Primus Reuniting With Tim 'Herb' Alexander, Looking to Enter Studio in November

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Primus Reuniting With Tim 'Herb' Alexander, Looking to Enter Studio in November
After almost a two-decade studio separation, power trio Primus have once again reunited with drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander, but this time around with plans for releasing a new album. As frontman Les Claypool told Rolling Stone, "a series of events has made the ever-elusive Viking known as Tim 'Herb' Alexander come out of the forest, and he's going to start beating drums again for us - starting next week. It should be an interesting experience." The band released their last album with Herb, "Tales From the Punchbowl," way back in 1995. And although not everything's 100 percent certain, that's all about to change; if not, Alex Van Halen might receive a surprise call from Claypool. "We're talking about going into the studio in November," Les explained. "But it's all a little premature - we'll see what happens next week. If we get together and things are just flowing like crazy, then I'm sure we're going to hop right in the studio. If not, then ... we'll be calling Alex Van Halen. [Laughs]" When it comes to Alexander's return to the fold, Claypool also gave a bit more of a thorough explanation. "It's kind of odd - we love [now former drummer Jay Lane] Jayski, he's my buddy, and we very much enjoyed playing with him," he said. "But he has a relationship with Bob Weir that is very tight, and of course, they started RatDog together many years ago, and RatDog's getting back together this next year.

"It was conflicting with some stuff that we were doing, and so he opted to go with Bob and RatDog over the Primus stuff. Just coincidentally, Herb had been peeking out of the woods and wanting to play again, so we thought, 'Well, let's talk to Tim about it.'" He concluded, "So we've been talking, and it seems like he's in a much better space now than he had been in the past. He's got a little girl now and it just seems like he's excited about playing drums again, which I hadn't seen that from him in many years." The latest Primus studio effort, "Green Naugahyde," dropped in September 2011. So the classic Primus gang is officially back on track. Do you think we're up for an epic record here? Let us know in the comments.
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