reason racism still thrives in the world today. You honestly make me sick to my stomach.
    What about those white people who helped save thousands of enslaved african americans via the underground railroad? You ignorant FUCK. I'm sure your parents raised you to treat people on an individual basis. All "races" see the effects of racism. I'm white and I've had racist comments and actions thrown at me from asians, east indians, blacks, you ****ing name it, but I still don't hate all of their race just because the rednecks of their society try to put me down. You hate all white people because a few hurt your extended family and ancestors, but they never attacked YOU. You probably live in a bubble community where a white dude serves you McDicks with a smile, not giving a **** about what colour you are. Answering racism with racism is just ****ing retarded. If you want to hate someone for anything, hate them for being ignorant.
    No, the truth is most poor blacks voted for him because he is a Democrat. Someone mentioned it earlier but black people that live in harsh economic areas tend to favor democrats overwhelmingly. In fact poor people tend to vote democrat regardless of their ethnic background
    I can't believe so many ignorant people still drinking Obama's Koolaid. We've got gas prices at $4 a gallon, he's added 5 trillion to the deficit instead of cutting it in half like HE SAID HE WOULD DO, but yet Romney who's balanced the budget in his own state as Governor gets all the hate lol Let a Business man become president for once and get Obama's terrorist sympathizing @$$ out of the WHITE house.
    See my wall of text for actual facts about what Obama has done to the debt. Stop making up figures. And phrases like "Obama's terrorist sympathising ass" really undermine any serious point in your post.
    Obama sure sympathized with Bin Laden and Quaddafi didn't he. Man, those drones are like kisses from grandma
    If that comment wasn't racist, I'd be inclined to agree. But as I'm British, I suppose I'm a foreigner.
    LOL, if you just omitted your first and last sentences some people might actually take you seriously.
    Is anyone else can suprised by how much racism is on the UG board? I thought I was on stormfront for a minute.
    Can someone explain to me how Mary J's tweet of "Great Job on debate Mr. President! I never lost faith in u!" is a dumb comment? Was it the use of "u" instead of the correctly spelled "you"? Why was it on the list? Can someone explain this to me.
    "What's the dumbest political comment you've seen since the Presidential race began? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments." i don't think anything is going to top mustaine's conspiracy theory about Obama and the Colorado shootings.
    I'm not American, But if I was I'd wonder if Randy Blythe is still running for president and if I could just vote for him lol
    The only reason you fall one way or another is because of selective perception. Neither candidate has a spotless record, but you're willing to defend one or the other because you remember them saying or doing something you liked. I will be voting for Jason Todd, because who better to bring this country back from the brink than someone who has bathed in the Lazarus Pit? I mean, maybe we can't fit the whole of America in at once, but surely we can take buckets out and bathe the country...
    You know...people in this country really need to wake up...Do a little research on your own. We're totally buying into anything anyone says just because they can yell it loud enough...Props to those crackpots with their wild beliefs, at least they can think independently.
    In the words of Daron Malakian before playing "Dictator" by Scars on Broadway: "MITT ROMNEY! BARACK OBAMA! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, IT'S ALL THE SAME FUCKIN' SHIT!"
    Dude, hardly the worst decision ever. Republicans are the first to point out the lack of jobs in the US, but what do you think would have happened if we let GM go bankrupt? The unemployment rate would have taken a HUGE hit. Fact is, the bailout saved the auto industry in the United States for the time being, and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process.
    Among many key differences between the 2, consider this rather massive difference: Obama ended the disasterous Iraq war started by top 1-percenter oilmen Bush and Cheney. Romney will start World War 3 in Iran.
    Not to sound like a dick, but gee....outlaw abortion except for rape.....thats such a bad thing. Maybe more people should learn to excercise more caution if they can't handle raising a child. You think abortion is so great try watching a video. Insurance companies have to pay for birth control, why? There is plenty of preventative messures out there, and if thats not evough, keep your pants on. Bail us out and cost the country a ton of money on presidential plan that has failed numerously around the glove, and has never succeeded. There is an article in an old Forbes about this, well before any election talks. Look into Romneys business record in Massachutes, and compare him to Obama. Then Oboma, or should I say, Mr. Natural Resources, refuses to use how much of our country's oil but is supposedly major on U.S. rescources. Lets bail out GM for going out of business for selling shitty cars at similar prices as foreign cars of better quality. Should have just laid the workers off. You cant tell me another auto company wouldnt have occupied the already set up for manufacturing plants and hired many of the experienced workers back. Also, speaking of jobs....What jobs. I've been living on unemployment for about a year, not for lack of trying to get a job, and gee nothing. The shame is, and this is true, Romney is leading slightly, according to news sources in my area, take away biased ppl, and, no offense to blacks cuz its not every last one of you, black ppl voting for him just because he's black, and none of the issues at hand, this would be a landside for Romney. This message from someone who voted Obama. Never again.