Reverend Sets a Guinness World Record With a 813-Piece Drum Kit

Mark Temperato constructed the set that weights more than 5,000 lbs.

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The Daily Mail is reporting that a reverend has broken the record for world's largest drum kit.

Reverend Mark Temperato (who goes by the stage name RevM) has constructed a kit that features 813 pieces and weighs more than 5,000 lbs. The kit is made up of a mixture of drums, cymbals and cow bells and was assembled by Temperato over a 20 year period.

In order to prove that the kit was fully functional, Temperato had to be able to hit all pieces from either a standing or sitting position without taking a step to either side. With some pieces being up to eight feet away from each other, it takes the drummer an hour to strike each piece on the kit. The mammoth kit also requires up to 17 hours of maintenance a week. Temperato is reportedly already working on ways to make his kit bigger.

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    Step aside, Rev, and let this guy have a go at it!
    Yes yes y'all, now that's a drummer. Great showmanship, never missed a beat.
    When I toured through a whole bunch of churches in Texas, many preachers were concerned that "Drummers like to draw attention to themselves". Well I know of one now! heh heh. I like it
    I'm really more flabbergasted than anything, and also wondering if he can play "Jesus built my Hot rod" on it, what with him being a Reverend and all.....
    so if anyone wants to know where the money from the collection plate goes, well here you go
    Even if this drummer is stoned out of his mind, it won't matter. There are so many drums, that he'll hit atleast one of them no matter what.
    Heh... Am I the only one who thought Jimmy Sullivan when I saw "Reverend sets Guinness world record with a 813-piece drum kit"? Of course, he is an actual reverend, and so I have another question - does he play that monster during their worship? If so, that's gonna be some prog-as-heck worship.
    I thought, "How distasteful to print this article about Jimmy--why now?" I was relieved when I saw the preacher!
    His tom-toms still aren't as high as Nicko McBrain's though
    I feel saddened that I was the first like to your comment. Are there no other guitarist/drummers that get the reference!?
    That looks like a good idea for the drummer that is afraid to look into the audience. He could get bj'S Behind that kit and no one would know
    I don't know why, but a part of me feels that at a gig, nobody would be able to see him playing..
    Shame we can't see the other side of the set. I wanna know how the hell he plans on playing it.