Random Air Guitarist Videobombs News Report

This hilarious news report is a surefire way to lift the spirits during the cold winter months. Do you know the man involved?

Ultimate Guitar

The United States have had a brutal winter, and news_backup anchors are doing their best to report from the frontline on the latest weather developments.

And if there's one thing viewers want, beyond a simple weather update, is something to cheer their spirits during the current cold snap.

That's why we couldn't help but crack a smile at this hilarious videobomb by a wannabe air guitarist.

The news_backup report in Belmar, New Jersey this week was reporting on a snow storm when a free-spirited metalhead decided to jump in and shred their air guitar live on TV.

Watch the guitarist in action here. Sir, we salute you - make yourself known to Ultimate Guitar and we'll send you some goodies.

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    I bet he was playing Trapped Under Ice.
    I'd say some stuff from snow patrol... but he's rocking out too much for them
    or Cold cold night by the White stripes
    Fuck everyone that doesnt like The White Stripes
    You can't play air guitar outside in the freezing cold while working on the computer, so we're all gonna pass.
    And why isn't Ultimate Guitar putting up tabs to this song?
    From the video description on Youtube: "UPDATE: The guy in the background is Ricky Wild from Belmar, NJ. Probably has the testosterone levels of 1,000 adult male silverback gorillas."
    even better!
    Why is this downvoted? this is hilarious! ah i see, its not tosin abasi, therefore no one here thinks its any good.
    Where did you get the idea that everyone here is a Tosin Abasi fanboy?
    From the fact that a hilarious he-man video is downvoted when Tosin Abasi comments are all thumbs up
    Brutal winter? It was like 70 degrees in Norcal today...
    I'm thrilled on days we break double digits in Kansas City. Anything above freezing feels like spring is coming.