Punk Band Film Porn on Westboro Baptist Church's Front Yard

The band Get Shot filmed the action with bassist Laura Lush in broad daylight, but the 'God Hates Fags' group have since installed a security system so it won't happen again.

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A punk band have found the perfect way to strike back at the unpleasant Westboro Baptist Church - by shooting a porn film on their front yard. According to Spin (via NME) the punk group Get Shot, who call themselves "the sleaziest punk band in the world" and run their own porn site Get Shot Girls, managed to film their bassist Laura Lush masturbating in their garden. "The Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church are ridiculous and do nothing except spread hate and cause controversy," said Lush. "As a bisexual woman and the bass player of a ridiculous punk band, I wanted to spread my legs and cause controversy." The band hope to return with more girls, but mother of the family Margie Phelps says they've installed a new security system to ward off any sexual sinners:

@slsf617 Westboro is at full alert. @brotimtlm is installing cam's all along the perimeter of our compound. cc:@GETSHOTGIRLS .

— Margie Phelps (@MargieJPhelps) October 4, 2013

Get Shot have since been signed by Monarchy Distribution, according to a new Facebook update.

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    Wouldn't installing a security camera just make it easier for them.
    Westboro just prefers to get their own copies, apparently.
    Bezza27 · Oct 08, 2013 05:47 PM
    This made my day. Just... wow, this is so awesome
    I dunno...I'd prefer WBC not being mentioned in ANY context. (except maybe some headlines that GOD reached down and swatted the whole lot of them into non-existence)
    Oh come on, these dirtbags will find their way to the headlines one way or the other. The video was pretty cool, plus that Laura chick's hot. That's why lady bassists are always my favorite.
    cant imagine what kind of loser you are, lol
    What? I love porn, I'm into punk and I hate WBC. This was fun, and you guys are waaaaay too serious.
    First off, Get Shot are not a punk band, they are a sexist shock band, who use punk sound. Secondly, this does nothing to combat the WBC. Thirdly, the band, Get Shot, does about as much damage to womens' rights as the WBC does. Porn can be okay, but for the vast majority it is extremely problematic. This was a terrible publicity stunt, that does not represent what punk stands for, and nothing more.
    But porn can be okay you said, and as far as I've seen this was a girl having quite a bit of fun over there, no breach of womens' rights here, bud.
    Their bass player deliberately did this on her own. And she's quite proud of it. They used porn as a medium for protest which is an upgrade from fap material if you ask me. They protected the woman's right to masturbate on the front lawn of a bigoted prick, I'm game for that.
    The problem is Get Shot's overall history of treatment of women, and furthermore, women can actively subjugate themselves and their gender as well, e.g. Maggie Phelps.
    @JelloCrust - Not a punk band? We have punk elitism now? Really? What is it exactly that keeps them from being a part of the punk genre? I'm guessing "sexist shock group" is the only genre Steel Panther would fall under aswell? Porn is vastly problematic for whom exactly? Finally, please explain exactly what punk stands for, according to you.
    Hypocritical is what it is, whines about women not getting treated fairly, treats punk band with women in it like shit. Can't even be bothered to waste my time reading anything someone like that posts.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Wait a minute, since when does Punk not stand for doing crazy shit to piss people off for shock value? I feel like this stunt is exactly what punk is all about, sticking it to the man. And why did you even bring up women's rights? That doesn't really have much to do with the discussion.
    "since when does Punk not stand for doing crazy shit to piss people off for shock value?" Well, since the Punk movement started as little more than an attempt to bring Rock music back to its rebellious roots, because people felt that bands like Deep Purple were adding needless fluff to the music, and Rock Stars were becoming far too Diva-like to be considered rebels. The whole political aspect didn't come about until Hardcore Punk. Even then, only the posers really thought it was purely about "sticking it to the man", and they're the type of punks who are usually too drunk to do anything political. The political aspect of Punk was more of a reaction to Reaganism and Thatcherism rather than a general sense of "the man". They weren't hippies, after all. I mean, Jello Baifra is/was part of the Green Party.
    If they "use punk sound" then they are a punk band weather or not you like it. Even if there music is trash they still qualify. Nickelback sucks but they still qualify as a rock band
    Haha I agree. Notice how his name is dick hardwood, just sort of assures he's some lonely guy that just sits on his computer all day jacking off.
    When did everyone here lose their sense of humor? Sure, dismiss the guy doing dick jokes as a lone masturbater, go defend the rights of women through your avatars on a forum about guitar playing. We make a difference here, man.
    the internets become this scum driven place of super serious, know-it-alls who shove their dicks right into your face without even thinking twice about it. I know what youre saying man
    Mr Winters
    I'd like to see them mentioned in the context of all of them dying and disappearing forever.
    Exactly right. They want people to lash back at them to create more controversy and so that they can play the victim rather than the aggressor for a change. Best thing to do when these guys start making a fuss is to just not respond
    Are you saying you want the Kevin Smith movie, Red State, to be a reality?
    Wouldn't that require someone to have actually seen the Kevin Smith movie, Red State?
    Hahah this is truly amazing! "I wanted to spread my legs and cause controversy" Thats a slogan of a lifetime right there!
    Someone makes porn in their back garden, their response is to put up cameras. The right bloody pervs.
    Well this is the best news story I've seen in a very long time. I don't think I've ever felt so proud to be a bassist!
    They missed the best part, when the band tweeted that they caught the WBC's IP-adress looking at the video for 41 minutes, which is MUCH longer than the video itself.
    Fucking awesome. No doubt WBC are just going to sue them for trespassing or some shit like that though. That's how they make their money.
    Sorry about the accidental downvote, but I agree, this is one of the most punk things I've ever seen haha
    if someone wanted to film more videos with sexy girls in my garden...hell yeah i would install lots of cams!In case i miss anything!
    Absolutely brilliant. Only problem is I can't the video on their website
    To anyone wanting to see the video that can't access it from the link, go on the xvideos website and just search Westboro. It'll be the first vid to come up. Have fun
    Nero Galon
    Nice to see a positive representation of porn considering all the bad news its been receiving.