Queensryche Offer Prize to Biggest 'Frequency Unknown' Hater

People who hate Geoff Tate's new album have a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip if they post the best YouTube rant. Will it be you?

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Geoff Tate's new alternative Queensryche album "Frequency Unknown" may have been slammed by some fans - but rather than defend himself, Tate is embracing the hate and has offered a prize to whoever dislikes the album most.

Fans felt Tate had rushed the album in a bid to beat his ex-bandmates in Queensryche to releasing an album under the band name which they both have rights to until a court date in November.

Tate even reissued a remix of the album after the original version had been launched, and admitted the original album mix was "lacking."

Now the person who posts the best YouTube rant about how they hate the album will win an all-expenses paid trip to see Tate's Queensryche perform a hometown show in Seattle on June 29. How's that for turning a negative into a positive?

There's a few rules to people who want to enter the competition. You submission must start with the phrase: "My name is (real first and last name per ID and/or passport) and this is my video submission for the Queensryche 'best rant' contest." The video must link to the label website cleorecs.com, and the rant must focus on the album instead of targeting older albums or members of the band and their families.

This could be the smartest comeback we've ever seen, and a fun way for fans (and ex-fans) to get involved. If you take part, post your video to the comments - or just post your thoughts on the new album in the comments.

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    what if someone just took a giant turd on the cd and closed it.
    I haven't even heard the album and I'm motivated to make a rant video now.
    Genius promotion right here. Haters are gonna hate so why not use their hate to promote the album?
    Because this is just kind of sad. I don't think this is really going to help the album out at all other than cement it in Turd-Concrete instead of just being forgotten.
    If you hate the album, why would you want a ticket? dumb IMO
    I hated King of Limbs but would still go see Radiohead if I won tickets. . .they put on a great show and I like their older stuff. Perhaps there are Queensryche fans with similar feelings.
    Radiohead is overrated.
    Explain why they're overrated please, I've heard this statement one million times, and I've never seen a single compelling argument, nor a proper explanation for it that didn't just delve into personal distaste...
    I wasn't fan of King of Limbs at first but it's grown on me. The songs are much better live though. OT, why would someone who has just raged hard enough about how crap the album is to win a contest want to go and see him live. I hope whoever wins heckles the shit out of him the whole gig.
    I saw Geoff Tate's Queensryche a few days before the album released, and they put on a hell of a show. Just because an album sucks doesn't mean the band sucks, and besides - they're on the operation mindcrime anniversary tour right now, playing one of their best albums.
    Is there any way that this could help their case in November? They're asking for such specific phrasing that the Spider-sense is tingling. Like, by doing this everyone who enters is stating that they legally view this band as being Queensryche or something. Just curious, I wouldn't put it past Tate to pull a lame-ass move like that. He's a conniving little shit IMO.
    Personally, I think it's a contest to out the creator of the "Truth About Geoff Tate EPKs".
    Tbh I'd just want to go to Seattle. Never been to the USA so why not go for free.
    This album is just a legal instrument, an attempt by Geoff to claim ownership. Curiosity, what happens after one side wins? Will the other bands album be discontinued?
    Rob Man
    It almost sounds like a trap. Geoff will crown the winner of who hates his new album the most, invite them to the VIP part of the show, and then beat-them-down for being such a verbal prick! Sounds like how they they could find the true followers of Baal in the Bible.
    how do u delete a comment? i combined my last two comments but i am still stuck with this one
    Oh. At first, I thought that it was the other Queensryche bagging on Tate's album. Man, this whole thing is confusing.
    Now if a self-effacing band - like Primus for example - did this it would be really cool. This comes across as a cheap publicity stunt to distract from a horrible mixed release
    The prize is all the unsold copies of Frequency Unknown AND a T-Shirt stained with Geoff Tate's bodily fluids. Either that or what it says in the article already.
    wouldn't b surprised if you start seeing other bands do this. i like the idea. only liked 3 songs by the band. i think the Geoffless Queensryche is trying to use the name fame but reinvent the sound or better yet, modernize it. while Geoff is trying to stay the same ol. I also think having just put out a CD under the name is a legal move as well. maybe they can do a spelling thing. lol Queensrike? Qeensryche? Queensryches? Queen'sRyche ? you get the idea lol
    Man this entire Queensryche drama is really getting sad. How about making a good album instead of bickering?
    i will win this because this album will probably sound like a second-rate Iron Maiden rip-off