Randy Blythe Posts Short Film About Prague Trial

Watch the artful 4-minute footage from the Lamb of God frontman here.

Ultimate Guitar

Randy Blythe has posted a short film documenting his manslaughter trial in Prague, for which he was eventually found innocent in June this year.

The footage was filmed in Prague during the time of his trial and edited at home.

"My idea was to show my mind set through film and music during the process of my trial, and have a more ambiguous ending heading into my final day in court," said Blythe. "I did not know what was going to happen to me, only that I felt I was doing the right thing by being there."

His lawyer advised again releasing the movie until the trail was over, to avoid confusing the authorities. "It is all over now, so here is my poor attempt to try and create art in a time of great personal uncertainty," he adds.

You can watch the movie over on Randy's Randonesia blog.

Meanwhile, Lamb of God is preparing "a little surprise" for fans before the year is out. It's not clear what they mean, but we'll be sure to report back when news breaks.

What do you think of the 4 minute movie? Let us know your opinion and if you like it below.

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    Randy has got to be one of the most stand up guys out there. How many people would just flee the country given the chance? He knew what potentially could've happened and faced it like a champ. Ultimate respect for this man.
    I have an extreme amount of respect for Randy! Truly an inspiration.
    Inspiring is an understatement. It hit me hard when he turned to go back after he was declared a free man. Lot's of people would evade the area, but it appeared he wanted to admire the area a little longer.
    That was an honestly terrifying video...especially if you watch it in a complete darkness.
    i was expecting more of a documentary-type thing, so ill say i was a bit disappointed by the video, but i like how he spent his time in Chech actually LEARNING about the culture. not just waiting. he really does seem like an awesome, stand up kinda guy
    Its crap like this (Randy's trial) that makes me feel ashamed to be Czech...
    I am often disappointed in the government of the US but I don't let their actions change the way I feel about myself. I'm sure plenty of people in the CR supported Randy, maybe even some in the legal system, so no need to feel ashamed.
    "His lawyer advised again releasing the movie until the trail was over" I don't normally jump on errors, but that sentence right there takes the biscuit.
    Agent 00Awesome
    Every time I try to watch it I get audio but the video is a black screen. Is this just me? Anyways, I did enjoy reading the rest of his blog. Randy seems like a very intelligent man. He really gives metal a good name.