Queensryche Offer Prize to Biggest 'Frequency Unknown' Hater

artist: Queensr├┐che date: 04/29/2013 category: wtf?
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Queensryche Offer Prize to Biggest 'Frequency Unknown' Hater
Geoff Tate's new alternative Queensryche album "Frequency Unknown" may have been slammed by some fans - but rather than defend himself, Tate is embracing the hate and has offered a prize to whoever dislikes the album most. Fans felt Tate had rushed the album in a bid to beat his ex-bandmates in Queensryche to releasing an album under the band name which they both have rights to until a court date in November. Tate even reissued a remix of the album after the original version had been launched, and admitted the original album mix was "lacking." Now the person who posts the best YouTube rant about how they hate the album will win an all-expenses paid trip to see Tate's Queensryche perform a hometown show in Seattle on June 29. How's that for turning a negative into a positive? There's a few rules to people who want to enter the competition. You submission must start with the phrase: "My name is (real first and last name per ID and/or passport) and this is my video submission for the Queensryche 'best rant' contest." The video must link to the label website cleorecs.com, and the rant must focus on the album instead of targeting older albums or members of the band and their families. This could be the smartest comeback we've ever seen, and a fun way for fans (and ex-fans) to get involved. If you take part, post your video to the comments - or just post your thoughts on the new album in the comments.
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