Rap Fan's Guide to Metal: 'Black Metal Isn't Metal Made By Black People'

"Think of 'Reign in Blood' as metal's 'Yeezus,'" the complex guide explains.

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If you happen to be a rap fan trying to get into metal, we have just the thing - "A Rap Fan's Guide to Metal."

Published by Complex, it's a genuine page-turner and will easily bring the extreme guitar-driven style closer to hip-hop aficionados through nine crucial metal terms.

We recommend reading the guide out in full here, and to encourage you in doing so, check out some of the top quotes below.

"A brief note on 'black metal.' This is not metal made by black people, rather a Norwegian offshoot of heavy metal who actually took the over-the-top 'Satanic' imagery of early '80s bands like Venom seriously."

"If there is such thing as a perfect metal album, Slayer's 'Reign in Blood' is it. ... Think of it as metal's 'Yeezus.'"

"Aside from Maiden's obvious musicianship, their strength was in their storytelling - a strength any rap fan should be able to appreciate. Although their stories were a bit different from, say, Slick Rick's."

"As Ozzy Osbourne devolved into pure camp, Gene Simmons became a business, man, and other metal stalwarts either stayed in the background or died, Lemmy emerged as the patron saint of all things metal, its Biggie and Pac."

"Metallica has endured much over the years - James Hetfield's addictions, Bob Rock's production, Lars Ulrich's general existence - but no single episode has been nearly as tragic as the bus accident in 1986 that claimed the life of 24-year-old bassist Cliff Burton ... It wouldn't be out of line to compare Metallica to Run DMC, as both contributed heavily to the worldwide acceptance of their style of music, and set the stage for all to come."

"[KISS] are a more shameless - and admittedly more influential - version of MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice, a tremendously successful commercial band wishing desperately for critical acclaim that will never, ever come."

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    "Metallica has endured much over the years - ...Lars Ulrich's general existence" Oh god, that killed me!
    That whole section killed me. They survived Bob Rock's production and Lars Ulrich's general existence. Pure gold.
    Reign in Blood... influential, but perfect? nah.
    IMO it's overrated, obviously that's not a popular opinion but i've always thought it was two good songs with 20 minutes of noise in between.
    people say something is overrated when they think their opinion should matter more than anyone else's, and happens to disagree with them
    So your saying anyone who has ever shared their opinion automatically thinks theirs matters more than everyone else's, that's your opinion, so does that mean you think your opinion means more than everyone else's ?
    people say something is overrated when they think their opinion should matter more than anyone else's, and happens to disagree with them
    'Black Metal Isn't Metal Made By Black People' ... )))) that made my evening
    metal is going through a rough time isnt it? what the heck is this article
    actually black metal is generally made from people who hate black people...
    Other than Burzum, who in the second wave of Black Metal was openly racist?
    He withdrew any prior racist statements, and explained in an interview that when he was younger, youth gangs were extremely prominent in his area. I can't find the interview, but he said something along the lines of "It was agree with one of the gangs and feel safe, or get your ass kicked every time you walk down the street."
    True metal people want to rock not pose , Wearin jeans and leather not crackerjack clothes ,
    A rap fan would probably like nu metal, though. Nu Metal did help me get into rap. Should have mentioned that Black Sabbath's also been sampled by Ice-T "Midnight", "Rhyme Pays", "Shut Up, Be Happy". Eminem "Going Through Changes", Em also sampled Metallica's "One" on "Same Song and Dance". Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks" has been sampled on countless rap tunes as the basis for the beat.