Randy Blythe Signs Book Deal

The Lamb of God frontman will write a memoir of his experience being jailed and tried for manslaughter in Prague.

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Randy Blythe has been signed by a publisher to write a memoir of his experience being arrested and tried last year for the death of a fan at a Lamb of God show in the Czech Republic two years before.

Blythe was eventually found innocent, but his ordeal was a dramatic affair which played out in the press for months. During this time, Blythe surprised many with his sensitive open letters and thoughts on freedom which revealed a deeply intellectual side to the frontman.

"While I've dreamed of being a published author almost since I began to read, I never imagined my first book would center around such a sad topic. Sometimes though, life unexpectedly provides you a story that needs to be told," said Blythe in a press release. "I believe this one does (for several different reasons, not just for the benefit of myself), so I will tell it with the respect and dignity all involved deserve. This will be a good read, I promise you, and I hope some good comes of it."

Blythe will write the memoir himself without the help of a ghost writer, and it will be released on DeCapo Press in Spring 2014.

Would you read a memoir about such a dark and sensitive topic?

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    Now you've got something to write for
    This was written on Facebook literally 50 times when it was announced. Personally I prefer 'This is a mother****in' publication, the only one you could ever read'.
    And I will be buying it, anything to help the band get back on their feet after all the shit they and Randy have been through this past year.
    If it's anything like that letter he posted on the internet, count me in. That was beautifully written
    Finally: a celebrity book deal that I'm excited about. Should be a very interesting read, and a great way to help the band regain its financial footing.
    I'm not really into Lamb of God, but I will pick this up, hopefully the band gets back on their feet, they deserve it.
    This is a good thing for the metal community, it shows the intellectual side of what would normally be considered an antisocial band
    Fair point, after Corey Taylor, Ozzy and Mustaine the only authors i read, apart from Stephen King, are heavy metal men gone authors
    I'm excited to read this just because Randy is such an eloquent writer. Hopefully he doesn't get another guy to write it with him like most musicians do in their autobiographies - he really doesn't need it!
    If it's anything like his blog post, I'll definitely be buying it. He is very talented in conveying thoughts and emotions; reading the post was heart-wrenching.
    judging from his open letters, blogs and stuff this is going to be one hell of a book. f*cking excited!
    There are certain musicians who just seem intelligent enough to do whatever the hell they want, and Randy is one of them. Also, how badass of an author name is D. Randall Blythe?
    buster hymen
    Hopefully he self-narrates the audiobook version. All screams. "Copyright 2014 DeCapOOOOO!!!!!"
    will buy and happy for the book and happy the money will help get these guys back out there to kick our azzes! LoG are a great bunch of guys.
    Black Mustangs
    Proud of him for not using a ghostwriter, it's really become apparent to me over the past year or so that Randy is one of the smartest guys in music today.
    Just after reading Randy's statements after the trial and even his plans for what he would do as president of the united states, its clear he's a good writer. Very captivating and keeps you wanting to read. I have the utmost confidence in this effort, it will be badass!
    The question of Randy's innocence has been... Laid to Rest. YEAAAAAH!
    while I don't care to much about the bands music, I think I will pick this up. And if it's anything like the blog post after the trial then it should come with a box of tissues.
    Is anyone else kinda sick of Randy sounding nice and caring lol. I want Randy from the "killadelphia" days, not this pussy sad sack! lol jk
    He's a skinny twig, that can't handle his alcohol. He gets trashedm a fan jumps on stage, thow him off, kill him. Randy's a drunk PoS. If jump onstage during a CC show, I doubt George Fisher would throw me to the ground.
    im sure by the end of the next 10 minutes your going to have so much hate mail you wont handle it
    As the wife'd say, a mouth on a stick. I wouldn't read that book if he paid me (which he wouldn't cus apparently, they're all skint now)... No one bothers to factor in that along with the absence and the publicity, when they actually do tour again they will make more money than ever before, because for all we knew, the other day we wouldnt ever see them play again. I WISH HE'D JUST FUCK OFF PERSONALLY, HE LOOKS LIKE A MORON IN THAT PICTURE.