QOTSA's Josh Homme Debuts New Song 'Villains of Circumstance'

Now rise, new QOTSA album rumors.

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Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme played a solo acoustic set as part of this year's Meltdown Festival in London.

As Antiquiet points out (via Consequence of Sound), the setlist included a brand new song called "Villains of Circumstance." Footage has since surfaced online and you can watch it below.

The origins of the song are currently unclear, however, Homme previously said he planned to hit the studio album later this year to begin work on a new QOTSA.

The band's most recent release came in the form of 2013's "...Like Clockwork."

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    I was at the gig, he said he finished it 30 mins before he played it. It'll probably have a lot of production on the track if it ever ends up on a release.
    Lovely song. Josh Homme seems to have developed a more "serious" side in his songwriting (Like Clockwork, I Appear Missing, and this one) which I'm really liking.
    This could have easily fitted into Like Clockwork. Really liking this.
    It'd be pretty cool if they re-released it with random scraps and studio outtakes and included stuff like this as bonus tracks or something.
    I love everything Qotsa and him have been doing.I was at their concert here in Zagreb and it was very fun and the concert itself was well performed and sounded awesome.All I can say is keep making awesome music like this!
    Like clockwork is great great album but im bit worried that they are going too soft soon. Qotsa have always perfectly balanced punk rock riffing with some cool melodies and weird stuff.
    They are balanced nowadays. I am not too worried. With My God is the Sun and even Keep Your Eyes Peeled, those were pretty heavy. I still think they have more heavy stuff its just a matter of putting things together and balancing them on an album.
    Am I the only one that found "Like Clockwork" to be slow and boring?
    No, I didn't actually like it that much. I liked Smooth Sailing, My God is the Sun and I Appear Missing, but I just didn't enjoy the piano songs and found some of the other songs a tad boring compared to R, Deaf and Lullabies.
    This guy's being downvoted for simply giving his opinion. What gives? I disagree with him but it's not like he's saying "this record is ass and all of you are ass for liking goddddasdadzxcx nick".
    I remember reading somewhere that the next album would be rougher and heavier.
    gotta remember that this is an acoustic set. Who knows what it usually sounds like. But I actually liked the softer stuff on Like Clockwork... over the heavier stuff
    Here we go again...
    Seriously, here come the "QotSA are the second coming of Jesus" comments
    Jesus wasn't a musician. That's a negative in my book.
    Jesus = Carpenter Queens of the Stone Age = Royalty before Jesus 2007 = Era Vulgaris 2013 = Like Clockwork 2013 - 2007 = 6 2 = 2nd Coming of Jesus 6/2 = 3 Half Life 3 confirmed
    Might be the best thing he has done recently IMO, and I'm not even being facetious. Can't wait to listen to a studio version of it. And he looks so much like Paul Gascoigne with that shaved head.
    I fail to see the need for an artist who is in a band in name only needs to have solo songs.
    I fail to see the need for an artist who is in a band in name only needs to have solo songs.
    Saw them 2 days before, and unfortunately they didn't play it...;/