QOTSA Preview 'The Vampyre of Time and Memory' Interactive Video

Full-length clip scheduled for tomorrow's (October 30) release.

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Queens of the Stone Age have previewed an interactive video for their "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" track, song No. 3 off their latest effort "...Like Clockwork." Directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco in cooperation with the Creators Project, the clip comes as a follow-up to an epic five-song "...Like Clockwork" video and is scheduled for tomorrow's (October 30) release. Make sure to check out the gloomy trailer below and get a healthy dose of hype going on prior to full-length release. Also, don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments. QOTSA have recently announced an eight-date tour of Australia and New Zealand featuring Nine Inch Nails as co-headliners and frontman Josh Homme's wife Brody Dalle as a special guest. Set to take place in March 2014, the concert trek will keep the acts busy for just over two weeks as they visit Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch. "The first headline band on stage will be decided each night by the toss of a coin, so ticket holders will want to make sure they are ready from the minute doors open," the official announcement reads.

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    This clip really reminds me of Danger! High Voltage from Electric Six
    Didn't like the new album that much... at first, but it's a definite grower, like the previous one. These guys couldn't make a musical minger even if they tried
    Sometimes I feel like that is what they're trying to do, and the more they try, the better it sounds.
    Tbh ...Like Clockwork is their best album. Better than Rated R.
    It's a perfect album.
    Almost perfect. I felt they could have placed the title track elsewhere because it feels weird going from a song like I Appear Missing and then everything slows down by A LOT when they go to ...Like Clockwork. But thats just my opinion.
    Personally, I see that it's a beautiful finish to that masterpiece of an album.
    Well I wont deny that it's a good song. I just feel the mood change is a bit too "drastic" for me. Like if they had it a not very noticeably faster tempo in the beginning of the last song it would have fit better in my opinion. But then that just my opinion. Not everyone is going to agree with what I think. Still I ****ing LOVE ...Like Clockwork (the album and the song).
    I think the drastic change just increases the effect of the songs. Plus half the time i just start it over anyways
    It's definitely among their best work and I definitely prefer it over Rated R, but after listening to them back to back, it's very close, but I still think Songs for the Deaf just can't be beaten.
    Well Songs for the Deaf has like four more tracks than Like Clockwork, that's why.
    Oh of course, the number of tracks OBVIOUSLY dictates whether an album is better than another.. That's the stupidest argument I've heard in a while..
    Well yeah. Thats why Thank You Very Little by Screeching Weasel is the best album of all time. (its a 51 track compilation album)
    My favorite is still Songs for the Deaf
    Songs for the deaf is undoubtedly their best work
    its not undoubtedly. People are debating it. ...LC is their best written album, that shouldn't be debated. But other albums have a different vibe that some people might like more. That being said, ...Like Clockwork is undoubtedly their best work
    I can agree it's their best work, My personal favorite though is Era Vulgaris. It was the one that made me think "Hey... Fuck everything you know about music and listen to this!"
    ...Like Clockwork in my humble opinion is QOTSA's best album thus far. I didn't really like their opening track, however every song after that is flawless. Every time I listen to "I Appear Missing" I get chills down my spine. It's such a beautiful song. I really enjoy watching the extended live version of this song from their David Letterman performance. I hope they make a video for "If I had a Tail" one day.
    Fantastic. That's my favourite track off the album. Although that Smooth Sailing riff is duuuurty.
    I never really got in to there records before Era Vulgaris I mean I liked there hits but I didn't like every song like I did with Era Vulgaris and ...Like Clockwork. I dunno why.
    Ste Ramakers
    So excited to see them in Auckland! oh, and while we're sharing.. Rated R and Lullabies are my favs, but Clockwork is definitely great. I do feel like the line is getting a bit blurry between the styles of TCV and QOTSA though..
    I agree.Im a massive TCV fanatic and ..LC seemed like a younger,naive and simpler brother of TCV. Especially I Sat By The Ocean slide part,My God Is The Sun arrangment. ...LC is a good,good record but it kinda changed course from other albums.
    I'd do anything to see them play a headlining show. I saw them at ACL Festival this year, but it was an abridged setlist compared to their usual shows. PLEASE COME BACK TO AUSTIN!
    I've been waiting to see if they were gonna make another video! I'm so pumped! QOTSA at the top of their game... But they've always been at the top of their game.