QOTSA Recruit Elton John

That's right, the pianist has joined the ranks of Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor in the lineup for the new QOTSA album.

Ultimate Guitar

In this album's biggest surprise announcement yet, Elton John has been confirmed for the new Queens Of The Stone Age record.

He joins Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan and Scissor Sister Jake Shears among others in the lineup on the long-awaited album.

Elton's contribution was revealed on Chelsea Lately, where Dave Grohl is acting as guest host this week.

Elton said of QOTSA: "I love that band so much, and I love Them Crooked Vultures." But he says the song he was drafted into was very complicated:

"I'm a piano player, and guitar bands play differently... [this song] was in B, which is a pianist's nightmare."

Elton was full of praise for Grohl, who he called the most respected musician from his generation, and added: "He's built like a brick sthose when he plays the drums. It was fantastic."

See the full conversation between Dave Grohl and Elton John on Chelsea Lately here:

The guest collaborations on this album are starting to feel like an in-joke, but our curiosity continues to ramp up. Are you excited or confused by the latest addition to the lineup? Share your reaction in the comments.

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    To the guy who asked if Jesus was gonna be on keyboards on a previous post..well, there you go.
    This album seems to gain more contributions every week. I cannot wait for this, it's going to be amazing.
    When it comes out. Personally, i'm tired of hearing about who's guest-starring on the album and how amazing it's going to be. I just want to listen to the damn album.
    tupac's hologram is totally going to be recruited next. you heard it here first
    Each time I think I couldn't have any more surprises coming from Josh & Co., every week I look like a fool. I'm not a particular fan of Elton John's music ( but Rocket Man is one of my guilty pleasures), but let's not forget this this the same guy that did a wonderful cameo on Alice In Chain's Black Gives Way To Blue.
    +1 for saying "like a fool" with your avatar.
    Wouldn't Mr. T pitying himself create a paradox of some sort?
    This album had better deliver, cause holy shit are they wetting my mouth and my pants with anticipation. Release date PLEASE!!!!11!
    There cannot be one Dave Grohl, there's got to be more than one. He must've cloned himself, THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY, DAVE. YOU DO TOO MUCH, DAVE.
    There is one Dave for everything. Drummer Dave, Guitarist Dave, Singer Dave, Movie Director Dave, Father Dave, Husband Dave, and on and on and on...
    If only Freddie mercury were alive. Then this would truly be THE supergroup. I just hope it's like Songs For The Deaf.
    Both Dave and Elton are fantastic musicians and are such great people. They interact with fans and give talented young people a shot at their dream. I will definitely be picking this album up!
    I need to stop paying attention. My expectations are inflating to the point where this album has almost no chance of living up to them.
    This is pretty cool, hopefully hes actually on it. elton john's one of those musicians who's jut lasted the test of time for so many years, dave grohl will be just like that after as many years. cool to see the generations of music overlap and collaborate like this, itll be pretty monumental i think
    I actually hope its not and I doubt it will be. with all of these different people I think it will have a really unique sound, Josh wouldn't have recruited all of them just to make another songs for the deaf which he could have done on his own.
    ^ that was a reply to Brandon1993 don't know why it didn't go under his.
    This doesn't make any sense, but the hell with it. I can't wait to hear this.
    No. This is going to absolutely womp. Too many gimmicky guest slots coming out of the woodwork. And who the **** proof-reads these articles? Brick shit-hose lol
    Change the "o" to an "a" in your username, and we might have something with your post that makes sense.
    Yea this is cool. They have built this project up alot. Just hope it's not a flop
    All these awesome guest appearances got me thinking "hmmm...if I could choose a guest on this album who would it be".... All I can say is if they announced Frank Black I'm pretty sure I'd go into a coma
    Tomorrow will be news that Dave Grohl has recruited Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Elvis Presley for the album.
    I can't wait! This album is going to be awesome. There are som many music legends involved and just cannot wait for it to come out! It's going to be one of the best albums of the decade, I'm sure of that.
    I was listening to music on Itunes on shuffle and it played "El Scorcho" by Weezer... Hilariously, I wondered how Rivers Cuomo would sound if he could be in a song with QOTSA.
    If I hear Jack White goes on this album I will fly to where it is being recorded and tunnel into the walls, where I will live until the album is finished... This has become utterly insane! Also, JPJ PLEASE, JPJ! Who's next? Isaac Brock! lol please Isaac lol
    All innuendos aside, now that I watched the video I can see he quite clearly said brick shit HOUSE. Kinda changes things. (supposed to be a reply to myself)