QOTSA Side-Project Sweethead Streaming New Single

Check out "Reverse Exorcism" inside.

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Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen's side-project Sweethead recently premiered their new single "Reverse Exorcism." As the title track of the group's new release, the song drops ahead of the four-piece's UK arena tour supporting QOTSA. A sturdy beat and the gloomy bits have all the elements needed for keeping the listener's attention active and their head bopping, so make sure to check the song out below. Sweethead were formed back in 2008 and have released their self-titled debut in 2009. Apart from Van Leeuwen, the band consists of singer Serrina Sims, bassist Eddie Nappi and Norm Block behind the drum kit. Check out the group's upcoming QOTSA support dates below. 11/16 - Glasgow - Hydro Arena 11/17 - Dublin - O2 Arena 11/18 - Belfast - Odyssey 11/20 - Manchester - MEN Arena 11/21 - Birmingham - NIA 11/22 - London - Wembley Arena 11/23 - London - Wembley Arena

So what do you think of the tune? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Gonna listen to this, as I like Troy Van Leeuween. But, UG, it's his side project. Not QOTSA's. Just though I'd let you know.
    LOL Yeah, you know UG only put that title on there to get more views....like they do with every article. I still love you UG, but this is becoming a great joke for the comments section... to bust on your terribly misleading titles...
    if ur a fan of QOTSA but dont recognize Troy's name, well, ur not a fan, so UG, why u no believe in ppl?
    The entire QotSA as a side project would be... er... Queens of the Stone Age, still.
    Heh, not necessary: look up Clutch and their side-project The Bakerton Group. But Sweethead is obviously not that case .
    When I first read QOTSA side-project, I though "What's Josh doing now?"
    Thrice Capades
    Pretty impressive. I like the stripped down, garage band feel. But that might just be because I love getting drunk in garages and listening to music. Or it might just be that I love getting drunk in general. Where was I going with this?
    In less than 24 hours, I will be watching QOTSA and Sweethead in Dublin!!
    On the billboard posters for QOTSA in Belfast it says 'Special Guests - Little Matador' (I think they're a side project of someone in Snow Patrol) So is there gonna be 2 support acts?? Great...
    sounds like fountains of wayne and the strokes crossed with alice cooper and tia carrera from waynes world
    Going to see them on the 23rd of November at Wembley. Glad I know who's supporting now.
    Sounds good, you can definitely hear the QOTSA influence in the tempo and groove of the song. Like the female sounding vocals better than the male ones. The words "Reverse Exorcism" do sound a little forced though, think they could have had a better title and main chorus.