Quite a Sight: Watch Guitar Strings Vibrate in Slow Motion

Check out the Wobble Strings experiment.

Ultimate Guitar

A team of students from the University of Tokyo has recently conducted an interesting guitar experiment, successfully managing to create slow-motion-like string movement in real-time.

The "Wobble Strings: Spatially divided Stroboscopic effect for augmenting wobbly motion of stringed instruments" experiment emulates the slow-motion rolling shutter effect of CMOS cameras by utilizing a guitar pickup, computer, synthesizer and projector to pick up images of the vibrations.

The folks in charge go by the name of Shogo Fukushima and Takeshi Naemura. Check out the experiment below, that shout of excitement around 0:10 pretty much says it all.

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    the japs are at it again
    That's borderline racist.
    Ever see the newspaper headline when WWII ended, "JAPS QUIT!" It's not racist. It's nationalist, if anything, if youre gonna be PC and turn it into an "ism".
    Why the **** is that in MOST of these type of videos (studying the intervals, waves, frequency, whatever)the instruments are OUT OF TUNE!? FOR FUCK SAKE! I don't have absolute pitch, but come on! After years of playing gutiar YOU CAN TELL when the 3rd, 5th or 8va doesn't match. It drives me nuts dude :/
    They spent all of their money on the camera gear that they didn't have enough for a tuner.
    this is what we call in mathematics Uxx= 1/c^2 Utt. i used to see this effect when i was playing guitar facing my old monitor it was really freaky because i couldnt explain it back then it is the closest ive ever been to experiencing a glitch in the matrix