Psy And Dream Theater 'Join Forces' In 'Gangnam Wither'

Have you ever wondered what would be the outcome of combining "Gangnam Style" and Dream Theater?

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As we know, "Gangnam Style" by Korean rapper Psy recently entered the top 10 YouTube videos ever with over 600 million views.

And have you ever wondered what would be the outcome of combining "Gangnam Style" and Dream Theater? Probably not. But the actual outcome is really a heck of a tune.

Combined with Dream Theater's "Wither", Psy's hit single produced an unexpected result to say the least.

There are some that even agree that rapper's voice goes good with metal.

Check out the video below.

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What are your opinions? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    The sad thing is that it's actually good.
    I think it would have been funny if the video uploader had photoshopped Psy on the body of Mike Portnoy.
    Would've probably been a bit beyond my Photoshop skills, and besides, I wanted to keep the 'cheesy pop singer poncing about in front of DT' theme I started on the Astley/DT vid. :
    Nero Galon
    The best thing about your first mash-up was the title "Never Gonna Wither You Up". Makes me smile every time!
    Hah, cheers. Unfortunately, nothing quite as funny came to mind for Gangnam Style/Wither.
    Omfg, it really is -_-
    Well, I didnt know but there's a Rick Astley Version as well:
    Never tough i would ever say that but Rick Astley wins.
    Too me the difference is the Rick Astley version sounds more sincere, if you could put it that way. The Psy version almost sounds like a Steel Panther ballad - the sexy lady part makes it lose seriousness imo. I think you could do numerous songs over the original, it's an easy listening progression after all.
    how on earth does this work? not musically, but how could the music gods allow this to work so well? it just shouldn't sound this good!
    hey ganganm style is an awesome song (funny at least), I love metal and hate pop but u cant say gangnam style isnt catchy
    Gangam Style is awful. What are you smoking? Also, wtf was DT smoking?
    My Last Words
    Hey bro, can you give me a sample of the stuff you were on when you were thinking that DT actually had to do something with this ?
    As the creator of the Gangnam Style and Astley mashups, cheers for the coverage.
    Yass my friend made BOTH this Gangnam and the Rick Astley version. Nice to see he got an article on here. Well done Neil!
    holy shit it doesn't even sound like crap, it actually sounds pretty cool
    For some inexplicable reason, my kid has been into Korean pop for a couple years. Dream Theater is my favorite act. A new inter-generational bond is formed!
    It works so well because the one who edited the video knew exactly what they were doing. He cut parts that wouldn't fit and put the exact right parts together. Kudos.
    Diony x
    Its nice when someone comes up with idea like this, but its funny only once. by the way, Dream Theater is the best!
    I like his voice better than Labrie's ... Am I ill ???
    Honestly that is what kills DT for me. I just cant get into them because James' voice is so awful
    I don't mind his singing, it's the production, especially with the drums, that I hate. Their newer stuff also sounds like they try way too hard to be prog and metal.
    Auch, that note at 0:48. The major third is way off in that minor chord...
    Wait wait what the ****?! I thought we were all supposed to say we have that Gangnam Style shit? Aren't we the musicians that hate the new pop evolution an all that?! I must be mistaken.. And that's very saddening.
    "There are some that even agree that rapper's voice goes good with metal." Do the writers of these front page articles actually get paid? Do they even need to have basic skills in English??
    Sleaze Disease
    Terrible. For one, Dream Theater is possibly the second most boring band on the planet. Adding the vocals of that stupid song only supersizes this shit sandwich combo.
    I only upvoted your comment because of "supersizes this shit sandwich combo". Made me lol.
    I can't take you seriously, your picture just makes me read everything you say in Skeletor's voice.
    You must hate good musi if you the dream theater. Guaranteed tht the song is probably crap, dt is amazing
    I sorta agree with you there. Never liked their music outside of a musicians standpoint. Always seemed sorta dull hey.
    The only thing I can say about Dream Theater is that they are alright. I was a massive fan for a long time, but over time, especially when they consistently reproduce the same music with the same structure, it gets dull. Their earlier work is still beyond impressive though.
    Dr Funkenstein
    My thoughts exactly, and the fact that James Labrie's vocals don't appeal to me anymore. I never had a problem with them before but now I cringe whenever I hear his voice.
    sad but true for a DT fan like me: this only means that Wither is a substandard poor song.
    I'm so fed up with this korean guy... Hopefully this fad will disappear everything viral these days.
    It's just a korean guy rapping over dream theater? I don't get it, I've seen way better mashups on youtube
    Just proves how amazing Dream Theater is. Makes even the most absolute shit songs sound good